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Political Incorrectness - NO WAY

Updated on December 14, 2015

Political Incorrect jokes

Political Correctness VS Freedom of Speech

Some people argue that Political Correctness restricts freedom of speech. It is an hindrance and a piece of Ducktape that doesn't allow you to say what you want. They feel Political Correctness as a threat to their opinion. It strikes me though that it's most of the times the people who uses one-liners to make their statement who are against political correctness.

In many countries you have freedom of speech, you can even say that every Christian is a child abuser, every Muslim a terrorist and every Jew a member of the New World Order. But why would you spread those obvious lies?

Pollitical Incorrectness has a copple of side effects that are dangerous, more dangerous then the side effects of being political correct.

Having fun with Religions.

Political Correctness and me.

So where do I stand ? Can I say everything I want, is it wise to say everything I want ? Is it hypocritical not to say everything I think ?

No, no and no. I think it's always a good idea to think before you start to speak. Think about the truth and consequences. To say all Muslims are terrorists is a lie and has a scapegoat effect, To say all Christians are pedophiles is a lie too.

Political Correctness is an essential ingredient for a healthy society. Politicians, sportsmen,pop and movie stars especially have the obligation to think before they speak. Fame comes with a price and the price is that the news writes down every word you say. And the news has an huge impact on the society as a whole. The media loves oneliners though and is easily seduced by political incorrectness. The more the media is populist, the more political incorrect it wants to be. FOX News is a master in supporting political incorrectness.

I'm not famous, so if I say something in the pub about a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world, the words have little consequences, or do they ? Yes they do, the evil whisper has the tendency to corrupt slowly the minds of those who do not think for themselves. A small lie can sometimes be more damaging then a big one.

The strange thing with Political Correctness is that as soon as you say political incorrect things about political incorrect supporters. Like comparing Trump with Hitler, they will shout and say that I can not do such a thing. Aperently Political Correctness is only going one way.

Hitler vs Trump

The dangers of political incorrectness.

Around the year 2000 something happened in my country, the Netherlands. A change was coming, A charismatic leader stood up. Pim Fortuyn. He started his own party and had as a slogan "I say what I think, and what I think I do." This was a new way of having a debate, Pim Fortuyn threw Political Correctness out of the window and compared ministers with Osama Bin Laden. He called the Islam a backwards culture and shouted the same things as Donald Tromp. He used the Moroccan people as scapegoats. An old trick to get more votes. Hitler blamed the Jews, Pim Fortuyn the Islam and Trump does the same.

He was killed during his election campaign, still his legacy lives on. Holland is not the liberal and social open country anymore. If there where elections today, the extreme right would win. The legacy of Pim Fortuyn.

But the legacy of Fortuyn and Political Incorrectness is greater. The society changed. People became harder, called each other by names. Racism became open and again Moroccans where openly stigmatized as the problem of Holland ('where have we heard this rhetoric before..) on the radio and tv.
But small things changed as well. People became in general more aggressive in their attitude, less helpful and more egocentric. In the newspapers more and more oneliners where written. And these oneliners became common phrases in the Dutch language and politics.

Oneliners, is something that extreme (left or right) love. It's simple, complex problems can be solved in a sentence of 5 words. The Jews are the problem, or the Muslims are the problem, or the immigrants are the problem..And funny enough, these one-line speaking people always have a simple solution. Bomb them, kill them, throw them out.

Political Incorrectness is far more dangerous then Political correctness. It has the tendency to say things simple. And as George Carlin once said "Simple solutions is for the simple minded".

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Are you in favor of Political Correctness or not

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Political Incorrectness and Humor.

As you noticed I used a couple of humoristic but perhaps insulting pictures. The question is, are they political incorrect or not. To me, as an artists, art can be as rude as it needs to be. To me a standup comedian can be incredible political incorrect, and should in a way. The artist is above the law, like the jester is above the king. A joker can make fun of the king, but the king can not make fun of the fool.

As a writer, a stand up comedian, a comic artist or an visual artist you can criticize and if needs be use political incorrect language. The artist is the person who stirs up conservative points of view. He criticizes both left and right wing ideas. And so yes, he/she is entitled to use political incorrect statements but all within a chosen context.

Yes it's all about context, a politician is not a standup comedian (although sometimes you think he/she is) and for a politician to use political incorrect language is not his role. His role is to lead a country, to make consensus. To be there for all citizens, poor rich, black white, hetero or homosexual, and all the religions under the rainbow. A politician can not pick and choose, he can not use a scapegoat for his own good. Politicians who use scapegoats, blame the minority for the problems of the country, those politicians are dangerous and to be feared.

The fight against Hate and Fear


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 12 months ago from Orange County California


      The problem with PC is that it shouldn't be allowed unilaterally. And my other problem is that it was created by the left to shut down and arguments that may be made against their opinions.

    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 12 months ago from Philippines

      I was born without a filter, but fortunately I have learned that being PC is necessary so that you can appreciate others for who they are, not for their politics. So like you say, it is best to keep religion and politics out of polite conversation. In this way you find genuinely good people who have a different political view from yours.

    • PeterStip profile image

      PeterStip 2 years ago

      Hi BradmasterOCcal, thakns for your comment.

      To compare Hitler with Trump is Political Incorrect. I used the the comparison as an example to show a couple of things.

      Trump supporters get agitated when they see those two pictures together. Apparently you are not allowed to be Political Incorrect about Trump. But it's no problem to use all Muslims as a scapegoat for terrorist attacks.

      A Society needs PC to protect itself from open discrimination and scapegoating and even bulling at school can be a result of the play it tough mentality of a society.

      As you said discrimination is part of human nature, so is killing but this does not mean that you can practise it openly without punishment. A society needs laws but also laws that are not written down.

      Political Correctness is a necessity for good debates, conversations and social interaction. Otherwise every right-voter will be called Hitler and every left-voter will be called Stalin and every woman a bitch.

      Tolerance towards others is a great good and I would not like to loose it over Political Incorrectness.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 2 years ago from Orange County California

      Even mentioning Trump and Hitler in the same sentence should have been a PC question. The people that want PC only want it to work for them, and they don't think that it is wrong for them to make Trump a clone of Hitler, or the lgbt to use the word Homophobe, or for blacks to say Whitey.

      PC is an abridgement to freedom of speech. Speech shouldn't be muted because we don't like the message. There is always someone that will be offended by words used by someone else.

      We are not children, but PC treats us like children. Americans are tough,or at least they were before PC, and words are just words. To treat words like they were actions takes away the difference. What is next, trying to stifle or make criminal what people think?

      You can't outlaw discrimination, it is a part of human nature. This country already has way too many passive aggressive people, that tell you one thing while plotting to do another thing.

      PC doesn't change the people, it only masks what they are thinking. PC is basically phony. If someone says something that you don't agree with, then why are you handcuffed by PC to not give your view.

      If Gay Marriage is not a real marriage according to your beliefs and values then nothing is going to change that, even though you may keep that opinion silent.

      Politicians tell us lies during their campaigning, and then they get elected and the lies become real. But when they go for reelection they come up with new lies, so they can get reelected.

      That is why someone like Trump is honest, but you don't like his lack of PC, or his ideas. Instead of comparing him to Hitler, you don't have to vote for him.

      Apparently, comparing Trump to Hitler is not against the rules of PC. If that is the case, then PC is unilateral.