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How to reduce the injustice on employee

Updated on August 29, 2014

The reducing the injustice upon the labour is now the want of time. Goverment is completely responsible to protect any injustice upon any citizen. Labour and employee turnover while becoming a social problem hence it should be taken strictly in a priority basis consideration in every country. Every private and public organization should be under a strict monitoring by the government. It is true that everything government monitord strictly. But the frequency of monitoring should be incre ase. Few strategic formula should be helpful in reducing injustice upon the labour or employee by the management, specially private sector. These are a complete monitoring of government on the human resourse department of each organization. Ensuring the quality of human resources officers and managers. Implementing the labour law effectively.

Most of the respondent says about the role of human resources department as a silence nature activity in terms of illegal employee turnover. Sometimes the are found to avoiding tendency of this matter. They are found no activity of action in favour of the employee who have loose his job. It is happened for the reason of that the individual employees are also take salary from the employer. Maximum HR departments are found as an employer orienting activity. Most of the officers are found that they have no academic degree on Human Resources. They do not know their responsibility. Who knows the responsibility he tactfully avoiding this. In this situation it is to do something good.

Most of the employees are found that they know enough how to do good work. They know how to finish the work within short time with more output. But few peoples are know about the rights of them in job. But this rights are given by government. They do not know what they will do if they terminated. This kinds of ignorance is found even in an experienced people. This means that they had been done their job blindly from a long time with an ignorance about their rights. Is this ignorance is creared by the management? Why this is occurring?


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      Taiwo Kareem 3 years ago from Salford

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