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Who cares which religion you belong to, we all believe in one god…

Updated on December 21, 2015

Albania is considered a predominantly Muslim country. Around 70 per cent of Albanians are Muslim, 20 per cent follow the Greek Orthodox Church and 10 per cent are Roman Catholic. Before the end of the one-party state in 1991, Albania was the world's only officially declared atheist state. In 1967 was imposed a complete ban on all forms of religious worship. From the 18th century, the threat posed to the Ottoman Empire by the wars with Russia encouraged the Porte to increase taxes on all non-Muslim subjects. Those who converted to Islam had their taxes lowered and were given grants of land and the right to bear arms. The others have to supported more.These and other incentives led to mass conversions amongst Albanians, who gradually adopted at least the outer signs of the Islamic faith. The men were the majority who were converted, whilst women, though married to Muslims, often retained their Christian beliefs. After Albania was declared indipendent state in 1912, no official state religion was recognised during the inter-war period, although freedom to practise religion was guaranteed. The Albanians are the only Balkan people whose national consciousness has not been identified by their religious affiliation but by their language.

Unlike the rest of the Balkans, Albania is widely recognized as having a strong tradition of religious tolerance. A further element of positive diversity than other Balkan countries, due to the particular structure of his Islam by its plural composition made up by Sunni and Bektashi . As a fact, in Shkoder in 1992, Muslims as well as Catholics had helped prepare the city’s Catholic cathedral for reopening, and five days later Catholics helped to reopen the city's main mosque. There can be no doubt that the Albanian government and people are Western orientated in their political and cultural outlook.

The majority of Albanians do not practice the Muslim religion ... there are those who have not ever gone to the mosque. They live as European people.

People should not be labeled on the basis of religion... is a BIG mistake.

Who cares which religion you belong to, we all believe in one god…



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    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      I disagree with your last statement, we don't all believe in ONE god, there are many religions that postulate the existence of many gods.