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Recycled Funnels & Spouts for Pollution Prevention

Updated on September 12, 2014
FitFill® Oil Recycling Funnel
FitFill® Oil Recycling Funnel

Pour Fluids Without Spilling!

It's great to REUSE the plastic bottles and jugs that we already have, but refilling those containers can be a messy job.

Spills = wasted money and potential pollution

The FitFill® line of products are patented, special purpose funnels, spouts, and containers for spill & pollution prevention, as well as used oil collection & recycling. FitFill® is manufactured in America by Weisenbach Recycled Products. All of our products are made with recycled materials.

We can provide custom-printed recycled funnels & spouts for programs such as:

* Litter Prevention and Awareness * Buy Recycled Initiatives * Used Oil Recycling * Pollution Prevention * Fats-Oils-Grease (F.O.G) Recovery * Environmentally Preferable Purchasing * Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Visit to see our full line of recycled funnels & spouts.

Order Online at

No Minimum Quantities

Our recycled funnels and spouts can now be purchased online at Ordering is easy and there are no minimum quantities.

If you are looking for large quantities or custom imprinting, please contact us at 800-778-5420

FitFill® Funnels for Pollution Prevention
FitFill® Funnels for Pollution Prevention

Recycled FitFill® Funnels

Unique specialty funnels that fit on milk jugs

FitFill® funnels are made with recycled plastic and are designed to perfectly hug any standard gallon or half-gallon milk jug.

The FitFill® line of funnels includes:

FitFill® Oil Recycling Funnel (black)

Make it easy to collect your used oil for recycling. This patented funnel snaps snugly onto most gallon containers. Made from 100% recycled plastic, this funnel allows for safe, clean oil recycling and reduction of pollution by spill prevention.

FitFill® F.O.G. (Fats, Oils & Grease) Funnel (milky clear)

We all pay the price when improperly discarded grease clogs our city's drain pipes. The F.O.G. Funnel makes it easy to manage recycling and proper disposal of household cooking grease or other industrial liquid. This patented funnel snaps snugly onto most gallon milk jugs or juice containers. It is made with recycled plastic (polypropylene regrind) and is food-safe.

FitFill® Birdseed Funnel (green)

Birdseed can be an expensive commodity. Manage bulk purchases of bird seed or pet food with ease. This patented funnel is made from recycled plastic and it fits snugly onto most gallon milk jugs or juice containers. Save money, waste less product and keep pests out of your feed by storing it in easy-to-handle plastic jugs.

FitBig® Funnels (red)

Designed to fit snugly in large-mouth jugs or drums, making it easy to manage bulk purchases of pet food or wild bird seed. Also great for safe, clean transfer of liquids, used oil, or granular materials such as cat litter. This funnel will do the job! Made with recycled plastic.

See the entire collection of recycled funnels at

FitPop® Funnel for easy, clean filling
FitPop® Funnel for easy, clean filling

FitPop® Funnel

Fits spray bottles, soda bottles, just about any bottle!

FitPop® Funnels are redesigned to fit perfectly into almost any standard plastic bottle, including spray bottles! The flexible new design fits so snugly, the funnel will even remain in place if the bottle is turned upside-down.

The new FitPop® funnels are made from 100% recycled polypropylene (PP #5). They are designed to fit snugly inside any standard plastic bottle (spray bottles, quart/liter oil containers, soda or water bottles) making it easy to manage bulk purchases.

Help the earth and save yourself time, money and hassle when you REUSE containers and avoid spills when refilling.

FitPop® is perfect for refilling your spray bottles, hand soap, cleaning agents, cooking oil, plant food, soda bottles, liquid detergents, windshield washer solution, bird feeders and more.

See our full line of recycled funnels at

Snap & Pour® and Adapt-A-Jug® Spouts
Snap & Pour® and Adapt-A-Jug® Spouts

Recycled Spouts

Patented Spouts for Pollution Prevention


Turn your plastic jugs into funnels & spouts, making controlled pouring easy. Adapt-A-Jug® is made from recycled plastic and extends your reach over 9". It fits most quart and gallon-sized plastic jugs for accurate pouring with no spilling.

Classic Snap & Pour® Spouts

These spouts snap directly onto containers to help you pour fluids without spilling. Snap & Pour® Spouts fit virtually millions of containers and are available in both quart and gallon sizes.

NEW Snap & Pour® Spouts

Redesigned for easier use and cleaner pouring without spills. These spouts fit snugly onto just about any gallon or half-gallon jug with a threaded pour spout. Made from up to 100% recycled content (polypropylene from recycled bottle caps).

Adapt & Pour Spouts (pictured here)

Combines the versatile classic Snap & Pour® with the popular Adapt-A-Jug® to meet all of your pouring needs in one convenient package. Turn just about any empty plastic jug into a no-mess funnel or a functional pour spout with Adapt & Pour. Each Adapt & Pour pack contains 4 components:

* Snap & Pour® gallon & quart size * Adapt-A-Jug® funnel spout * Adapt-A-Jug® curved spout


The EcoSpout turns your jugs into sprinklers, funnels and spouts. The great design of these spouts fits most 28/38 mm threaded containers. The new Adapter screws into snap-cap jugs and fits other nonstandard threaded jugs. Each EcoSpout pack contains 4 components for your convenience:

* Sprinkler Rose * Curved Spout * Funnel Tube * Adapter

See all of our recycled spouts and more at

Big Mouth Jug with FitBig® Funnel
Big Mouth Jug with FitBig® Funnel

Big Mouth Jugs

Reusable, recycled jugs for clean storage

Big Mouth Jugs are infinitely reusable and are ideal for either home or industrial storage. They are made from 50% post-consumer recycled high-density polyethylene. Manufactured with F-style handles, these jugs are compact, easy to handle, corrosion resistant and shatterproof.

Big Mouth Jugs are available in a variety of sizes and colors. These jugs are also the perfect companion to our FitBig® funnel.

Great for storing: * Used Oil * Kitty Litter * Pet Food * Wild Bird Seed * Absorbents * Other Bulk Materials

***Not For Use in Storing Food Intended For Human Consumption.

See all of our recycled jugs and more at

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