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The Plight of a Postal Worker Part 2

Updated on March 13, 2011


I talked to Raymond today, and asked if I could interview him for my hub page. He said yes. I asked him, "if I was to get a position with the postal service, what advice would he give me?" Raymond gave me this advice:

1. Whatever you do try to score high on your postal exam. This is a shoe in to securing a career appointment.

2. When you are called for an interview, be certain whether it is a casual, part-time or full-time position. Casuals can be fired at a drop of a hat. If you are appointed to a part-time or full-time position, you would have to past a thirty to ninety day probation.

3. Upon being hired as a full-time employee, join the union of your craft. The union guarantees representation for discipline, harassment and fights for quality benefits such as health plans, work hours and pay raises.

4. While you are going through your probation, try not to miss any days. If you must take off, make sure you have a doctor's note, a note from your babysister or childcare giver, or receipt documenting the problem that caused you to miss work. It is best to request time off in advance or switch your schedule with another co-worker, if possible.

5. Like any other new job, there is always some type of training. Remember you are as good as the person who trains you. If he is a diligent worker, you will become a diligent worker.

6. If you ever involved in a discussion with your supervisor or manager, always ask if this is a job discussion or could this result in disciplinary action. If they say it could or maybe, ask for a union representative, otherwise listen and make no comments.

There are many types of positions that exist in the postal service, the two main types are customer service and mail processing. Customer service normally involves being a window clerk or letter carrier. Mail processing usually involves several positions such as distribution clerk, mail processor, and mail handler.

Window Clerk is an employee who sell stamps, money orders, mailing envelopes and provide mailing services.

Letter Carrier is an employee who picks up the mail and delivers the mail to homes and businesses in a certain amount of time.

Distribution Clerk is an employee who sorts mail by hand and generally gets the mail to the carriers.

Mail Handler is an employee who works on the postal platforms and generally loads mail on the postal trucks.

Mail Processor is an employee who processes the different types of mail with automated machines.

The last thing Raymond advised me was never volunteer to transfer to another facility, unless it will benefit you and your family. If you volunteer to transfer to another facility, most of the time you start all over again. If the facility has to transfer you, you are better off, nine out of ten you will remain a full-time employee.

I will reiterate again that no job in this day is completely secure. You have to investigate your options and try to make the best decision.



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    there over 100,000 full-time regular postal workers who have been excessed to another postal facility?

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