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Pray For Those Hit by Hurricane Sandy

Updated on October 19, 2014

Donations & Prayers to All The Victims of Hurricane Sandy

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has left over 100 dead and thousands homeless. Whole towns are without power and people are stranded in their homes after the devastation. News footage cannot even begin to allow us to understand the people who have lost everything from their homes to their jobs. Even lower Manhattan was flooded, a feat no one thought possible.

Hurricane Sandy's storm system was up to 1,000 feet at times. The storm brought not only water but blizzards to places like West Virginia. Hundreds of people lost their homes not only to the water but to raging fires. Subway systems have been shut down and schools across the East Coast remain closed. People without power lay shivering in their homes as November's cold temperatures set in. Many have little food left as grocery stores have been closed down and leaving home without a boat is not an option.

My home state is no stranger to tornadoes, flooding, severe cold, and blizzards. Even with all these disasters, they can not come close to imagining the horrors of Hurricane Sandy. I feel helpless when faced with the destruction seen on television. In a time like this, the most I can do is donate to funds supporting the victims and pray for them. When faced with a horror like Hurricane Sandy, I pray for people's safety and God to be with them. I will not pretend to understand why He lets such tragedies happen. The honest truth is I do not know but I will keep praying. For those who are going through the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I am praying for you and your families. You will be in my thoughts not only today, but in the days to come. I also speak for those around me. We offer our prayers for your safety and hope for your future.

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Fire Sweeps Through the Town of So Many Firefighters From 9/11 - The Unexpected Destruction

A Whole Town Underwater - Fears for Fires & Gas Explosions

The City of New York at a Stand Still - The Subway Flooded & Thousands With No Power

How Can I Help? - The Red Cross Relief

When the horrors of hurricane Irene hit, I donated to the Red Cross. They provide not only monetary aid but food, shelter, and relief. I trust my donations are always being put to good use and are going to where they are needed most.

Your Thoughts, Prayers, and Suggestions on Ways to Help - Please feel free to share them on here.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      It is very important that you pray for one another.

    • profile image

      Jennypinto 5 years ago

      Recent disaster hurricane and sandy wiped out west east coast,NewYork areas. To overcome medical shortages give donation and support for hurricane sandy relief.