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President For A Day

Updated on October 21, 2014

If I were President for a Day, I would declare that... a citizen of the world, we are all nominated and elected to the office of President of Peace. As an officer of humanity, our goals are for the world-wide realization of peace and harmony. That being positive and maintaining acceptance and working together will hopefully bring about a better world and a better tomorrow, one with peace.

All photos and writing by Bev Lemley ~ all rights reserved.

As a President of Peace, we recognize nations that need clean water or better farming methods to sustain themselves and we are moved to action. Presidents of Peace are those citizens of the world who leave the comfort of their homes to travel to build shelter and a better life, to help build schools where children can learn in a safe environment and are able to walk to school without fear. Citizens who make the journeys, lead fundraisers, children who donate their pennies to ensure others have a better existence are all awarded the title of President of Peace.

A President of Peace is prepared to walk shoulder to shoulder for a better cause for a minority, a society, or a group of people who are hurt or can't speak for themselves. They get together as a community to lend a hand to bring crops in or to get medical treatment. They look at their neighbor with a kind heart. They see their folks across the world as their neighbor, too, and cry when mayhem and destruction fall upon lives that are innocent. We see lives that are war torn and we cry across the world as our neighbors lie crippled and homeless. Their solemn faces hold us to the office of President of Peace.

Social Brothers and Sisters...

My hope is that with social media tying all ends of the world together, that others see that walking in harmony is normal, and walking on a sidewalk on a beautiful spring day, hearing birds instead of bombs, is normal. Perhaps they see our shocked faces as their world crumbles around them, and perhaps they realize empathy, not necessarily evil, is the ruler, and that peace and goodness do exist.

I pray that now there is hope. With hope, the oppressed may learn of a peace that is real, and they, too, will long to become Presidents of Peace. A seed of hope is surely planted for the joys of life; that is, love, kindness, smiles, positive energy, positive action, positive outcomes ~ miracles of hope surely exist. Our social brothers and sisters across the world are surely future Presidents of Peace.

The Hope of All...

The hope of all Presidents of Peace rests on one thing: The Prince of Peace, God our Father, in Heaven. I believe more choose to have faith in a higher being than not. That many have found hope and love with faith, and without faith, all that's there is despair. Surely there is a unity of sorts through our faith and through our stories. No matter the elements of our stories, how far we are carried downstream or upstream, we resurface, realizing peace that faith brings has no equal. It's invisible, it can't be bought, but it brings us hope and peace. That belief in the Prince of Peace has no equal.

What are these invisible things that make peace? It's the hands-up, a smile, kind word, a minute to listen, a caring attitude, a pay-it-forward moment, it's all about security of being thought of in a human way. That being here counts. It doesn't count because you're worth money; it counts because you are a creation of God. We are all responsible and held accountable by the Prince of Peace.

Peace Market

Paths to Peace: People Who Changed the World
Paths to Peace: People Who Changed the World

16 peacemakers from around the world are highlighted, most began in their childhood dreaming to create a reality of world peace. They challenge us today to follow their dream to make their vision a reality. From around the world, different cultures, different mindsets, all having a vision of peace for all, among all nations. This Five Star book will be an inspiration to all and perhaps a blueprint for brothers and sisters around the world to ignite hope for change in how we live and what kind of world there will be tomorrow.


The First Step...

I believe a first step of being a President of Peace is to find your faith ~ accept that the only true acceptance of us, as individuals, comes from our Creator, God. Realize the acceptance we seek will never be fulfilled by another human being. Humans will let us down no matter what. We're human! Looking for the true love of our being can only be found in our heart. We can only get down on our knees and realize all our faults, all our neediness comes because we are human. God made us human, and He sent Jesus Christ to take away our sins, so we could have hope and His love, without conditions, without being a perfect human to anyone or anything else. He just wants us to call on Him. He will take your hand and guide you through this curvy life. The power and guidance He gives us is without equal. The sun, the moon, the stars, the things of this world that we breathe in, that we feel on our skin, that we take in to nourish us are all from our heavenly source, our Father. He is with us, and has appointed us to be President of Peace in the way He guides and directs. We won't all be Presidents of Peace in the same way. God intends for us to be individuals, with different directions, being guided by His loving hand to spread the Good News.

When you are President of Peace...

When you are a President of Peace, you get a sense of hope and mission, action, and a fair amount of visualization. My President of Peace mission is putting God first, above all, asking for His guidance in all things, and giving where I can, praying always in my heart to stay connected to His will and calling. I receive peace from God, and realize that's what it's all about. The Prince of Peace is at my side, guiding me and taking my hand when I fall. He leads me over the rough waters, He gives me great comfort in thoughts and strength. When I am in doubt, I pray and answers come to me. I trust as I pray that I am hearing God's response in the way I should.

Encourage your Friends...

As a President of Peace, you encourage your friends on their missions of Peace, watch in amazement at the strength they have to pull things off to make maybe just one thing better or a thousand. Through social friends you may never meet, you know if we're all striving for peace, a big community of unity, with prayer throughout, binding every thought and mood or action, reaching out to those that seem unreachable, moving towards those being left behind, seeing the goodness in everyone, passing smiles through the miles, that peace must be possible, and what a world of peace this could be! If everyone takes on a badge of President of Peace, whose job it is to pass the peace and believe in the Prince of Peace, what a different world this could be ~ for everyone, not just some.

Where water and food are scarce, where safety and the sanctity of life is void, where evil thrives and leaves broken lives, where there is a corner where little ones are uncared for, either in a Third World country or in a rich one, Presidents of Peace should take notice and take their posts. Presidents of Peace, put up by the Prince of Peace. Impossible? Not with Christ, in which all things are possible!

Sign Up...

Sign up to be a President of Peace. Once you sign up, you will be given charge over yourself in a new way. Everything will have a new purpose, one based with peace and love and hope for yourself and for your world you live in. We start small, one step at a time, hope one day at a time, and act mercifully at all times. We act when God calls us, and we smile at the positive things in our life. A foothold to heaven. Step up to the plate, take the honor of being a President of Peace ~ God Bless!

Will you be a President of Peace?

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World Peace...We can each do our part...Reach!

Making a Difference...

Sign up for...


I am honored that "President for Peace" won a Purple Star

on February 25th, 2013 ~ Thank you ~

© 2013 Beverly Lemley

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    • BLemley profile imageAUTHOR

      Beverly Lemley 

      5 years ago from Raleigh, NC

      @AnimalHouse: Cool! I vote for us all to be Presidents of Peace! Thank you! B : )

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Very inspiring lens! Would love to vote you as a president. :)


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