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Prince Charles: Harmony. A New Way of Looking at Our World

Updated on June 17, 2015
Harmony by Prince Charles
Harmony by Prince Charles | Source

'Why the hell didn't you do something?'

This is the question that Prince Charles doesn't want his - or our - grandchildren to ask.

After all, we are fully aware of the changes that need to be made in the world to ensure that it is a fit place for our grandchildren to live in - but are we really doing it? The Prince thinks not - certainly at a global level.

A global problem

In his book, the Prince explains that a worldwide problem needs a global solution. He is not, as other members of royal families have in the past, merely concerning himself with only his country but recognizes that everyone, all countries, all governments, need to work together to secure the future of our planet.

The crackpot prince

In years gone by, the press have delighted in telling their readers about Prince Charles' 'eccentricities' - the fact that in the 1980s he was organizing his farms and lands to be sustainable and to grow organic produce.

He was condemned in the newspapers for showing an interest in what he calls complementary (alternative) medicines. It was even suggested that he was constantly using a ouija board to commune with the spirit of his late uncle. This was patently nonsense. But mud sticks and the popular press enjoyed showing us that the heir to the throne was evidently a crackpot with strange ideas and beliefs.

A healthy and intelligent interest

As an intelligent and visionary man, Prince Charles feels that it is his duty to use his position to create positives in the world. Yes, the whole world is his concern not just the country he will one day rule. He has a keen thirst for knowledge - he always has - and uses that to explore, read and hope to effect changes for the better. He is aware of his 'crackpot'image and yet has no hesitation in revealing his thoughts even though they might (at one time) be considered to be eccentric.

But time is proving him to be correct

Twenty years ago, words and phrases like 'global warming', sustainability', 'recycling', 'the ozone layer', 'marine pollution' and many more were thought to be the preserve of cranks. (With Prince Charles being the crank-in-chief).

As he explains in this book, mankind had the power to create the situation we now find ourselves in and equally, we have to power to recreate the balance and harmony.

Hear him speak in the video below

If you still have doubts about this man and his sincerity, please watch this video. If you think he's a crackpot, please watch. If you think 'oh,it's easy for him to say, from his privileged position', please watch.

Yes, he has a privileged position and that's why people listen - that's why he can address international meetings and consortiums.

We can't. But when future generations ask us why we didn't do something, we can all tell them exactly what we did do - hopefully.

The Prince of Wales is in an unusual position

We can make our own efforts in our own lifestyles to recycle ,conserve and re-use. It helps a lot, I'm certain.We can teach the younger generations to do the same thing.

We, as ordinary people, can raise awareness but the fact remains that the Prince of Wales has a much higher public profile than we do.

What's more, the world and world leaders know that he has no agenda of his own. He isn't a politician jumping on the ecological bandwagon to further his own career.

The Prince of Wales is one of the very few people in the entire world who can speak out and have an effect. And he's not afraid to do so, no matter what people think about him.

Photographs of the crackpot prince

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Prince Charles
Prince Charles
Prince Charles | Source

© 2013 Jackie Jackson


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    • BritFlorida profile image

      Jackie Jackson 4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

      @Brite-Ideas: A lovely comment - thank you.

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      A complicated man living with very simple principles - There's something to be said by all, no matter our plight and our struggles within