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Private security firms and cargo insurance defensive measures used against Somalian pirates

Updated on November 27, 2011

The latest trend for shipping conglomerates is to hire private security firms, sometimes in the form of mercenaries to protect their cargo at all costs as the insurance to replace the goods is not the main concern for these companies with their own shipping transport. Being able to pay a sizable ransom to recover your ship form Somalian pirates has almost become an acceptable risk to some of these shipping companies.

So, what are the alternatives to cargo insurance?

The situation of entire ships and their stock and cargo contents has given rise to the purchase of surplus military style battle cruisers being purchased privately and then retro-fitted with 50mm guns in order to protect these shipping lines as an escort.

 The recent spate of repeated attacks and merchant marine traffic and ransom situations has caused the shipping industry to seriously consider a different tactic.

The most efficient security firms are recruiting the services of trained military helicopter pilots for privately owned Apache helicopters which are housed on the front and rear of these retro-fiited battle cruisers which carry a small batallion of specia forces mercanaries to protect a ship and it's cargo at all costs.

The fact that there have been cases of as much as a couple of million dollars being paid to these modern day pirates is only promoting a trend of defensive options whcih are finally being countered with offensive protection from professional private security firms.

So, even though we still blissfully go about our shopping day and are a little upset when our favorite product is not on the shelf, it may just be because it has been taken on the high seas by modern day pirates.

Hopefully with the latest strategic defensive measures employed by the merchant marine and shipping industry are a means to curb this opportunistic farce in the areas most susceptible to dirty rotten scounderels calling themselves pirates.

 It seems ironic that a few years ago you wouldn't think to put the words Somalia,pirates, cargo insurance and private security firms in the same sentence.

The reality is that in order for large corporations to get their products around the world with today's shipping industry, it has almost become an essential to secure the goods with pirate cargo insurance.

What has the world come to when we need to protect cargo travelling via the high seas form modern day pirates. The fact that these commercial shipping lines are needed to be protected by private security firms has lead to a completely new industry.


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    • profile image

      Terrance Girardin 6 years ago

      Security Business has been expanding this looks like more reason to grow bigger.