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Problem Gambling and Poverty

Updated on January 7, 2015

Gambling in Australian Society

Just about on every corner or somewhere in the main street of cities there are gambling houses and clubs that are irresistible to those with a problem. Coupled with the chance to lose your money is the alcohol that is always a part of numbing the brain so you lose more.

People who are lonely, attention seeking or just plain hooked on the pokies (slot machines) have little chance of avoiding the horror of going home with barely a cent left in their pockets. Big companies own the Casinos and the Clubs are mainly involved in sports. So there is little to no will to alter the status quo

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Casino Hotel Paris
Casino Hotel Paris

The Greatest Gambling Nation in the World

Australia has this reputation and one can't help thinking that we are the victims of crime in just about all aspects of this incidious behaviour. The media is flooded with stories of how much one can win, who won what and how, the latest Lotto or Tatslotto results and so on, But it goes further than that as many retailers and online merchants now use the temptation of winning something to get you to buy their products.

The mundane packet of washing machine soap or hairspray, for example, may have a competition running for those who buy and use the product. Even dog food is marketed in this way. Recently my new dishwasher guarantee carried a chance to win $10.000 for filling it in and sending it back to the Company. This type of inducement is swallowed up by many who see a prospect of gaining something for nothing.

What gamblers are not told is what chance they have of winning. The odds in Lotto is in the millions and people would be far better off putting their money into an investment or bank account rather than giving it to the owners of the gambling outlets.

People are gambling in clubs and pubs all over the country and many are losing their homes and life savings to things like the pokies or slot machines. Now the clubs are advertising about their contributions to sporting teams and schools etc. in an attempt to stave off the anti-gambling laws that have been passed through parliament. In this event people must now register the amount they are prepared to lose before starting to play and this will be relayed to all other venues in the vicinity. Once that amount has gone they will be locked out by the machines themselves.

It's amazing how much the clubs make from problem gamblers who are soaked with alcohol and lose all sense of proportion when playing the machines. The billionair owners of cassinos and other gambling forms, such as the tote and on-course bookmakers, are laughing at people's stupidity all the way to the bank.

One Man's Story

Gambling is a MUG's game and the only winners are the owners of the establishment.

It is dark, criminal and a no-win situation - so why do people do it.

What is it like where you live?

Do you know any problem gamblers?

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The effects of drugs
The effects of drugs

It's a Legal Drug

The effects of gambling can be devastating for the family and society as well as the individual concerned. It can result in nu,erous other health conditions including anxiety, depression, alcoholism and so on, It destroys marriages and causes family break-ups that affect the children.

Like any addiction one must go through wthdrawal strategies to wean themselves off it. While they know that it is a no win situation the pressure to keep doing it eventually destroys them.

This is from Problem website "Many people who gamble excessively have mixed feelings about gambling. They know they are causing problems for the people they love. They may become anxious and unhappy, and often hate themselves. But the urge to gamble seems too great to resist. They feel they can't give up on all the time, money and emotion they have put into gambling. They can't accept that they will never win back what they have lost. Some people still believe their system will pay off, their luck will change or they are due to win. Others believe that continuing to gamble is the only way out of a situation they are ashamed about."

The rewards are not worth the risk of losing the most valuable things in your life, including your partner, children and friends.

The best way to stop gambling is never to start. You don't ever miss what you never had and that goes for alcohol, smoking and drugs. Don't go down the path to destruction for there is often no way back. Death may even be waiting for you at the end of it.

Do you think gambling should be restricted?

Do you gamble

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Should Governments Stop Gambling?

Should they at least be taking gambling dollars as taxable income?

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      I'm amazed at how dedicated people can be in destroying themselves. Thank you for publishing this important article.

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