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The Best Places to Propose in Toronto

Updated on July 28, 2009

The Best Places to Propose in Toronto

Toronto hot-spots for a Perfect Proposal

You've got the perfect girl and the perfect ring, but what about choosing the perfect place?

Read on to find the best places to propose in toronto!

Great Places to Propose in Toronto

You've got the perfect girl and the perfect ring, but what about choosing the perfect place?

You’ve thought about it long enough and now it’s time to do it, but of course you want to make sure the timing and setting is right before you pop the question. can help point you in the right direction. Check out some of these Toronto locations that would make a great proposal setting.

Quick Tip: Every girl wants you to propose in your own style; choose a place that suits your character.

Great Places to Propose in Toronto: Restaurants - The Perfect Toronto Resturant to Propose At

You've got the perfect girl and the perfect ring, but what about choosing the perfect restaurant?

Name: Sassafraz

Type: Restaurant

Address: 100 Cumberland Street


Phone: 416-964-2222

If you're a couple that has a rekindled romance, then Sassafraz is a restaurant for you. From the hardwood floors to the vertical garden's waterfalls, the words romantic and intimate come to mind when you immerse yourselves in the atmosphere and design. Sassafraz is also a favourite hotspot for celebrities.

Name: Scaramouche

Type: Restaurant

Address: 1 Benvenuto Place (4 blocks south of St. Clair Ave.)

Email: N/A

Phone: 416-961-8011

Gourmet magazine voted Scaramouche twice as Toronto's top restaurant. Noticeably so, Scaramouche dishes are at the top of visual appeal and taste. Take in the ambience that is accented by a floor-to-ceiling window of Toronto's sparkling city skyline.

Name: Tundra at the Hilton

Type: Restaurant

Address: 145 Richmond Street W

Email: N/A

Phone: 416-860-6800

Tundra has the charm and exquisiteness of Canadian-inspired décor and design. Equal to the design, the dishes are an epicurean's dream. Tundra has received many reviews for its entrees and its divine atmosphere. Both Maitre D and waiters have long histories with the restaurant, so expect a knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Our three hand picked Toronto restaurants are some of the best places to propose in Toronto. Keep reading for more ideas from sky high towers to skating.

Great Places to Propose in Toronto: Scenic

The Perfect Toronto Scenic Location to Propose At

You've got the perfect girl and the perfect ring, but what about choosing the perfect scenic location

Name: CN Tower

Type: Scenic

Address: 301 Front Street West M5V 2T6

Price: Total Tower Experience $32.99 CDN

Phone: 416 601 4729

Make no mistake; the CN Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world, standing more than 1,800 ft. There are many things you can do at the CN Tower (CN Tower had a $26 million expansion renovation). Start the night off at the 360 restaurant where the dining is suburb. Take a walk out onto the observation deck, and watch the city night light up.

Name: Harbourfront

Type: Scenic

Address: 235 Queens Quay West (3 streetcars from Union Station)

Price: N/A

There's plenty in Toronto's Harbourfront to see and do. Start the day off with lunch at one of Harbourfront's fine restaurants and go out and attend one of the summer's festivals or take a boat tour. Let's not forget the gorgeous view of the lake from the harbour; catch the breathtaking sunrise and sunset where the open water meets the sky.

Name: Casa Loma

Type: Scenic

Address: 1 Austin Terrace M5R 1X8 (near corner of Davenport Rd and Spadina Ave.)

Price: Adults (18-59) $17 CAD

Telephone: 416-923-1171


Casa Loma (or Castle on the Hill) features décor and design of European elegance. This was once home to a financier, Sir Henry Pellatt, and sold due to Sir Henry's bankruptcy. Casa Loma boasts towers, stables, tunnels, decorated suite and a beautiful five acre garden. This place is riddled with great opportunities for you to go down on one knee.

The bottom line is this: It's a castle. Who wouldn't want to be proposed there?

Name: Air Canada Centre / BMO Field / Rogers Centre

Type: Arena

These places would be great if your first date was in one of these sporting venues. Propose during half-time or intermission. But be warned, this has been done many times before so prepare a unique approach to pull this off. It would help if the Jays, Leafs, and Raptors were winning consistently too.

There are still a few more great places to propose in Toronto! Keep reading and get inspired to bend down on one knee and hand-over that ring.

Great Places to Propose in Toronto: Leisure/Parks

The Perfect Toronto Park to Propose At

You've got the perfect girl and the perfect ring, but what about choosing the leisure or park?

Name: Toronto Music Garden

Type: Park/Garden

Address: 475 Queens Quay W (on the waterfront between Bathurst Street and Spadina Ave)

Price: N/A

Telephone: 416-973-4000


This is a garden you have to see for yourself. Designed by cellist Yo Yo Ma and inspired by Bach's Suite No. 1, each section of the park reflects each dance movement.

It's a great place to be hand in hand while you stroll through flowers, trees and green grass. There are musical performances in the summer that can be the perfect backdrop for your commitment plans.

Name: Nathan Phillips Square Skating

Type: Leisure/Park

Address: 100 Queen St. W M5H 2N1

Price: N/A

Telephone: 416-392-7260

Go skating with your partner in one of Toronto's most popular skating rinks. In the evening, the rink is well lit and its atmosphere is always magical. While you can hold hands, pull her in the centre and pop the question on one knee… if you can.

Of course, the environment and weather has to be serendipitous; it would be a bonus if snow starts to fall lightly from the evening sky and the rink is not crowded.

and there you have it ...'s perfect spots for proposing. We hope you enjoyed the best places to propose in Toronto and will visit soon for wedding planning advice, tips and trends.

What's Your Favourite Spot to Propose? - Have Your Say!

Out of these three "types" of proposals - which one gets you feeling all romantic. Everyone together now ... awww!

Which proposal do you prefer

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What proposal makes you melt? How were you proposed to? Tell us your thoughts and stories!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I proposed to my Fiancée only July 7th 2012 on our 3 year anniversary. We first have lunch at a patio restaurant on yonge st. Then we went to Casaloma. We first took a walk about the flower garden. We ended up at the gazebo. There I went down on one knee. I remember fumbling with the speech. I popped the question, she said yes. We hugged. Instead of putting the ring on her finger, I froze. she had to shake me to get me to put the ring on her finger.

      We will be getting married in punta Cana on July 3rd 2012.