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Updated on November 30, 2015

The fastest paced auction EVER

My lens is on one of my newest and most favorite things to do. The quarter auction. I have been a vendor, a customer , and now an event cooridinator for these events and just love I am here to get the word out....Please read on and PLEASE email me and let me know what you think about quarter auctions

What is a Quarter Auction Anyway???

Here's the answer...

As a walk in the door and pay an admission price somewhere between $5-$3 and that gets you your first bidding paddle, other paddles are available and cost less then the initial one. You as the customer walk around to the vendors such as Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware, and there's usually a lot of jewlers too, and you might see some demos going on or taste tests, but along the way you'll definitely grab some brochures. You find a seat and wait for the game to begin. The M/C will welcome everyone and do a quick explanation of the rules, there aren't many. If the item up for auction is something you want to try to win you put the required amount of quarters into a dish on the table and raise your paddle, you put 25 cents in for something that is priced under $24.99 and if you have more then one paddle then you must also use quarters for them. Once all the quarters are collected by what are known as "runners" then the M/C will start pulling numbers one at a time until a number matches the paddle in the air. The person who's chip is called and they bid that paddle then they win that item.

Feed Back...Talk to me please...

Everyday I love checking on my Dashboard and seeing how many people read my articles. THis article in particular gets so many visits each week and I would love to hear from you and your thoughts. If you have any questions on planning an event feel free to ask for advice, I am happy to pass along any information to help you have a successful auction.

Good Luck!!

Raffle Tickets are a MUST!!!!

Be really does make a difference and it will make your event run smoother in the long run.

As a Consultant (vendor)...

A consultant say for Avon or Mary Kay, this can be anyone that direct sells a product, can arrange ahead of time with the event cooridinator to have a spot, most direct selling companies have rules about only one vendor from that company can be at anyone place at a time. Anyway...they come in a set up their display, when customers start walking around then they talk about their products and maybe offer discounts on cash and carry items, maybe even offer a door prize drawing through the event.

Once the M/C has auctioned the particular vendors product then the vendor can take their quarters, they are there's to keep, so it's a great way to sell or auction off some unwanted older inventory and make some instant cash, plus now here's the BIGGY!!! Each consultant/vendor has the opportunity to make tons of new contacts, each person coming in as a customer is a potential customer for that particular line. Most times consultants will leave a quarter auction with booked parties or orders. A win win all the way

Places to find quarter auctions in your area

Vendors and customers can find quarter auction location by looking on places like craigslist under events and community, type quarter auction in the search box and it will find it for you. Fire companies seem to be the place to hold most quarter auctions so stop by and see if they are having one. Or one of personal favorite ways of finding them is by using just type in quarters auctions and the name of the town you'd like to find them and I promise you'll get a bunch

Quarter Auctions can be hard to find...

It seems as though as time goes by these auctions are getting harder to locate. There is a reason for this and it's a sad one. According to some states these auctions can be considered gambling so they have put the Quarter Auction under the same laws as Small Chance laws. There are ways around this law if you would like to hold an auction for your organization. This was a small piece of information that I found out in Pennsylvania. Find a local Fire Company that already has a Small Games of Chance License. Under their license they can hold the Quarter Auction. You work with the Fire Company, you still plan the event, but you allow them to have one of their volunteers available to sell Small Games of Chance, like pull off tickets and such. It's actually a great way for you and your community to help your volunteer Firefighters and still be able to under proper laws hold you's a win win!!

other items you might be looking for...

This was probably the most time consuming part of getting started. Finding all the little details. Condiments for sonsession foods, paper hot dog holders, even bottled water. Finding these things at the right prices makes a difference but keep in mind if you have to drive 3 or 4 towns away then your not only wasting valuable time you are running out gas money so make sure you compare the costs of driving and picking things up or just using the ease at having them delivered to your front door or place of your event.


When buying products off of very reliable websites such as Amazon you can easily qualify for free shipping on your products.

Remember that each bottle of water can be sold for $1.00 so if you only pay $4.00 for the 32 bottles you are making a $28 PROFIT!!! Use that thought on all the products you are going to sell at your event. Free Shipping means no spent gas money on your end, and bigger profits for your event and that's what we are here to do, make the most money for your fundraiser.

Reader Feedback - PLease leave feedback, it's more important then you'll ever know

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    • jntnevins lm profile image

      jntnevins lm 4 years ago

      I have only been to one quarter auction so far and I loved it. This is a really great lens.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      How could I find out where there are quarter auctions in my area? Went to one a few weeks ago and had a blast! My friends and I would love to go to another one. Thanks!townj