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Racism Equal to Ignorance

Updated on April 3, 2012

Racism is an evil entity that entered our society from the beginning of time. The history of racism goes back to the time of Jesus. Those who were different were ridiculed, taunted, jeered at and cast aside like last nights dinner. A person who appears different whether it is the color of their skin, their choice of religious beliefs, alternate lifestyle, taste in clothes, music anything society deems out of the norm.

I realize it's human nature to frown upon someone who is different because it gives room to avoid our own issues. Instead of looking inward and handling the problems that exist in our lives it's much easier to point the finger at someone else. When deciding on the title of this hub one word I choose was ignorance because I believe that sometimes we tend to ridicule what we don't understand. In one of my old neighborhoods there was a Spanish church that had services two to three times a week and twice on Sunday. The locals sat on their porches and judged them because of their skin color and religious beliefs. The sad part is, each of these people had drama in their own lives, secrets within their own homes they choose to ignore and pointed their fingers of ignorance at what they didn't understand instead of dealing with their own issues. This neighborhood had families where there was abuse, alcoholism, eating disorders, under nourished children and plenty more that needed attention.

These adults passed their ignorance along to their children, turning them into ignorant adults who began to repeat the same patten. In my case, I didn't allow anyone to make any derogatory comments in front of my children. I didn't want them raised the way others I know have been. I wanted them to look at everyone as equal and instead of seeing the skin color, the clothes, the materialist values, I wanted them to see the person from the inside out. My daughters see a person not a skin color, their religion, their clothes, their wealth or anything else, only the person.

What about those times when someone is blinded by their ignorance and react to a situation because of someone's skin color and mode of dress. There have been far to many times a innocent person's life has been cut short by the ignorance of someone else. Those who were arrested just because of their skin color.

Our own Government, Federal & Local cause some of the distention that we see in our society regarding a persons race, creed and color. They are responsible for hostility many causation people feel towards other ethnic groups. How many times have you had to fill out forms where you're asked you ethnicity. Many school grants and funding are based on how many non whites live in the city or town requesting assistance. Parents applying for financial aid so their children can go to college are faced with that question, when applying for credit cards, loans, basically any form you've had to complete over the hears ask what your ethnicity is. Does this really matter? Why not just consider us all humans and leave it at that. That in itself may begin a change within our society.


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