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RAF Benson

Updated on November 6, 2014

1960's ATC, Flight Operations, ComCen

The purpose of this page is to attract the attention of anyone who served at RAF Benson in Air Traffic Control, Flight Operations or ComCen during the 1960's. Ex-service personnel who were stationed at RAF Benson are creating a photographic memory bank and communal memory and messaging service to link all those who served at RAF Benson in Air Traffic Control, Flight Operations or ComCen; the purpose being to preserve the memory of the station and the local environs at their time and your contribution to that memory bank is invited.

it is obvious that, over time, memories will fade, old comrades will be lost, either through re-location, poor communications, forgetfulness or death and therefore what happened will slowly be forgotten. This site will preserve their memories of a moment in time. The objective is to open and maintain new links and preserve existing links with people and memories of a very special time in their lives. We invite your participation in sending e-copies of your photo's and memories of RAF Benson in order to help preserve the historical snapshot of that time and to join in the e-conversation between people with a shared experience, your initial comments are welcomed at the bottom of the page. Text and photo's may also be sent to and the web master of this page will be pleased to include suitable material for you.

The remainder of this page provides further opportunities to explore related subjects. All photo's copyright DJDove except where specified.

Seeking YOU!

Add more names

These are some of the people remembered but who are no longer in touch. By all means leave further names at bottom of page in the messages section for adding to the list or requests for contacts.

Angie Blundell

Joyce Brennan

Brian Farrelly. SAC Ops

Raye Flowerday

Rick Gallagher. SAC ATC

Ray George. Cpl ATC

Janet Haig. F/O. ATC

Stuart Harrison. SAC ATC

Jim Imrie. Cpl ATC

Joy Legge

Jo Major. SACW ATC

Barbara Pearce. Cpl ATC

Ian Press. SAC Ops

Paula Ridley. SACW ATC

Carol Robson. SACW ComCen (Now in touch!)

Alan Scougal. SAC Ops (Now in touch)

Dianne Stacey

Sue Thompson

Stuart Wain. SAC. ATC

Frank Wallace. SAC ATC (Now in touch!)

Jackie Webb. SACW ComCen

Make Contact Here

If you have photo's or stories to share or simply want to make contact please leave a comment at the bottom of the page or on

Making Contact.

(This is a related commercial website, just leave a message and it will be re-directed automatically)



Some interesting stuff on Amazon

Related books on aspects of flight operations from RAF Benson

The Farmers Man Pub, as was.
The Farmers Man Pub, as was.

Old haunts

The Farmers Man public house in Benson village; surely the centre of all social life in the 1960's - now a domestic property. Access could be gained through Crash Gate 6 across the runway by way of various vehicles; Crash 1, ATC landrover etc, informally of course during the progress of normal checks and patrols you understand!

Find your own stuff on Amazon

Leave a message, a memory or a contact name or number; add to the content, whatever - welcome!

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      DeanTurner 5 years ago

      Good luck in finding people - time waits for no man