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Who will be Hillary's VP

Updated on June 1, 2016

Hillary's Vice Presidential Choices

A few weeks ago, I took a look at who I thought might be the front runners for Hillary Clinton to choose as her Vice President. There have been some changes over the last few weeks, so I am going to take a new look at them ranking them in order of who I think is the “Hot” candidate right now.

1. Tom Perez

The hot pick right not. Perez, the US Labor Secretary, stepped into the Verizon Strike and worked out a deal. The strike, the largest in 4 years, had made little progress in negotiations until Perez stepped in. The deal, which the unions are touting as a win, has made Perez a darling of those on the left, especially within the labor movement. While not as powerful as they once were, they are still an important constituency for any Democrat looking to win nationally. Perez is also now in the good graces of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), the activist union that represented most of the workers at Verizon. The CWA has been a vocal ally for Bernie Sanders. Picking Perez may help to make the transition from Sanders to Clinton easier for those in the labor movement.

2. Tim Kaine

Kaine is getting a lot of attention since he is seen as being able to be Presidential. With the unique mix of executive experience as well as Capital Hill experience many see him as a strong pick for VP. Kaine has been talked about in the past as a potential Presidential contender so this talk really should surprise no one. Kaine is also an inside man within the Obama sphere, being an early support of then Sen. Obama and being chosen as the head of the Democratic National Committee. He clearly has the skills to lead, having been Governor of Virginia, and the ability to work in D.C. where he is currently a Senator. However, I think this is such a boring pick. Kaine is another boring white guy who may deliver Virginia, although I think Clinton should be able to lock it up on her own. If Clinton picks Kaine because she sees him as the future of the party, Democrats should worry.

3. Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown

I think that these two are tied for the third position. Both bring a similar political ideology to the ticket. While Warren is a bigger name, Brown represents a state that Democrats need to win in November. The real decision here is whether or not Clinton wants to take a chance and put two women on the ticket or play it a little bit safer. If she wants to go for gender diversity, she will select Brown over Warren. Both would be good selections to calm the fears of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party that Clinton will make a hard turn towards the center. One caveat in this pick is that both Senators are from states with Republican Governors. If the party elites feel that the Senate might come down to a few seats, both could be taken out of consideration.

The Second Tier

They still have shot, but less is being written about them recently.

4. Julian Castro

Castro has fallen into the second tier of candidates although his selection still wouldn’t shock me. While he looks good on camera and the Democrats are eager to find the Latino Obama, Clinton doesn’t need to jump to make this pick. She shouldn’t have a problem with Latino turnout and Castro is really not qualified enough to be a VP choice.

5. Cory Booker

The popular NJ Senator would definitely fire up the African American vote, but would give no geographic diversity. Could you imagine a ticket that is completely from the NYC metro area, especially with the possibility that Trump could select NJ Governor Chris Christie. A total NYC election!

6. Bernie Sanders

With the recent animosity between Clinton and Sanders, I think this pick is not going to happen. It seems that as the campaign goes on, the two sides move further and further apart and their staffs are stirring up trouble between each other due to a genuine dislike for each other.

New Additions

There has been talk around these two lately as they enter the race.

7. Mark Cuban

The billionaire, reality TV star, has been stirring up talk of a VP selection saying that he would be interested in serving as VP for either Clinton or Trump. While I think this could be an interesting pick, it isn’t likely to happen. While Clinton could benefit from having a bombastic, TV ready running mate that could go toe to toe and dollar for dollar with Trump, I don’t know how many in the party would react. This pick would play into her ties to wealthy, Wall St. It also doesn’t help that Cuban is willing to serve as Trump’s VP. I also wonder if Cuban is really willing to take a number 2 position in the administration.

8. Al Franken

So Clinton doesn’t pick the loud mouth Cuban, but wants someone who is willing to go toe to toe with Trump. Why not pick the former writer for Saturday Night Live who is an expert at political humor? Franken has the liberal credentials to gain support from many on the left. He also may just have the wit to keep the campaign fresh and not allow it to get overtaken by the outlandish things that Trump will inevitably say. Plus, like Bernie Sanders, Franken is a NY Jew who left for a cold weather state. This could be a very interesting, outside the box dark horse choice.

Hillary Vice President

Who will Hillary chose?

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    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 18 months ago from > California

      It's a very difficult choice and I could be wrong because there are so many outstanding candidates, but I'm LEANING Toward Senator Bernie Sanders as her VP which would be Nothing Less than Incredibly POWERFUL ~ If we as Democrats "GET the VOTE Out" and not become COMPLACENT, Hillary will Destroy the "DONALD" but if Bernie joins the ticket they will Decimate him ~ 75% of ALL Women REJECT Trump for Obvious Reasons and 50% of Republican Women REJECT him ~ Not Good for his "Hate & ANGER" Based Side Show ~

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 18 months ago from Auburn, WA

      I'm still going with Sherrod Brown. Makes the most sense. Important State. Very popular with union base.

      Tim Kaine would be a close second and I originally thought with Virginia being guaranteed blue, Kaine would not be needed. But if the Governor is indicted before August, she might need to win Virginia as well. Kaine would help.