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Reasons of becoming suicide bomber

Updated on August 2, 2013

Suicide Bomber

Suicide bombers are people who blow themselves for their reasons and spreads terror, unaware of that they are destroying several lives, several families by such act.

Some reasons of becoming a suicide bomber


Unemployment is a reason of becoming a suicide bomber in this sense that in it person have no way to feed his family and spend a proper life so in exchange of large amount of money he blows himself for his family’s better life. So as unemployment increase people starts searching for unfair earning means. In this case people do it for your family’s future.

For country

As of being a soldier a person attempts to be a bomber for saving his country from enemies or to destroy the enemy soldiers, vehicles by entering in their areas. In this case love for country force people to do so.

Training from Birth

From the birth of child he is trained to work as a spy. Child is sent to the enemy country in small age so the by getting old he would get trust of that country people and by this their would be no problem of nationality.

Spy acts by the orders of leaders and do his work to bomb or kill. In such cases emotions can destroy whole plan but the training involves methods to control such things which makes man weak.

In such cases by chance if a person finds out right path he would be killed by his fellowmen as even they are unknown of them.

For revenge

When someone do unfair or provide non repairable loss(loss of life) to other person then in order to take revenge for loss that person attempts to become a suicide bomber for giving huge payback to person who make him suffer. In this case people do it for the revenge of your love ones.

For spreading hatred between countries

For spreading hatred between two countries suicide bombers blow themselves in one country so that they blame each other and take bigger steps against each other like wars. In short a person becomes suicide bomber to target relations. In this case people do it for spreading hatred.

To fulfill their own demands

People attempt to become suicide bombers in this case to force the authority/leaders/government to accept their demands in cost of killing innocent people by blowing themselves. Such people who do so are mostly terrorists group. In this case people do for forcing other to accept demand of that group.

Force by others

Some people attempt to become suicide bombers when they are forced to do so at the cost of their relative’s life. So they are bound to do so. They don’t care that by this act they are destroying thousands of families. In this case people do it for their relative’s life.


"Everything that used to happens in this world have a reason likewise for becoming a suicide bomber so it is our responsibility to minimize such things which urge people toward unfair means at least figure out any crime and report it whether the reason fro crime is solid or not as crime is crime".


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