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Get Paid to Recycle

Updated on October 16, 2014

Recycling for Savings and the Good of the Planet!

In this lens, I will be providing you with some recycling resources. I know in some communities, there isn't free trash collection and you may have to pay for your bags to boot. Unload some of your merchandise for cash, gift cards, and coupons. Donate goods to people who need them or can use them, and make the Earth a greener, less polluted place while fattening your wallet! You will learn how you can pack up some broken or heavily used recyclables in this lens and do it for free and to the benefit of you and/or others. Often, you can do this from home through the postal service at the expense of the sponsoring company. Recycling is important and often costly, but this lens is going to alleviate that problem for you and assist you to help the environment and you are getting something in return as well as the great feeling that you did the right thing!

Recycle Bank - Online Community That Rewards You for Recycling At Home!

Recycle Bank has grown in popularity recently. This company pays you for your trash with items like gift cards, coupons for food and green cleaners, cosmetics, and downloadable music. Recycle your broken or obsolete electronics here for points. Check out their website for more details about what they are doing in your community. Join the Ebay Green team from Recycle Bank and get fifty points!

Put in the code RECYCLEYOURMAGS, get 50 additional points! Take the Coors test and get another 30 points.

Recycling for Swagbucks - Get Gift Cards for Recycling Electronics Online!

Swagbucks Recycling Program
Swagbucks Recycling Program

Shipping is free, they provide you with labels, and you can shop their extensive online store for merchandise and gift cards. Also, earn rewards for referring friends and searching with their google search page!

Listia - Give Your Unwanted Stuff Away and Get Points for Free Stuff

Listia is almost like a hybrid of Freecycle and Ebay. You list auction items that you don't want. There is either local pickup or mail available to get the items to your winner of bids. Get rid of items that would be a waste to throw away. You can auction old game systems, cds, dvds, tapes, books, that sort of thing. Its a good idea. People often give away coupons for free stuff, and toiletries, things you will need in the future they just don't like, want, or have too much of and you will keep the landfills less cluttered and unable to be processed! Everybody wins

Swap Unwanted Items Online - Link List

Don't fill landfills, swap & barter with neighbors and fellow members of your town to reduce waste in landfills and junkyards! Be green & help others while getting items you may want or need and can't find elsewhere! You know what they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure!


Electronics Recycling

Sell your old electronics for cash or gift cards and mail them with free shipping from the convenience of your home! Start by finding your product and get an instant quote. You can simply type the name of your item in the search box at the top of every page. Type keywords slowly. The search results will be automatically refined to help you find what you are looking for! Print the pre-paid shipping label at the end of the transaction. Carefully pack the items and apply the pre-paid shipping label to your package. Give it to UPS. Once we receive the item, we make sure that the item is in the condition described. It takes about ten business days, from when they inspect your item(s), to when they initiate payment.

Please note if you choose to drop your package in a UPS Dropbox and the package is not scanned by UPS, NextWorth cannot be held liable for the contents of the package. To ensure all packages are tracked we recommend dropping off at a UPS location and obtaining a receipt.

It's that simple. Get started by clicking on Start Selling or choose a trade-in category on the left.

Amazon, iTunes, and Starbucks Gift cards are awarded to those who refer someone to NextWorth and they trade in something worth at least $50.

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