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Mobile phone recycling

Updated on March 22, 2013

Recycle your mobile!

Got an old mobile phone? Rather than let it gather dust, or add to the waste in landfill, recycle it - you can use it to earn money for yourself or for charity!

Your unwanted mobile phone handset could have a second chance at life in a developing country. At the very least, its components will be recycled and toxic chemicals will be kept out of the environment.

How many old phones do you have? - Are cell phones adding to your clutter?

How many old phones do you have lying around? They could be worth something!

How many old cell phones do you have?

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Get up to £150 for your phone with Envirophone

Sell your old phone!

Envirophone will exchange your old mobile phone for cash - up to £150, depending on the make and model of your phone. They've got a handy online system for working out how much your phone is worth, too.


Recycle Hero for Kids
Recycle Hero for Kids

A recycling app (Android) for kids - an adventure game that teaches kids about recycling and taking care of the environment in a fun way

iPhone 4 or 4S Snap Case Recycle Symbol in Leaves
iPhone 4 or 4S Snap Case Recycle Symbol in Leaves

A stylish case for your iPhone that shows your love of recycling


Recycle more with Computer Aid

Supplying computer equipment to developing countries

Computer Aid works with one of the country's leading recycling companies to recycle empty printer cartridges and unwanted mobile phones.

By recycling used printer cartridges and mobile phones, you can protect the environment at the same time as raising funds for Computer Aid - which provides professionally refurbished IT equipment to schools, universities, hospitals and not-for-profit organisations in developing countries.

Businesses can also recycle computer equipment with Computer Aid.

Wanted: mobile phones - Donate your old phone to Christian Aid

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! - An Easy Household Guide

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: An Easy Household Guide (Chelsea Green Guides)
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: An Easy Household Guide (Chelsea Green Guides)

Do you know what to do with your old cell phone? Where you can responsibly dispose of old medicines? What happens to the stuff you recycle? This easy-to-use guide has answers to all your recycling questions. Its A-Z listing of everyday household items shows you how to recycle most of your unwanted things, do your bit for the planet, and maybe make a little money at the same time.

With a comprehensive resources section and information on how to get more involved, this is an invaluable guide for anyone who wants to stop the Earth from going to waste.


Recycle for Pudsey

Donate your old phone to the BBC Children in Need Appeal

Donate your mobile phone, MP3 player or PDA and Regenersis will donate up to £80 to BBC Children in Need depending on its condition and how flashy it is.

Over the past three years, Regenersis have raised almost £1 million for BBC Children in Need through a nationwide mobile phone recycling campaign. Donating is simple:

1. Find your old phone

2. Make sure you've removed the SIM card and all the data (pictures, videos, messages, contacts, etc)

3. Put it in an envelope

4. Write FREEPOST BBC CHILDREN IN NEED on the envelope and pop it in the post. It's that easy!

Mobiles for Mud

Plant your phone at Eden

The Eden Project are collecting unwanted mobile phones to raise money for their new education programme - they call it their "Mobiles for Mud" programme. You can send your mobiles directly to Eden, of if you're visiting then you can trade it in for a discount on your tickets.

Bring Bring your phone to Oxfam

Drop your phone off for charity recycling

Oxfam make it very easy to recycle your phones. You can simply drop them off at your local Oxfam shop, order recycling bags or simply post your phone off to a Freepost address. If you're a company or organization donating more than 20 phones (or 30 printer cartridges) then you can arrange a free courier collection.

Exchange your mobile for Tesco Green Clubcard points

Good for non-working phones

Tesco exchange empty ink cartridges and mobile phones for green Clubcard points. There should be a collection point in store, or you can check the website for where to send your phone. Working phones get you 300 Clubcard points; broken ones are worth 50 points. Empty ink cartridges are worth 100 points, and if you don't want the points you can donate them to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Turn phones into trees!

The Woodland Trust are raising money for a new forest

The Woodland Trust are turning old mobile phones into trees! If you donate your unused handsets to The Woodland Trust, they get £2.25 - regardless of its age or condition. And they need all the money they can get, because they're busy planting a new native forest in England.

Charge up your Charity with Recycling Appeal

Set up your own recycling campaign

If you want to donate your phone to charity then Recycling Appeal have got plenty for you to choose from. Recycling Appeal will accept old PDAs and print cartridges.

But that's not all - you can set up your own campaign with Recycling Appeal and start collecting other people's unwanted handsets for your cause too!


Recycle phones for schools

Fones4Schools is the leading UK recycling campaign for schools and groups of any kind. Established in 2004, Fones4Schools has now worked with thousands of schools across the UK and helped to raise over £2 million for participants.


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