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Recycling Bins For Home

Updated on June 2, 2015

Organizing Your Recyclables

Ok, I'm all for recycling, saving the planet and being "green", however, my husband's idea of organizing our recyclables is a large cardboard box in the kitchen where everything from soda cans to plastic containers are tossed. It's not really my idea of a nice kitchen accessory, if you know what I mean. Quite frankly, it's an eyesore and everyday I think to myself, "I need to do something about that!"

This lens was created to help myself and others organize their recyclables, so you don't start to dread the whole recycling process. Making the whole thing organized and fun will help you keep on track. Follow me in my search for the best Recycling Bins for your Home.


Kitchen Recycling Bins

iTouchless 2 Compartment Recycle Bin

This Kitchen Recycling Bin station is one of the more popular styles and also has a nice sleek look to blend in with your kitchen appliances.

Some of the Features included are:

Lids open automatically when debris is within 5-inches of sensorLids close automatically after 3 secondsOpen and close buttons for manual operationSensor on and off switch on back of trash canInner plastic buckets with handles remove for easy cleaningPowered by 4 "D" size batteries (not included) or AC power adaptorKeep your recyclables organized and separated without ever getting your hands dirty with the iTouchless 2 Compartment Recycle Trashcan. This 16-gallon stainless steel bin features two 8-gallon compartments. Each side has an independent sensor that lifts when trash is within 5 inches. The lid will remain open if debris or your hand is within the 5 inch range of the infrared sensor. It will close automatically three seconds after the debris has been released and you move away. There are open/close buttons for manual operations. You can turn off the sensor feature via an on/off switch on back of the trash can. This bin fits any regular 10 or 13 gallon trash bag in each side or you can use the included two plastic buckets which are easy to clean and cause no extra waste.


The stainless steel look goes well with the kitchen's stainless steel appliances - sleek look. and the capacity per bucket was bigger than what i expected so am happy. though replacing the bags is a bit cumbersome. you need to get used to where to put your hand/garbage at so the sensor will sense it quickly - rather than moving your hand around. but you get used to it. but all in all, i enjoy throwing away my garbage now...


More Kitchen Recycling Bins

Neu Home Step-On 11.89 Gallon Stainless Steel Recycling Bin

Make recycling easy without taking up a lot of space with the Neu Home Step-On 11.89 Gallon Stainless Steel Recycling Bin

Designed to make recycling easy, this bin features three separate compartments for recyclables so you can decide on the best recycling program for your family. The hands free feature makes recycling a breeze, while the stainless steel construction not only looks great, but is strong and durable as well. You can use these bins to recycle bottles, cans, glass, plastic, or paper, and the pedals are color-coordinated making it easy to remember which item goes where. This recycling bin holds up to 11.89 gallons of recyclables and measure 24L x 13.5W x 19H inches.


Stackable Recycling Bins

Versatile storage indoors or out, the Suncast Hopper 72-Gallon Gray Recycling Bins gives you four gallons, each capable of holding 18 gallons. Each bin is crafted of durable resin and features easy snap-on lids. The lids feature easy access front flaps so you don't have to remove it to put something inside. This flap stays open when you want it to. You can stack these units, with or without the lids, for compact storage. Each bin has a gray body and a black lid. Separate your paper, plastic, glass and aluminum or whatever you want to store in these handy, versatile lids.


Wanted a space saving way to collect items for recycling that would make it easy to want to recycle and easy to carry to the curb. Also needed to keep critters and moisture out of the containers. This set worked perfectly. They are just the right size to hold enough for 1-2 weeks but yet easy enough to carry when full.Because they stack they save valuable floor space too.

I purchased these to make recycling neater, cleaner, and handier. It has proven to be terrific. Recycling is a critical act that we all need to do, but most times proves to be a big headache. Not with these containers. We wait for about a month, then we take off the lids, stack the containers, and take them to the recycle center. It takes no time at all, because everything is already separated. Well worth the $$$

Outdoor Recycling Bins

It's nice to have some outdoor bins for your recycling also. The set below is made of a heavy duty plastic, but looks like wood. These are virtually maintenance free, they won't crack, splinter or break as with wood. These are attractive and won't be an eyesore to your outdoor d├ęcor.


Witt GeoCube Recycling Containers

Another neat option to keep your recyclables orgainized is the Witt 4Geocube Recycling Container

These recycling containers help you protect the environment without wasting space. The newest recycling containers, Geocubes, are the perfect addition to any recycling program. With compact, firesafe, steel-constructed containers, Geocubes allow you to sort all your recyclable materials easily and conveniently. These would be perfect for your garage or possibly even your kitchen, if you have the space and like the colors.


Compact designDurable steel constructionAllows easy sorting of recyclablesAttractive and functionalOverall Dimensions: 24"-32" H x 15" W x 15" D


I was impressed right away by the quality of the containers and sturdiness of the product. Decals were easy to apply. Colors are beautiful. We purchased the 32 gallon container as we recycle a lot of paper in this office and smaller ones for the trash and plastics/cans. I think it's encouraged everyone in the office to start recycling, plus we took away our individual trash cans from our desk and now have these containers centrally located for everyone to use.

I think these are probably designed more for a office, however, we purchased these for our home. We have this particular color scheme in our kitchen and they blend right in with everything. Very sturdy and I love the way they look! I wasn't much into recycling because it seemed like such a hassle, but now that I have these, I actually enjoy it!


Create your own customized Recycle Bins

For those who are handy men or women, building your own recycle bin is a great option which allows you to customize to your own specifications. Steal this idea from Ikea Hacker and cut holes in your existing counter top. Wooden plates were cleverly adopted as lids to control odors. Below, bins or bags catch and store all of your recycling until you are ready to take it out

Colorful Recycling Bags

You may want to consider these Recycling Bags if you live in an apartment and don't have a lot of space. They are clearly marked so it makes separating items very easy!

These are not very heavy duty, but they do have handles and will hold quite a few recyclables. The handles are nice too; you can easily transport them when they are full.

Organize Your Newspapers for Recycling

Make recycling your newspapers easier and more organized with these decorative recycle bins!

If you're like my husband, he saves everything including newspapers, for at least a few months. At least with these attractive holders, they look neat and are not cluttering up the kitchen table.

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