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Recycling Scrap Cars

Updated on July 21, 2013

How Recycling helps our Community

Recycling scrap metal, cars, vans and trucks is in high demand today. We are more conscious about not ravaging the earth and filling it with garbage. Sweden recycles its garbage by burning it for fuel and heat. They even buy garbage from other countries. The residual smoke that normally goes in the air is being recycled in Sweden. To see how it is done in Sweden, read more: see the Link List below for the complete story.

In Sweden, the hydrogen gas from the ash is being RECYCLED. Great for the "Global" community. There are new recycling plants popping up everywhere. On the positive side, there is less pollution from the recycling plants than processing raw materials. Never the less, processing this scrap metal does have polluting factors. Due to these concerns, a lot of scrap metal sold to third world countries have their own smelting plants. There have been objections for building new smelting plants in Canada Pollution comes from many other sources. Driving a diesel fueled truck is one example. Our society depends on fuel and manufacturing new steel to meet the demands.

A good alternative for gas guzzling cars is to have lighter vehicles that would consume less gas. How do we make cars lighter? Replace steel with aluminum is one answer. Today, some car bodies are made from bamboo, hemp and strong plastics. Yes, it makes the car lighter! You can get up to 80 miles to the gallon rather than 30-40 mpg as your standard cars run.

Gas usage and new cars are consistent and a still a part of our society. By in large, new recycling plans, established in the last two decades has made a difference. Our community is better off and continue to improve and educate our society with new pollution awareness and environmental concerns.

Is our planet heating up?

Answer: Yes.

According to the scientists we are adding to the 'natural' greenhouse effect as we use up fossil fuels, Burn oil for energy and the carbon in the air do not pass the ozone layer as the pollutants fill our air space. Supposition is that the ozone layer is thinning out too. The sun will begin to heat up the earth. This is not man made. We can do our part and keep doing it as our society begins to embrace healthy living patterns. We still need to resolve what we can control before it's too late--Reduce, reuse and recycle says it all.

Recycling scrap metal - Recycle

Recycle Link List - How to recycle smoky ashes - in Sweden

Fascinating article. The ash in the air is is recycled used to run your car. Good to hear new methods for a cleaner earth are being discovered.

We are always looking out for new and innovative ideas. Do you have something to share? Good news travels fast.

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