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Language Change Reflects Mindset

Updated on January 8, 2014

Ethics and Language

I wrote several freelance articles concerning Marines, emblems, tattoos and such; all of them were somehow connected to leathernecks. While researching for one of the articles I found the term gun ho. I was in the process of finding the origin of gung ho. These are two very different phrases in their meaning. What I discovered is another example of language reflecting the problems in our American society today.

Gun ho is apparently part of the urban language or slang and is a phrase for a female that carries a gun and her sexual morality is derided in the definition. The popularity of the word pimp as a term for everyday use and to mean improve this or that is a sign of the lagging morality we are facing these days.

Honestly, we have clothes designers creating attire for young girls that is sexy. That is a term that should never be applied to young girls and teaching and encouraging them to dress like that is wrong and disgusting.

There was a time when I thought euphemisms were aggravating but forget that. The decline of morality in our society and the acceptance of it by some people is appalling and scary. When low-life language whether new or old is enshrined into the daily vernacular, then as the old saying goes, “things are going to hell in a hand basket.”

The mindset seems to be that gutter language and low values are being given free reign in our society. But some of us reject that mindset. Where do you stand?

Modernity and Morality


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