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Remedies for consumer goods

Updated on December 15, 2014

section 5a Sale of goods act (1979) remedies explained

If you have purchased goods that you feel are not of satisfactory quality you will be entitled to certain remedies so long as you show a number of factors to the court.

Section 48a 1a) You must show that you dealt as a consumer when the contract was made

Section 48a 1b) That the goods did not conform to the contract at the time of sale.

If these are shown then you will be entitled to remedies. Section 48B 1a) allows you to have your goods repaired and section 1b) allows you to have the goods replaced.

This must all be done in a reasonable amount of time without causing insignificant inconvenience to the buyer according to section 48B 2a).

If the goods can not be repaired or replaced the buyer may have the contract rescinded under section 48c 1b). Or get a price reduction under 48c a).

Uk consumer remedies

Consumer rights when getting a refund

Consumer rights when getting a refund
Consumer rights when getting a refund

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