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Republican'ts Repugnant Redundancy.

Updated on November 19, 2009

Back in July on the Republican Propaganda Channel (misnamed Fox News), one of the Announcers made a remarkable statement:

He says Americans keep marrying other species. It was pure Republican philosophy as far as I can tell, taken to it's logical extreme.

Re-pub-licant's Repugnant Redundancy.



Canker sore on
the frail flesh of humanity,
spouting infectious toxins
over the dim witted minds
of neo-nazi and Klueless, klutzy klans.

Reducing ancient,
God granted,  blendings of races
since the Tower of Babel fell
into inferior species,
like cockroaches
needing to be neutralized.

Claiming that dementia,
and so many other woes
of society are to be blamed
on inter-breeding.

Miming Rush Limberger's
cheesy statements
attacking women's lib
and minorities at large
and pontificating that
America should face
another terrorist attack
to prove his conservative
dogma as correct.

Throwing tea parties
for taxes ,

brewing dissension
that should have been
splashed boiling hot into
the face of George W. Bush,
our former Commander-In-Grief
who caused the  urgent needs
for all of the higher
taxes to come.

Republican'ts who
cannot tolerate losing,
so they simply bash the winners, 
plus the majority of people
who elected them all out.

Here's hoping fate
allows his daughter, sons
or grandchildren to fall in love
with what he calls an inferior species,
going against his Hitler doctrines,
sending him into a dementia
inbred in his own family,
as he whines liberally
about his unconserved 

genetic fate.


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