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Trump speech miss the target of bring Americans together

Updated on July 22, 2016

Donald Trump’s Acceptance Speech outlook for the Republican Nomination for the President of the United States had an angry, and dark tone. The Speech was branded by some republican as Ron Reagan like speech but Mr. Reagan speech was filled with several proposals to the problems during the 1980 Presidential election. I know that you can’t layout all your potential proposals during an acceptance speech but you must give a few proposals on major campaign issues like bring jobs and business to all communities’ regardless color, promoting education excellence through public, charter or combination of both. Where was the conversation on entitlements I didn’t hear it from Trump? Federal entitlements like Social Security and Medicare are important issues for our senior citizens and our future generation. Mr. Trump needs to have a conversation with the American people on entitlements during his campaign because I would love to know his stands on this important issue.

Mr. Trump through his voice sounded so angry and he also looked the part during his speech. Presidents Kennedy, Reagan and Obama gave party acceptance speech without demonstrating angry and they looked more presidential than Trump. Most speeches that promotes angrier will always miss its target audience (democrats, independent, and borderline republicans). Acceptance speech are not for your political base but for the opponents and undecided voters. A lot of young voters are turn off by angry tone and wondering why is this person so angry instead listening to his or her message.

Has American got so bad that we can’t go outside or to a movie? According to Mr. Trump violence crime up about 1000 percent I am just kidding but that how it sounded to me. Since Crime only occur in the Black and Hispanics communities in America, so next proposal for Mr. Trump is an Executive Order for unlimited profiling of communities of color due to increase in crime. Remember, he is “the Law and Order President” and “on January 20, 2017 Violence crime will come to a stop in America” by Donald Trump. I support the police and killing of police officer is unacceptable, police must be able to do their job but we must get rid of bad police officers. Police Brutality in communities of color must be address by Mr. Trump and GOP, just have town hall meeting in Baltimore, Chicago or Ferguson is a start. Trump thinks we have terrorist attack every day in America according to his speech that’s not true but terrorism is an important issue in our country and we must deal it, he uses crime and terrorism acts as a fear factor for votes.


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