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Is Trump really the Law and Order President

Updated on July 29, 2016

Donald Trump the “Law and Order president Candidate” per the Donald! During his Press Conference on Wednesday in Florida, Trump was asked by a reporter about the charges being drop against the three Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray by the State prosecutor Marilyn Mosby due to the fact that previous three officers were acquitted by bench trial (a judge gives the verdict). So Donald Trump answered the question “I think she ought to prosecute herself”. Mosby is a state prosecutor which is a part of law and order process in our country. Don Trump must support the prosecutors just as he supports the police in this country. He might not agree with a prosecutor bring charges against the police but he must respect the process of the law as the potential President of the United States.

Trump wasn’t privilege to the evidence of the case but he listens to the right wing media instead of respecting the Law & Order process in United States. Some right wing media outlets have critized Mosby for her bring the charges the six Baltimore police officer mostly lawyers. Don Trump never mentioned the name of Freddie Grey during his answer, the elephant room who killed Freddie Gray or how did he died. Freddie Gray’s family did get justice but sometime Justice doesn’t lead to a guilty verdict. For future reference, if Donald Trump become president, he must support the prosecutors and their process.


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