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Why Independent Thinkers Love Congressman Ron Paul - Ron Paul 2012

Updated on February 17, 2012

Who Is Congressman Ron Paul?

Ron Paul is a Constitutionalist. He is calling the Fed out, and he is rallying to get our country back to the Constitution - to lower tax, lower government regulation, stop inflation, drastically cut government spending, reduce foreign involvement, and reduce government departments altogether.

Lowering taxes is not enough. We have to cut government spending as well. The wars that America has been involved in are partly responsible for the economic collapse of our country. Simply put, if we police less of the world, we spend less.

Bring Our Troops Back!
Ron Paul is for bringing our troops back right away. In the meantime, the current President is sending more troops in to Afghanistan - after winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Didn't Obama say that he would bring the troops back?

The answer is yes. In fact, he and McCain debated about bringing the troops home during the 2008 presidential election. McCain kept Bush's previous "stay till the job is done" view, and Obama said that he had plans to bring our troops back home.

The reality is that they are saying that the war in Iraq is over (which it isn't), and they are sending our boys right back into war with Afghanistan. We aren't going to get our troops back during an Obama administration - not even if he is elected again.

I Voted For Obama
I voted for Obama in 2008. My whole family did. We live in Texas, and I know plenty of people who voted for Obama and were proud of it. A few still are, although it is increasingly rare to find anyone who will admit to voting for Obama in light of his actions.

Ron Paul tells the truth. He takes heat for it sometimes in the media, but his supporters respect him for his honesty. In a government where most officials fain honesty, it is rare to hear truth as clearly as is comes from Ron Paul.

You have to judge a man by his character, not his words. The President's words have promised us change, but his actions have been more of the same. For this very reason, Presidential terms are only four years. Thank God for Ron Paul. I am giving him my support in 2012.

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Movie: The Obama Deception

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Why Independent Thinkers Love Congressman Ron Paul - Ron Paul 2012

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    • Doodlehead profile image

      Doodlehead 5 years ago from Northern California

      I called RNC yesterday to complain about how they rigged this campaign. The same guy always answers the phone. I'm sure by now he knows my voice. After my rant, he said,, "come to Tampa to the convention." I said the only thing I would go to in Tampa was Ron Paul's speech before the convention.

      I ranted some more and tol him I would not go to hear or see Mitts as he is too stupid and corrupt for words.

      Quietly, he said, "but Tampa's where they'll do the REAL nomination". I said. I knew that. He said , "you might be surprised....this year".

      That's the whole conversation.

      There is something up with this. Have you heard what Robert Ringer said in his latest article? He wouln't detail what his recent interview with Ron Paul revealed, but there's something brewing. I am spreading this around because maybe some smart person can figure it out. Something's going on.