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Every country needs a team of honest administrators!

Updated on August 11, 2014

When you ask someone to do certain task, his immediate response will be, “what will be the benefit? From children to youngsters, from the middle aged to old aged, every one will ask, “What is the benefit of undertaking such task? This expectation is ingrained in our conscious. We all expect some thing out of a work, some benefit, even if it is of small degree. Hence we cajole our children to attend to the homework so that the child will get a toffee or lollypop. We train the child from younger days to expect something, if it has to obey the instructions of parents! In society, this expectation has taken a vicious form coined as ‘corruption’. Any employee is paid by the organization to perform certain allotted duties for which he is paid ‘salary’. Naturally every employee has some power. When some outsiders approach the official for some quick disposal to certain documents, the employee asks, ‘what will you give me, if I dispose your request quickly’? This is the origin of corruption in public officer. Even prior to meet the designated employees or officers, one has to attend to the needs of the attender or peon who will demand ‘some thing’ to take you to the required official.

The world around, people holding power and wielding considerable authority use their position to earn money in wrong ways. They are not satisfied with their salary or position. It is how ‘black money’ has generated here and everywhere. The media carries several stories of ‘eaves dropping’ by some people who use hidden camera or cassette to record the conversation. Most of the times, the corrupt officer is seen accepting heavy bribe for some favor. In this manner, media brings out many black sheep in powerful positions. Nowadays, even Ministers or Governors are caught in the video accepting money. These tapes created flutter in the minds of ordinary citizens. In India, prosecution takes several years before the charges are proved beyond doubt. Hence many politicians and Ministers escape the noose easily. Most of the politicians around the world are corrupt but they do not directly accept bribe. They have personal assistants who do this job perfectly without any least suspicion. The Minister will promise people a transparent administration but he is the first culprit. To avoid getting caught, people stash money in benami(accounts in the name of other people) accounts or deposit them in Swish Bank where none questions about the source of money.

To arrest this trend, Income Tax department has formulated several schemes to bring to book people who clandestinely stash their money in many foreign locations. Many foreign banks have agreed to reveal the account holders due to bilateral agreements from the government of many countries. Hence, the days are not far off, when such influential persons are exposed and brought to book. Black money is generated due to illegal transactions by ‘money laundering’. No banks are involved since the sleuths can trace the origin of transaction from any country with the help of “Interpol” agencies. But, this is only a beginning. When the economy of many countries is caught into trouble, due to global trends, every country start feeling the evil of ‘black money’. To undertake ‘social schemes to benefit the common man, lot of funds are required. If the black money is brought back from those tax havens, the life of ordinary citizen will improve for sure.

For this to fructify, the leaders must be people of proven integrity. Every leader should enhance the life of ordinary poor citizens. Fortunately in India, in the recent elections, people have elected a person with proven skills of administration. He is a bachelor so to say since he had embarked on public service when he was hardly a youth. His aim and vision is noble. Hence he could secure tremendous support from the voters who needed a big change from the dynasty rule of one family. It is certain that India will carve a special place in the World forums. Already, the Prime Minister holds full authority over all his colleagues and administration. We can definitely hope a resurgent India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi


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