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Where we are heading?

Updated on August 8, 2014

Do you find interest in world affair? Do the media interest you? There is a deep discontent brewing in the mind of readers all over the world. The news about bombs hurled at innocent people by some countries. This is the case with many countries. They blatantly transgress accepted laws passed in United Nations Organization and by other world forums. Many countries want to prove their superiority in controlling world situations. It is a pity that they themselves are the victims of many catastrophic events within their boundaries. They are not able to reign on economy. They are not able to provide for their own citizens, yet they have the audacity to interfere in the affairs of other nations.

All world leaders have become utterly selfish and biased. Hence they favor certain Nations which violate human rights every time. If leaders are elected by majority by the people, how they become so arrogant, so biased against other human beings? First set your own house in order, before interfering in the affairs of other countries! Already the world has witnessed two major world wars which destroyed millions of people. The bombs hurled in Hiroshima and Nagasaki has destroyed two developed cities in a trice! What the leaders have achieved by this war? The world economy has dwindled and many people were made orphans and refugees in their own land. The results are wide spread diseases, destruction, poverty and drought. Why the leaders have become so indifferent to the sufferings of humanity? The main reason is absence of Love and rise in hatred and greed! No weapon is as potent as “Selfless Love”. Hence Buddha, Sankara and Jesus are revered throughout their land. Only demons and ogres will misbehave against humanity.

How long God will tolerate such atrocities against humanity in blatant scale? Now the time is ripe for resurgence of New World Order. This can be brought out by the great power which created the entire world with myriads of human beings, animals, birds, fishes, insects and varieties of flora and fauna. There is a proverb in Tamil. The King will give punishment instantly whereas God waits for the appropriate time. None can escape from their deeds committed wantonly. Great emperors have perished. Great dictators have committed suicide unable to contain the guilt against human race! Who will protect any, who destroys humanity? Fundamentally every one should know that “actions begets reaction”, whether quickly or later but the reactions are bound to happen sooner or later. Even if one dies, before suffering for the misdeeds, his karma (or results) will be carried over to the next birth. Do not think that you can run away with all the committed evils? It will haunt you even if you run to the eight corners of the world. You may hide beneath the ocean; you may stay on the top of the hill. You may fly in space but at the allotted time, your misdeeds will boomerang upon you without fail.

Hence, the sages and saints of the yore have prescribed many regulations for human behavior since human being can choose his action. He has a mind. He has discrimination. However, because of the attraction of the senses, man chooses pleasures over ‘good’. This is termed in the scriptures as “Sreyas” and “Preyas”. While the former term means which is good for our soul, the later is what is pleasurable to the mind and body! Hence every one should go through the great scriptures of the world to find out the basic aims of life. Why man is born? What is his destination? How he should behave in this world? How one can conquer death and disease? How to escape from this frequent cycle of births and deaths? Hence we should revere our elders and parents. They show us the path towards goodness. They show us what is Truth and righteousness. The four aims of human beings so far with reference to living in this world have been Righteous living, earning wealth to take care of oneself, family and dependents. Desires, which are holy and attaining God (Moksha). Sathya Saibaba has said, we should earn wealth through “righteous ways and desire only for Moksha or Self-Realization!


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