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Save Planet Earth

Updated on December 16, 2014

Climate Change and Global Warming

Its like opening a can of worms trying to get agreement on climate change (which many argue is not happening) and global warming which is evident from the erratic weather patterns, out of control super fires, tsumanis, tornadoes that are becoming ever more violent and appearing where they never did before and rising sea levels.

As world leaders did not succeed in Copenhagen to fix matters surely there is more that individuals can do. So what is your take on climate change and do you think about global warming and its consequences? Is there a master plan for climate change that makes it inevitable? That's the nature of this discussion on the efforts we might employ to save Planet earth and whether or not its possible for us to do anything.

Its amazing how these little creatures (worms) impact on our lives. Living as they do out of sight and out of mind they are one of the main things that plants and animals rely on for food and health.

That's a big statement but without worms we will die because we too depend on them. Without worms the earth will die. But this is not a debate on worms as such but on what went into making this planet, what keeps it going, and how we can help, if we have a mind.

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Was Creation Meant For Us?

Should we value or abuse it?

During a television interview an astrophysicist stated of the earth that it is so finely positioned in the universe that were it just 2-5 centimeters out of alignment then it would be impacted by other planets and destroyed.

It set me thinking about how it was formed and what went into making it habitable for humans. If we go back a few million years the climate was vastly different, the habitat inhospitable and the animals that roamed around were frightening in the extreme. They were super sized compared to today's version.

We know they existed because their remains have been found and dated. We also know they were mostly like giant lizards that lived in extremely cold climates. As the temperature warmed they went extinct, but there are other suggestions for why this happened. Some theorists propose that giant earthquakes or volcanic eruptions caused a global winter and their food died out. Others state that this was not the cause and that other conditions came into effect, such as a meteor hitting the earth.

Well, we don't know exactly what happened to them but without their demise anything like humans or our ancestral hominids could never have survived. Frankly they would have eaten us because some of them were very skillful carnivorous hunters.

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God's Pain

Why People go through hell to reach heaven

Do You Believe in Evolution? - Many say the earth was created in 7 days around 6,000 years ago.

Which theory do you support?

Was the earth formed instantly by God in 7 days?

Was the earth formed instantly by God in 7 days?

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    • annayjo 4 years ago

      I believe Genesis. Only He created the Earth

    • annayjo 4 years ago

      I believe Genesis. Only He created the Earth

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      i say i don't care cx lol

    • MissionBoundCre 4 years ago

      I believe there a forms of evolution in the earth that God created. This is evident in the record of nature. As tonyb56586 says there is a third position. Thank you for bring up this subject. We NEED to take care of our home.. 7days or 7 million years .. The point is that there is no Plan B.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I believe that God formed the earth in 6-7 days. But it is possible that our 7 days and his 7 days out in the universe or where ever he is, is different. So it might not mean exacly seven days it could be 7 months, years or even centeries. Who knows. but it says 7 DAYS in the bible so that's what I believe.....

    • Tony Bonura 4 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

      you don't give enough options. There are more than 2 sides to this argument.


    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I believe in the Divine theory of creation because it is stated on the bible how the almighty father created his magnificent masterpiece in just seven wonderful days :))

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      I believe God created the earth and heaven in "seven days". Take note that God's "day" is different from ours.

    • KateHonebrink 5 years ago

      The Bible says the earth was created in 7 days. That's good enough for me.

    • miaponzo 5 years ago

      I believe in evolution as far as it is a product of God's creation of everything :) And that "7 Days" doesn't necessarily mean literally :) God's days are not necessarily like out days :)

    • goo2eyes lm 5 years ago

      i believe in both. creation and evolution.

    • Tangled07 5 years ago

      I believe that God created the earth :)

    • Wedding Mom 5 years ago

      Yes, I believe that God created everything.

    • Cynthia Sylvestermouse 5 years ago from United States

      I believe that God created the heavens and the earth and all living creatures in 7 days. What I don't know, is how long Gods day was :)

    • djroll 5 years ago

      God created us and the universe. I'll go to my grave with this belief. See you on the other side of life.

    • Gloria Freeman 5 years ago from Alabama USA

      I believe In God ,that he created earth ,not every thing we see or think we know is for us to understand.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      By the responses so far, it is plan to me that both are religious by nature. either doctrine must be believed in equally. Evolution can not be science based because the purpose of science is to advance mankind. I know of no advance from the study of evolution that has been of any benefit to man. If you can think of one please let me know!

    • Snehalata 5 years ago

      Yes I believe on evolution

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      7 days around 6,000 years ago.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      What more can I say, I see this question as easy, instantly is a word that is different from what we proceive it to be.

    Or did it evolve over millions, perhaps billions of years?

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      • sierradawn lm 3 years ago

        The survival of the species is a scientific fact. That things evolve is supported by the earth's fossil records. I do believe in a higher power, an intelligent creator. I believe that at one point in time the creator of the universe dwelt all within one point. I believe that the Big Bang was the point in time when the creator created the Universe out of himself. And that everything in the universe is a part of the creator.

      • Tom Christen 3 years ago from Switzerland/Ecuador

        That is such a hard question. But I believe in Evolution. Because we are still in progress. The world is chancing every moment, look the best example the Galapagos Islands.

        But I really doubt that we are chancing to some better place.... so maybe yes we need god's hand to lead us in the right direction...

      • Jogalog 4 years ago

        I have to say that evolution sounds like the only theory that makes sense to me.

      • redtailvision 4 years ago

        You must look at both theories to find the truth. 7 days to the Creator may be 7 billion years to man.

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        eVolUTioN OVR EvrYthINg.................

      • rattie lm 4 years ago

        Hm! It's taken me a long time to offload years of Catholic teaching. Evolving makse sense.

      • Mit1357 4 years ago

        EVOLUTION over everything

      • Ursel001 4 years ago

        Evolution it is;-)

      • David Stone 4 years ago from New York City

        Yes, evolution. With what we know about the physical earth from measuring plate tectonics (the movement of continents), we know that if the earth was only 6,000 years old, I'd be look out my New York windows at Africa, not the Atlantic Ocean. There is zero evidence that the earth is that young, and if it was, why would the creator God make it look so old?

      • askformore lm 4 years ago

        Yes, I believe in evolution.

      • Funkysi 4 years ago

        Evolution is definitely the key.

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        i ike to eat poopie and my apple juice is pee

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        this is poop and i like to pee

      • maryLuu 4 years ago

        It is hard to believe that everything was created in 6 days (in the 7-th God rested!)

      • Bill 4 years ago from Gold Coast, Australia

        Evolution is the only logical answer. We are still evolving, only with our technology these days we are speeding up the evolutionary process...probably a bit too much too in my opinion.

      • Melissa Miotke 4 years ago from Arizona

        I believe in evolution.

      • Terrie_Schultz 5 years ago

        I believe God created the earth and all living things through the process of evolution over billions of years.

      • nikitakapoor 5 years ago

        It has to be evolution!

      • cynthiannleighton 5 years ago

        God made all of creation. Genesis does not clash with science. Why can't both be true. I believe science via scientists over the years are simply studying God's work. As learning of bits and pieces over time happens, the story of creation is given detail.

      • gypsyman27 lm 5 years ago

        I believe in God and evolution, both have their points. See you around the galaxy...

      Are There Other Alternatives

      Is Eviolution and Instantaneous Creation the only considerations

      See results

      What Killed The Dinosaurs - Was it a meteor?

      God Works to a Plan.

      Is Everything So Finely in Tune That nothing Happens by Accident?

      Theories of how the universe began attempt to by-pass the obvious. We have a supreme master in control of all things and nothing happens by chance. Of course that's just my opinion but it also comes from my knowledge. Many scientists and others, however, don't recognize that there is a God. So where do they stand on the question of how we got here?

      There is this theory that everything started as a result of a big bang and chaos that is their answer to that question. Things flying out from the core of a big explosion to form planets, suns and the other components of space is simply ridiculous. It does not take a genius to realize that chaos is no creator. Take a car accident for instance. Does it create anything? Or an atomic explosion which sends particles of dust and debris miles into the sky? Does it create anything? Of course not, these things are destroyers not creators.

      It also doesn't take much to realize that for there to have been explosion there had to have been matter beforehand. So where did that come from and what caused the explosion in the first place? That would have required gas of some sort but the planets are not formed of gas but solid matter.

      Then again are men the best ones to judge anything? They have formed some pretty stupid ideas in the past when it comes to creation.

      Before knowledge to the contrary they believed that babies came from the sun and that women exposed to the light would get pregnant. There are still societies who believe that, which is the real purpose of the berker worn by Muslim women who cover themselves when outside? Now, of course most of us know better but we all went along with it in the past. Not so long ago women in western societies covered their bodies to the ankles and hands when outside and always wore hats or scarves. Was that for the same reason?

      There is no human solution to how and why things got started and when it will all end. If there is still a mystery then it has to be this. But the Spirit laid down a picture of how things are and we should not be ignoring that for the sake of science, which is often incredibly wrong.

      For someone to see something that will happen in the future and to write about it means that it has to have been preplanned. Nothing can happen accidentally if it is foretold. That eliminates the big bang and chaos theories.

      Do You Support the Big Bang Theory?

      Was chaos responsible for all creation?

      Yes, it all happened by accident?

      Yes, it all happened by accident?

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        • NIKHIL AMBIYA 21 months ago from INDIA

          Hey I too have some simple ideas listed

        • Mit1357 4 years ago

          It was a great accident.

        • David Stone 4 years ago from New York City

          Yes, and you've described the Big Bang inaccurately. The theory is that the Big Bang was a release of extremely compressed energy. No one has yet came up with a credible theory of what led up to that, but some ideas are out there, mostly concerning black holes.

          Chaos, better known in this contest as entropy, refers to the second law of thermodynamics, which is that of energy leads to reduced cohesion or increasing chaos as matter pulls apart. We know this happens from observation over many, may years. Chaos is not a cause, but a result of the cooling of the universe after the Big Bang. Thousands of studies have measured and document this ongoing process and verified its accuracy.

          The universe has gone from matter so condensed that the whole of it filled a space smaller than a pinhead to its being so spread out that it's 14 billion light years to the edges of the known universe today. That's entropy and perfectly consistent with the established second law of thermodynamics (which is by the way used in all sorts of everyday situations, like running power plants).

          We're better off spending our time and energy on wondering why this happens and looking for explanations than denying what is already well-established. Faith is not going to change reality, whether created by God or an accident. Here again, it might be God at work. Or it might be all as empty and our best wishes just wasteful fantasies as many philosophers have argued for centuries. Which is true?

        • askformore lm 4 years ago

          Yes, and LOL it is still chaotic!

        • Tony Bonura 4 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

          Again you don't give enough options to vote on.


        • goo2eyes lm 5 years ago

          yes, i do. it may happen againl

        • SteveKaye 5 years ago

          Science is an evolving process of discovery. Things that we know now were unheard of many years ago. As we progress we'll know more.

        • Miha Gasper 5 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

          It is hard to believe in chaos, even Einstein said he can't believe in God's gambling, but yes, again: seeing is believing.

        • Tolovaj Publishing House 6 years ago from Ljubljana

          Accident is something even Einstein could not believe in, but in the world of statistics everything is possible if you have enough time!

        • GetSillyProduct 6 years ago

          we are ruled by chaos now, so why not?

        • photofk3 6 years ago

          I believe in the Big Bang.

        • tajo 6 years ago

          I'm sorry to say I agree with the scientists.

        • Lee Hansen 6 years ago from Vermont

          I've read and viewed many opinions by those who know far more than do I - I find it all fascinating but really don't "know" if chaos theory is founded in a plan or not.

        • MoonandMagic 6 years ago

          I don't believe 'accident' is appropriate, the mechanics of the universe are precise and follow patterns we are only beginning to understand. The mysteries and complexities of the multiple universes could not have been dreamed up by any master mind no matter how great. Deep mathematics and astrophysics are paving the way for a new understanding of the universe.

        • MargoPArrowsmith 6 years ago

          I think that is a false dichotomy

        • SAMEPRINCESS10 6 years ago

          If pieces of old galaxy universes explode, and make new galaxy universes. Then chaos begins with change.

        • Bambi Watson 6 years ago

          Again, physicist are starting to debate the validity of the big bang...and going for much more infinite possibilities...worm holes, multiple dimensions...but no way did some fairy tale god design the cosmos...completely ridiculous!

        • anonymous 6 years ago

          It is presumptuous to phrase your question the way you did: "was chaos responsible," since when would the creator be called Chaos? Or why could we presume that the creator used the big bang? and many times, again and again. Evolution and Devolution?

        • Oliversbabycarecouk 6 years ago

          I Support The Big Bang Theory, But I Do Not Believe Its All Happened By Accident. Its Just The Way It Is. No Human Mind Can Comprehend This

        • Kiwisoutback 6 years ago from Massachusetts

          I believe the Big Bang Theory. There's even a particle I believe scientists are calling the "God particle" because of its ability to create new particles (I'm not sure of the specifics, I saw it on the Discovery Channel). I wouldn't say it was an accident, but maybe a process that keeps happening in cycles... very, very long cycles.

        No, it had to have been the work of a master planner

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          • sierradawn lm 3 years ago

            DaveStone's comment about the Big Bang Theory is most excellently put. It is 14 billion light years to the edges of the known universe today. I believe that at the time & place when all existing matter in the universe was so condensed that its entirety filled a space smaller than a pinhead -----I believe this was when our creator was all together in one place---that he created everything out of himself---and that that moment of the creation of the universe, was the "Big Bang" I also believe that to understand the mind of the Creator, we must closely and carefully study his creation. And thank you all for this delightful discussion!

          • sierradawn lm 3 years ago

            I do believe in the Big Bang Theory, but not that it was chaotic or in anyway accidental. I believe it was well calculated, controlled by an intelligence infinitely superior to ours, & deliberate.. I believe that as the inventor & creator of all of the scientific laws regulating the universe, Our Creator used the perfect tools that he created, to form the universe. That we are all made of star stuff is a scientific fact.

          • Tom Christen 3 years ago from Switzerland/Ecuador

            I don't want to believe that all the beauty from our earth was just an accident. I think yes God created the world, the solar system. But after that begins the evolution..... and he just look time by time how they are doing and how the process is going on...

          • annayjo 4 years ago

            God is the ONLY creator

          • rattie lm 4 years ago

            It doesn't sound much order and design.....:)

          • maryLuu 4 years ago

            Everything is happening for a reason...

          • Mandy Stradley 4 years ago

            Nope :)

          • Melissa Miotke 4 years ago from Arizona

            I hope it was the work of a master planner.

          • nikitakapoor 5 years ago

            God created earth and then it evolved over the years!

          • cynthiannleighton 5 years ago

            God created. If "Big Bang Theory" is correct then it is simply observation and documentation of God's work. If it is not correct, it is simply best guesses that we'll find out to be wrong later.

          • gypsyman27 lm 5 years ago

            No we were not created from chaos. See you around the galaxy...

          • KateHonebrink 5 years ago


          • AlphaChic 5 years ago

            As a human, and therefore spiritual being, I don't think that the creation of the universe happened by accident. But, science and faith are not mutually exclusive. Scientifically, we are limited to study the observable and since God is not observable, we can only go with our current understanding of the creation of the universe, and that is the big bang theory. Science is understanding what we see; faith is believing in what we can't.

          • miaponzo 5 years ago

            The Big Bang Hypothesis could easily fit into God's creation... :) nothing is by accident. :)

          • Tangled07 5 years ago

            I just can't get on board with the idea of it all being one big accident.

          • Wedding Mom 5 years ago

            Everything happens according to HIS perfect plan.

          • Cynthia Sylvestermouse 5 years ago from United States


          • Laraine Sims 5 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

            No, it is ridiculous to believe that. A reasonable person is able to see that there must have been a higher power responsible. I look at all the variety of species and in every one of these there is a design. How could we look at all our hands can do wihtout seeing that this didn't just, happen. The more science investigates the heaver the scale tips toward 'creation.'

          • djroll 5 years ago

            I do not support the Big Bang theory. Just one look at nature tells me there is a loving creator with an eye for beauty.

          • Gloria Freeman 5 years ago from Alabama USA

            I do not support the Big Bang Theory,you and I and all that is was the work of a master planner our God.

          Opposers to the Big Bang

          What do you think?

          See results

          The Big Bang Theory

          Just because someone is a professor does not make him or her an expert. They tend to put up theories that others have to then pull down in order to change the status quo.

          What Was Really Involved in Human Evolution?

          Where did we begin?

          When starting out to examine the theories that man is created in God's image the claim was instantly problematic. We did not come into the earth instantly and begin to populate it. In fact, a lot of things went before hand.

          The way evolution progressed was in accordance with how the earth was prepared for the millions of new species as they emerged. The more one examines this the more obvious it becomes that the earth is a living organ. It has lungs, a heart, circulation and substance that we might never get to fully understand. It has moods and a temper and it sways back and forth to bring about the seasons which control life. In other words it is the giver and preserver of life. That's what most indigenous people realized and why it is called Mother nature.

          Look at a televised map of the world's climate and see the currents that pervade. It is almost unbelievable. Winds are opposing each other and around the globe drift like currents in the ocean. Then there is the ocean. It has tides, waves, movement and is constantly moving. When winter comes everything dies down but in the spring it all perks up again. But when it is winter in one part of the world (say the Northern Hemisphere) it is summer in the other part

          Birds, sea creatures and even insects have the ability to migrate over great distances to maintain life. The breeding seasons are also controlled and within every creature is something we may never understand. They have the ability to travel great distances to special places for breeding purposes when the environment is right for it.

          This is demonstrated in a television documentary that recently featured on the ABC television network in Australia. Presented by Paul Lockyer and his team (all killed in a helicopter crash in 2011) it shows thousands of birds arriving on Lake Eyre (15 m or 49 ft below sea level) when it flooded due to recent heavy rains (info and image from Wikipedia)

          This is normally a salt encrusted basin during drought and is lower than the dead sea. After 10 years of having no water in it the question Paul asked is how did the birds know that it was now full of fresh water? But it was also full of fish and other wildlife. Seagulls were also there in their thousands having migrated from the coast hundreds of kilometers away.

          Trees need to shed dead leaves and branches so the strongest winds arrive right on time to do just that. Everything happens in unison because of the presence of everything else. Nothing happens on its own. Nothing happens by accident as this is a living, thriving and working planet.

          Summer provides heat for animals and plants to reach their peak and produce the necessary offspring and food for all creatures dependent on it. Not a single one of any species is left unfed. Little insects take seeds deep into the ground where they germinate to grow into new plants for the millions of animals that need to be sustained. Birds fertilize flowers they recognize by color, bees pollinate and make honey, and worms are doing their thing under the soil.

          Could this rhythm possibly be the result of chaos? No! An extremely clever master planner had to have been its creator. Every bit is in place and everything works in unison to create an environment in which we can live. To sustain life there is food provided by nature for free but we have taken that power from her as we change it to be producers of our own.

          Not until the climate was right and the environment was perfect for us did mankind emerge. But not from a single human or a pair of humans but from primordial beings that are related to apes. Horror of horrors. When religious people heard that they were shocked to the core. The fossils and evidence came out of the earth to confirm it. Mankind evolved! Now mankind is destroying it.

          Do You Know Why We Are Here? - Was everything created just for humans?

          With all the theories going around and the massive success of humanity over all other creatures it is not hard to believe that humans are the main thing for which the earth was created.

          Is the earth under our control?

          Yes, man has dominion over it and can take what he like from it.

          Yes, man has dominion over it and can take what he like from it.

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            • cynthiannleighton 5 years ago

              We are responsible for the earth. That means we can take but we must give. Give more and there's enough; take only and we'll break it more and more.

            • Miha Gasper 5 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

              Sadly, but true, we have the power to destroy whole planet.

            • anonymous 6 years ago

              Having said what I had to say, on a contrary note, man certainly has dominion over the earth, but the laws of nature and the laws of karma, will find a balance and you will reap what you sow, if not now, in the subsequent lifetimes...

            No, we should respect the earth and nurture it and take only what we need.

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              • sierradawn lm 3 years ago

                A comment to DaveStone's Comment on " "massive success of humanity over all other creatures".-----the fact that humanity has gained irresponsible dominion over the earth to the point of causing its ruination does seem to be a massive success. For now. In the final outcome I pray it not be cockroaches that achieve the title of "massive success over all other creatures".

              • sierradawn lm 3 years ago

                It is the job of humans to cultivate & tend our garden Planet Earth. Instead, humans are bent on destroying it

              • Tom Christen 3 years ago from Switzerland/Ecuador

                We should learn how to respect the world.... we do just too less, like that we never will have peace...

              • annayjo 4 years ago

                We are just here temporarily...

              • redtailvision 4 years ago

                The Earth will NEVER be under mans control!

              • anonymous 4 years ago

                to a cerrtain extent.. not really!!

              • Ursel001 4 years ago

                We just control how to destroy big mother Earth:-(

              • David Stone 4 years ago from New York City

                There may not be a why, and there doesn't need to be one. But I'm puzzled at the assumption that of "massive success of humanity over all other creatures." I see no evidence that we are happier, live longer, or any other measure that might indicate success. We've done more damage to the environment than any other creatures, which is certainly not a plus, and we've brought the plant closer to species annihilation than ever thought possible.

              • HarrietC LM 4 years ago

                Humans belong to Earth, not the other way around. Our Earth is not like an object we can control/use/exploit until it is exhausted because once it's gone, then humans will have none.

              • askformore lm 4 years ago

                No, we are merely part of nature

              • maryLuu 4 years ago

                We are not the masters of the Earth!

              • Tony Bonura 4 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

                No, but again you don't give enough options. How about this man is the steward of the earth if for no other reason than man is the most intelligent and at the top of the food chain. I learned in the sixth grade that it is the sun that controls the Earth's climate. Mankind can do so very little to affect the climate. We can pollute rivers and parts of the atmosphere, but NOT control the climate. There does seem to be climate change occurring, but again, that is due to the influence of the sun. His name is Sol.


              • Bill 4 years ago from Gold Coast, Australia

                Nope, although some people like to think that they are. We need to realise that we are just a tiny blip in the history of this earth. Nature is in control and always has been. We need to respect nature religiously as it is the real god.

              • Lorelei Cohen 4 years ago from Canada

                I think we sometimes presume that we are more than we actually are.

              • Chazz 5 years ago from New York

                Unfortuanately it does seem like the earth's demise is under our control.

              • KateHonebrink 5 years ago

                God created man in His image and gave man the earth, with the instructions to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion over the earth and everything in it. It is therefore our responsibility to treat the earth well, so it can provide for us now, and for future generations to come.

              • miaponzo 5 years ago

                The earth is under our control as much as God wants us to be.

              • goo2eyes lm 5 years ago

                God is controlling everything.

              • Tangled07 5 years ago

                We shouldn't get big heads we should definitely respect the earth.

              • Wedding Mom 5 years ago

                We are created together with everything else. Animals and plants are given for our consumption but we shouldn't abuse it. We should make our part in taking care of planet earth.

              What's an alternative view?

              Was the earth created just for humans?

              See results

              Taking More than We Need Is Disastrous. - We are bringing all creatures to an end.

              Land and Sea in Unison

              How it works

              Water and oxygen are the two components essential for all life. Trees take in the carbon dioxide that animals expel and from the waste and rotting matter in the earth, such as from fallen trees and so on. They give out oxygen through their leaves as a product of the production of chlorophyll, the green substance that plants make. They also draw up water from beneath the earth and expel it through their leaves into the atmosphere, as shown in the picture.

              The oxygen combines with hydrogen in the atmosphere to create more water, H2O. That rises up as small particles to form into clouds that then shed the water over the land and sea when they reach saturation point. Take away the trees, as we are doing around the world, and two things happen. First there is far less oxygen and, therefore, water or rain, and second the denuded earth turns into desert without the forest cover. Not much grows in the desert that is of any food value to us so agricultural lands disappear. Next comes FAMINE.

              This may take time to occur but occur it will, and history proves it. Trees being destroyed right now may be up to a thousand years old and we don't know how vital they are to our future.

              When the rain falls it gathers into streams at the lowest point of the landscape and then merges into ever larger streams called rivers. Along the banks is a special zone of plants and an environmental habitat called the 'Riparian Zone'. It is here that a lot of nature's magic happens as the water moves through it. First heavy particles drop off that may be rich in nutrients and seeds of plants that will take root and preserve the area for animals and plants.

              But man can't see the value of this area so he hacks away at it, destroys the swamps, lines the banks with rocks and stops all animals from getting to the river. Meanwhile he stocks his land with cattle and such that pollute the water along with chemicals, excreta, and so on. Its all for money which is a human invention to create wealth. Meanwhile the trees along the banks die, the things that fed the animals in the river are no longer there so they either die or migrate if possible. Then man plants his own trees for aesthetic purposes and they are most likely poisonous to the animals and many will spread like weeds destroying what may have still survived.

              Up river he builds dams, huge things to hold back the water so the lower plains get far less than they otherwise would. Trees die, animals die and the water is not sifted of the impurities as in the past. This is just one case in point of the danger that man is creating for the world. The love of minerals sees mining taking place and heavy metals and other poisons are also fed into the once pristime water ways. This is water that many depend on for drinking and agriculture.

              But man always has a solution. Change nature to suit what he invents, how he wants to run things and how he perceives things should be. The result is real chaos and that is killing us. Chaos does not create life it destroys it. It does not make a useful habitat it pollutes it. It does not work in unison with anything but opposes systems and teamwork to overturn all things beneficial.

              This is just another reason why the creation and running of the universe is in the hands of a master planer, the Universal Spirit, and beyond our comprehension.

              Should Man Change His Ways Before it is Too Late? - Or is the earth already beyond help?

              What should we be doing right now to change?

              Could universal laws work to stop exploitation of the environment?

              Could universal laws work to stop exploitation of the environment?

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                • sierradawn lm 3 years ago

                  Every single thing we can, each & every one of us

                • redtailvision 4 years ago

                  Universal laws will do no more good than our current laws on gun control. Many will will have complete disregard for them. Only universal respect for the Earth by ALL mankind will save us, and sadly it will never be a reality. The Earth will survive and heal, mankind may not have a part.

                • Laraine Sims 4 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

                  Many are saying that it is too little too late. I believe that mankind is too greedy to do anything about it. I believe that God will indeed "ruin those ruining the earth" in his own time.

                • Bill 4 years ago from Gold Coast, Australia

                  We need to somehow move away from being consumers into becoming producers once more. This means moving back to the land using permaculture principles, moving away from large scale agriculture and back towards more personalised communities and horticulture.

                • cynthiannleighton 5 years ago

                  Each of us is responsible to take our own steps. By being living witnesses to caring for creation we can impact what happens to the earth.

                • gypsyman27 lm 5 years ago

                  We have to save the environment in order to survive. See you around the galaxy...

                • KateHonebrink 5 years ago

                  Ultimately, the most powerful change begins with each one of us doing our part.

                • AlphaChic 5 years ago

                  COULD and SHOULD we change our ways? Definitely yes. Will we before it's too late? I think no.

                • miaponzo 5 years ago

                  I think people definitely need to care more about the earth.

                • goo2eyes lm 5 years ago

                  yes, we have to save the earth.

                • Tangled07 5 years ago

                  I say, it's never too late :)

                • BodyLanguageExp 5 years ago

                  Man still has the opportunity to save Earth!

                  I believe if everyone on Earth came together and wished for the same thing, it would be created.

                • Gloria Freeman 5 years ago from Alabama USA

                  We have to change our ways it is so sad that we are losing plants and animals every day.

                • Vallygems1 5 years ago

                  If we don't we will consume ourselves

                • Mermaiden 5 years ago

                  I think it's clear mankind needs to stop damaging the earth in order for us to create a sustainable environment for the future. Due to our innate nature I think laws need to be set in place to force people and businesses into compliance.

                • Tolovaj Publishing House 6 years ago from Ljubljana

                  We like a challenge, so I guess we will choose the way from bad to worse.

                • anonymous 6 years ago

                  An earth quake of the magnitude 9.0 shifted Japan by 8 feet. Can humans fathom or estimate what kind of damage can occur if we come across an earthquake of magnitude 12.0 or say 15.0 or worse.

                  The earth will continue going around, but how many would be left alive to see the merry-go-round?

                • ChrisDay LM 6 years ago

                  Killing or deposing despots is not going to solve anything, it is the fundamental human mindset that needs a revolution before we self-destruct. May be we are not capable of that.

                • OldEagleEye 6 years ago

                  There are laws, and there are laws! We should be examining the abstract, arbitrary, patriarchal, hiearchical, social structure that shapes human reality, and replace it with a structure that includes the intrinsic feminine principle, and that respects the inherent right of life to all life born of Mother Earth. The quantitative laws of physics are not the qualitative causal dynamic principles that govern and maintain the evolutionary life of the planet. Man left the evolutionary spiral at the advent of the industrial revolution (applied science/technology), and is not evolving, in spite of the amazing development of technology - most of which does not improve the life and happiness of the individual, and all of which is at the expense of the planet and its boidiversity, now simply seen as a resource for corporate exploitation, and corporate viabilty, in the name of "the economy", not as a home for 'man and beast' alike.

                • Stonecutter 6 years ago

                  Universal laws will work to stop this exploitation and if for that to happen means the elimination of humans then that is what will happen. When we get a cold virus our bodies go to work to eliminate that little bug. The earth is a living thing and we are becoming that cold virus to the earth and she will eliminate us to survive.

                Should we just allow man to do his worst.

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                  • Tony Bonura 4 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

                    You see not enough options here either. Neither of the options you gave are going to do diddly squat in my humble opinion.


                  • Miha Gasper 5 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

                    Can we get out of our skin? Don't think so:-(

                  • whoisbid lm 5 years ago

                    Oh what a hard question to answer

                  • AdultAcneSystem 6 years ago


                  • anonymous 6 years ago

                    Man can not help but evolve, progress, improve - although sometimes it seems like 2 steps back for every 3 forward.

                  • Oliversbabycarecouk 6 years ago

                    Man Can Do His Worst To The Planet, But It Wont Be The Earth Thats Affected In The Long Run. It Will Be Us!

                  Can or Should Man Change His Ways?

                  What;s your opinion

                  See results

                  We Had a Wonderful World - What happened to it?

                  How Intelligent is Man?

                  When he works against nature and creates chaos

                  When partners work to oppose each other then nothing comes out right. This is how man is with nature. Everything was provided but we were not satisfied with that as man had to invent his own systems.

                  Today we see how animals survive in the wild. They don't need money or houses because the land provides everything, that is until man destroys their habitat. Animals don't go off to work in the morning and come home grumpy at night with headaches and bad tempers. They live in relative peace and harmony with the land, that is they did before man learned to hunt them for sport and trophies as well as exploit their vulnerability for money. Sure there is hardship to be experienced and overcome and not all make it, but the species does, that is they did before man took everything from them for himself.

                  Man might think he is clever but is he really?

                  Once he got the hang of power and how to use it man went out of control. He shut his eyes and ears to common sense and went after the ridiculous to make his life better and win out against the odds. But who is the winner now?

                  He learned how to build huge dams, create electricity, build cities and vehicles for transport. He learned too how to make it right for breeding huge populations and then for preserving human life through medications, sanitation, and preventing abortions or infanticide. He said that all human life is precious and yet, in societies where the impact is greatest, the very children he insisted on being born are now dying from horrible diseases, like Aids, or starving to death in agony. Who cares? Not too many and few are calling for a change to population growth.

                  Do We Have The Right To Just Take Everything

                  Is Man's Greed Killing The World

                  No, we have to exploit nature in order to survive

                  No, we have to exploit nature in order to survive

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                    • Tony Bonura 4 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

                      No, but not for the reason you gave.


                    • cynthiannleighton 5 years ago

                      Renewable resources mean we can survive while caring for the earth.

                    • Miha Gasper 5 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

                      It is in our nature, I am afraid.

                    • whoisbid lm 5 years ago

                      Wow, you really make it tough to choose. I think this answer deserves a lens on it's own

                    • anonymous 6 years ago

                      No new matter is being created by man. One form is being transformed into another. Man is too naïve to have the capacity or capability to balance any opposing force. Nature is far to powerful to take care of itself.

                    • David_MG 6 years ago

                      Let's be realistic: had we not exploited nature the way we did in the last few hundred years, we probably wouldn't have the technology to be discussing this over here now. Again a pragmatic approach is necessary, now we are in better position than ever to find the balance between our needs for the near future and the long term feasibility of the planet.

                    • anonymous 6 years ago

                      Resources are unlimited. Energy is everywhere, we only need to continue the progression of thought and find new ways to harness the energy that abounds

                    • jrnjames 7 years ago

                      Man being Greedy is not the problem, its man's lack of Care and Consideration for others; is the problem.


                    Yes, we are expecting too much of limited resources

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                      • sierradawn lm 3 years ago

                        Of course man's greed is killing the world. Humans who can not see this, can not see.

                      • gypsyman27 lm 5 years ago

                        Oil companies and coal mining operations are the worst. See you around the galaxy...

                      • KateHonebrink 5 years ago

                        Greed always kills.

                      • miaponzo 5 years ago

                        We do have to exploit nature, but within reason, and not to take everything.

                      • goo2eyes lm 5 years ago

                        yes, for money.

                      • Tangled07 5 years ago

                        Yes and no. I don't think there are limited resources but I also think that we should give back. There should be balance.

                      • Wedding Mom 5 years ago

                        All we do is take but we never give back.

                      • SteveKaye 5 years ago

                        We live on a finite planet. When it's gone, we're gone.

                      • Gloria Freeman 5 years ago from Alabama USA

                        There is just to much greed and ,no we do not have the right to just take everything

                      • Vallygems1 5 years ago

                        We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. ~Native American Proverb

                      • elyria 5 years ago

                        How can we really think that everything is limitless and in abundance on Earth? We are so quick to destroy instead of slowing down and allowing our planet to recharge and revive before it is too late.

                      • Mermaiden 5 years ago

                        If we are the dominant life form on this planet, doesn't that give us the responsiblility to take care of it?

                      • SaintFrantic 5 years ago

                        No, we are not living alone on this planet so I think we should be more responsible of Earth resources

                      • Donnette Davis 5 years ago from South Africa

                        GREED GREED GREED <- the human being's downfall!

                      • Tolovaj Publishing House 6 years ago from Ljubljana

                        We are too much obsessed with the present and not care enough about future generations.

                      • ChrisDay LM 6 years ago

                        Limited resources are just what it says on the can. Limited. That means they can come to an end!

                      • GetSillyProduct 6 years ago

                        especially banker's greed

                      • Stonecutter 6 years ago

                        Skating on thin ice folks!

                      • myneverboredhands 6 years ago

                        we are cutting the branch we are sitting on...

                      • Krafick 6 years ago

                        Definitely. Man should change the way he lives. Too much waste.

                      Do You Have a Different Opinion?

                      See results

                      Nature in Harmony

                      While nature works to sustain and provide man works to destroy and take.

                      Liars Are Taking It All

                      And we are letting them do it

                      For some time now I cannot watch scenes in which animals are injured or killed because it strikes at my heart and makes me sick. But the media is full of violence and murder of all types both against humans and animals, and especially about the environment.

                      It seems OK to show wild explosions and huge fires to emphasize drama. It is OK to show rape and murder on the screen and to make BIG guys out of small actors. They puff up their chests and swing their arms as though they are geniuses, or rather gods of some description and people worship them. They are paid in millions of dollars and live in unbelievably big houses with servants and several fast and luxurious cars. They strut around as though they are kings and people follow them lapping up their 'aura' along the way. They star in movies and such and people emulate them. The hangers on dress like them, act like them, and imitate them in such faithful ways that they are themselves portraying their inability to be themselves.

                      Young kids try to be like them and they learn to worship idols. Even sportsmen and, to a lesser extent, sportswomen are placed up there to be admired and followed. Parents live in hope that their child will one day make it big as an actor, a movie star, a ,model, or something along those lines. They rarely conscientiusly teach their children to preserve their environment, to stop using plastic; to think again before cutting the tree down that might be in the way of their view of something asetic. Few would teach their offspring to have fewer or no children. When it comes to longevity just about everyone is in there wanting to live longer.

                      But an actor is a liar, a thief and a cheat. They are not the people they portray on stage. They learn the role and rehearse it over and over and through many takes one is chosen to be closest to perfection to include on the screen. This is the trick, the lie, and the cheating. They are not 'living' the part they are acting it. Kids think far differently than the older generations who have lived through stress, depression and wars. We have seen how man's greed and misguided thinking is destructive and not preserving life but greatly handicapping it.

                      In nature animals are not acting they are living the part. Humans, on the other hand, cannot see the truth in what nature does. They want to believe the lies. They want to be tricked and cheated because that is how humans mostly are. They cannot think for themselves because they need others to tell them how to think and what to do. They are following the fools who are putting us in danger of global collapse as the environment fails but the cry is out; SAVE THE JOBS. Don't worry about where our food and the air we need to breath will come from when the atmosphere is poisoned with carbon dioxide and we die. JUST SAVE THE JOBS.

                      Money is the motivator and the killer and we have never really needed it, we only think we do.

                      The End of the World is Nigh

                      Do you think we can save the planet?

                      Yes, there is nothing wrong. Its all part of a cycle and the earth will recover

                      Yes, there is nothing wrong. Its all part of a cycle and the earth will recover

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                        • Tony Bonura 4 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

                          OK, I said yes but again that's because it was the only option that was close to my opinion. Mankind can neither "save" nor "destroy" the planet.


                        • cynthiannleighton 5 years ago

                          Through God's grace as each of us does our part...

                        • gypsyman27 lm 5 years ago

                          The earth will not recover on it's own, but we can take action in order to 'fix' the problem. See you around the galaxy...

                        • miaponzo 5 years ago

                          Only God can save anything.. but we do need to take care.

                        • Tangled07 5 years ago


                        • djroll 5 years ago

                          I believe the future generations to come will be more eco-friendly and our planet will be just fine.

                        • Barbara Tremblay Cipak 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

                          We'll come to brink, and that's when the wake up will occur - Only when the change is so dramatic and profound..and just before it's too late

                        • Vallygems1 5 years ago

                          Planet Earth will save herself and will be here long after human,s. Maybe the question should be. Can we save ourselves ?

                        • whoisbid lm 5 years ago

                          I am optimistic

                        • Tolovaj Publishing House 6 years ago from Ljubljana

                          We could, but we do not want to. Yet.

                        • anonymous 6 years ago

                          As I said earlier, nature will take its own corrective course from time to time and we are just bystanders, trying to pin-prick a rhino.

                        • I-sparkle 6 years ago

                          I think that we can save some parts of it.

                        • photofk3 6 years ago


                        • Lee Hansen 6 years ago from Vermont

                          There is always hope to renew and restore. I remember DDT, green rivers, smoky factories, smog and declining natural species. We as a human population saw problems, learned what was causing problems, changed course and reversed damage - it's doable with knowledge and sensibility. Who wants to return to the days of willy-nilly pollution and wasteful living?

                        • David_MG 6 years ago

                          The beauty of nature is that it is self-rejuvenating. If we paid more attention to better our consumption, soon enough the planet will return to full health.

                        • MargoPArrowsmith 6 years ago

                          The planet will survive. We can't kill it. We can make it uninhabitable, though. The planet will have millions of years to recover. We don't have that time.

                        • anonymous 6 years ago

                          Save the planet from what?

                        • Oliversbabycarecouk 6 years ago

                          Yes The Planet Will Recover Over Many Years. But Im Not So Hopefull When It Comes To HUMANS

                        • awakeningwellness 6 years ago

                          The earth is evolving and cleansing herself of all the negative energy that humans have covered her with, whether or not humans survive will depend on the willingness to change and evolve along with the planet.

                        • reasonablerobby 6 years ago

                          We need to act now! or nature might regard us as the problem and decide to get us off the stage!

                        No, we have definitely gone too far. The earth cannot sustain the population and our exploitation of it.

                          0 of 8192 characters used
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                          • sierradawn lm 3 years ago

                            I hope so. I believe in Humanity & the power of United Thought & Action. So it is possible

                          • redtailvision 4 years ago

                            No, WE cannot save OR destroy the Earth, ONLY ourselves!

                          • maryLuu 4 years ago

                            Is too late for saving the Earth.

                          • Bill 4 years ago from Gold Coast, Australia

                            Even sustainability will not work anymore. We are beyond the point where we can sustain our current ways. We need a total reversal which will take a huge shift in consciousness. This will obviously take many years and it may end up being too late by then.

                          • KateHonebrink 5 years ago

                            Probably not.

                          • goo2eyes lm 5 years ago

                            yes, it is near.

                          • SteveKaye 5 years ago

                            We are close to tipping points where we will have gone too far. Check the process of overshoot. It's very scary.

                          • jeremykim2011 5 years ago

                            I remember when we panicked years ago about the thinning of the ozone layer. I was in elementary and the way my teacher put it terrified the wits out of me. I felt I was really going to die of skin cancer. Thanks to the Montreal Protocol of 1987, our ozone will go back to normal levels. (But who knows, really?)

                            Today, we are facing another challenge, which is climate change.

                            I am hoping that, just like with the ozone crisis, we will take responsibility and save our planet.

                          • Gloria Freeman 5 years ago from Alabama USA

                            I hope man will some day see how for he has gone and change before it too late.

                          • Miha Gasper 5 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

                            There will be consequences for sure. They already are.

                          • Donnette Davis 5 years ago from South Africa

                            Some fancy footwork needed!

                          • ChrisDay LM 6 years ago

                            Without the fundamental change in the collective human mindset, which i mentioned above, we're too late.

                          • GetSillyProduct 6 years ago

                            it may be recoverable, but more action needs to be taken by world leaders and now!

                          • Stonecutter 6 years ago

                            I can't honestly say whether we have gone to far but much of what I see happening is frightening and it makes me wonder if there is any hope for human kind.

                          • ChrisDay LM 6 years ago

                            The Earth will recover but maybe without us! We may not have gone too far but we can't be far off the 'tipping point'. I hate 'yes'/'no' questions that don't quite fit my opinion!

                          • SAMEPRINCESS10 6 years ago

                            Not when celebrities kill innocent bears, and think it is funny.

                          • Canimbill 6 years ago

                            No, i think that the planet will now change substantially to the point where we adapt to it or die. The planet will be much less habitable in 100 years or 200 years than it is now, thanks largely to our polluting it and causing the climate to warm up uncontrollably.

                          • blue22d 6 years ago

                            Man cannot save himself and not the planet.

                          • JessicaRabb 7 years ago

                            It's part of the life and death cycle. we can still save the earth if we started doing it back in the 80's rather than now. Even know we can still make a change. If we don't survive and learned some really hard lessons, then that will mean we will all die, and the next human kind will hopefully intuitively pick up our slack.

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                            • RhondaAlbom profile image

                              Rhonda Albom 7 years ago from New Zealand

                              Excellent job. Well done tackling a difficult and controversial topic.

                            • klieneine lm profile image

                              Lauren W 7 years ago from Henderson, NV

                              Excellent Lens, 5*s

                            • MsSnow4 profile image

                              Carol Goss 7 years ago

                              Fantastic job, I believe in the Bible so not sure how evolution would play into that But i think it does some how. Blessed by an angel :)

                            • norma-holt profile image

                              norma-holt 7 years ago

                              [in reply to MsSnow4a] Thank you for the blessing and comment. Parts of the bible, namely most of the prophecies, are as they should be but unfortunately my research revealed how much has been added by man for his power and gain. This is also recorded by the perpetrators and Jerome left a diary full of explanations about how he changed the Old Testament to make it line up with his version of the New. That diary is in our National library.

                            • Mihaela Vrban profile image

                              Mihaela Vrban 7 years ago from Croatia

                              Great interactive lens! Blessed by an Angel!

                            • aka-rms profile image

                              Robin S 7 years ago from USA

                              Terrific job of covering the subject matter. Nice work!

                            • norma-holt profile image

                              norma-holt 7 years ago

                              [in reply to a_willow] Thank you for the blessing. Nice comment as well, much appreciated.

                            • profile image

                              jrnjames 7 years ago

                              A Lense to satisfy the enquiring mind and takes us all closer to a Greater understanding of our universe.

                            • TasiL profile image

                              TasiL 7 years ago

                              Great Lens thanks for sharing!

                            • pkmcruk profile image

                              pkmcr 7 years ago from Cheshire UK

                              Very interesting lens and well done for dealing with a difficult and challenging topic. Blessed by a Squid Angel

                            • profile image

                              LaurieBeth33 7 years ago

                              You should be very proud of yourself for raising awareness about this important topic. 5*

                            • ZenandChic profile image

                              Patricia 7 years ago

                              Your reincarnation story sounds interesting. I have done past life regression many times.

                            • profile image

                              Varelli 7 years ago

                              It would be more challenging if the answers were not so obvious, but great work. 5's from me!

                            • groovyfind profile image

                              Samantha Devereux 7 years ago from Columbia Mo

                              Great lens!

                            • evelynsaenz1 profile image

                              Evelyn Saenz 7 years ago from Royalton

                              The Robin in the Rain flue by to check on how the Great Outdoors is doing. Though she is worried she still believes that there is hope if we all work together.

                            • SoyCandleLover profile image

                              BW Duerr 7 years ago from Henrietta, New York

                              Well done on what has turned into a very controversial subject. Wish it wasn't. In a nutshell, we need to use and re-use existing renewable resources in our every day lives. 5 stars and lensrolling back.

                            • profile image

                              anonymous 7 years ago

                              well crafted lens on saving the planet. great job and blessed.

                            • teacher2 lm profile image

                              teacher2 lm 7 years ago

                              I like that it makes you think and intrigue you so much you tend to do some research on the subject.

                            • profile image

                              ejobsfever 7 years ago

                              I think all should observe and realize such things and should take actions.

                            • poptastic profile image

                              Cynthia Arre 7 years ago from Quezon City

                              I came here thinking I would get a list of ways to save the planet, but no! I got so much more than that. It got me thinking even deeper about how the most trivial thing man does can impact that state of our planet in the long run. I do believe in the presence of a higher power and I know that the earth will recover (have you seen the documentary "Life After People"?).

                              You write with a lot of wisdom and passion and I admire you for voicing out your opinions, however controversial they may be at times. (: *blessed*

                            • ElizabethJeanAl profile image

                              ElizabethJeanAl 7 years ago

                              A wonderful thought provoking lens.

                              Thanks for sharing


                            • dustytoes profile image

                              dustytoes 7 years ago

                              Another great lens of yours full of questions to make us think. Thank you for linking my seashell lens!

                            • Faye Rutledge profile image

                              Faye Rutledge 7 years ago from Concord VA

                              Interesting lens, very well done. Lensrolling you back. Thanks!

                            • visualNZ profile image

                              visualNZ 7 years ago

                              Great lenses reducing our impact on the planet should be everyones priority - working with nature is one of mine...owning only what i need...using solar power... small steps by many people will make a difference in slowing the decline of our natural resources

                            • suzy-t profile image

                              suzy-t 7 years ago

                              Wonderful lens. Awareness is the key and you have certainly accomplished that here. You have provided me several new goals in m y own personal battle to do what I can to help this planet. Thank you.

                            • profile image

                              theprettygirls 7 years ago

                              great work on the lens. Like the ideas.. 5*

                            • Airinka profile image

                              Airinka 7 years ago

                              Interesting ideas, that made me to think about planet and our apathy.

                            • SoyCandleLover profile image

                              BW Duerr 7 years ago from Henrietta, New York

                              Thanks so much for the feature and for your most recent visit to my lens for the blessing. :D

                            • monarch13 profile image

                              monarch13 7 years ago

                              Great ideas for debate. Happy Earth Day!

                            • SandyMertens profile image

                              Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Frozen Tundra

                              Congratulations on your Purple Star. Well deserved.

                            • AuthorNormaBudden profile image

                              AuthorNormaBudden 7 years ago

                              This lens has been added to your purple star feature in my series.

                            • shawnjgourley profile image

                              Shawn Gourley 7 years ago from Evansville, IN.

                              Whoa This is Awesome!! I have a long way to go!

                            • WANDERINGWONDER1 profile image

                              WANDERINGWONDER1 6 years ago

                              This lens... has moved me to become more aware of the great gift that God has for all of us... and I just wish there would be more people who will be moved and touched by your sweet choice of words... May the good Lord bless you...

                            • callinsky lm profile image

                              callinsky lm 6 years ago

                              Wonderful lens. Bravo for pushing for awareness and change.

                            • sheilamarie78 profile image

                              sheilamarie78 6 years ago

                              Great lens, skiesgreen. And thanks for featuring my ant lens. I love the way you bring the reader in and make her think. I will bookmark this lens and return again. We all need to participate in the challenge.

                            • profile image

                              resabi 6 years ago

                              Very thought provoking lens. I have lensrolled you to . Still thinking about several of the questions you posed.

                            • profile image

                              reasonablerobby 6 years ago

                              A very engaging and thought provoking lens. Makes you think!

                            • shwetashah profile image

                              shwetashah 6 years ago

                              You have rise wonderful debate...Global warming is happening or not is also questions. I have read some news about how scientist have manuplate data to show Global warming evidence and to get grants from Government.

                              Going green is some time seems MArketing funda.

                              But one thing which we know is weather is changing and we have ruin earth atmosphere and disturbed the Earth Cycle.

                            • myraggededge profile image

                              myraggededge 6 years ago

                              Am not a supporter of AGW but obviously there is climate change but I think it is part of a natural cycle. We should all clean up our act but we should not bow before the ones who are set to make a fortune out of carbon credits etc.

                              Thought provoking lens. Blessed :-)

                            • profile image

                              ThomasC 6 years ago

                              Blessed by ThomasC Keep up the good work!

                            • michelle8989 profile image

                              Michelle 6 years ago from AZ

                              What an interesting lens! Nice job :)

                            • awakeningwellness profile image

                              awakeningwellness 6 years ago

                              Very interesting, touching, and thought provoking lens!

                            • Kiwisoutback profile image

                              Kiwisoutback 6 years ago from Massachusetts

                              Great lens, this is really interesting.

                            • profile image

                              JewelRiver 6 years ago

                              Yes your lens was a lot of fun! Thumbs up! Probably the best use of poll modules I've seen so far.

                            • profile image

                              Oliversbabycarecouk 6 years ago

                              Yes This Is A Great Lens, With Lots To Debate Over, Ill Be Returning Shortly

                            • Lady Lorelei profile image

                              Lorelei Cohen 6 years ago from Canada

                              Blessed by a squid angel. Have a great day :)

                            • profile image

                              anonymous 6 years ago

                              I tried to leave an answer to some of your questions but it wouldn't let me.

                              Great lens. Thank you.

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                              blue22d 6 years ago

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                              We have got to make our govt to better steps to perserve the planet. Thank you for making me smile.

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                              great topic.very interesting and useful read.

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                              I think everyone now is waking up to the fact that we need to preserve the world and not exploit it, hopefully it won't be too late.

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                              Organically Yours,


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                              Love the subject matter...a lot of your science is outdated, but totally not your almost have to subscribe to certain scientific journals to get any science newer than the 1970s lol! :)

                              The science their teaching in high school today is practically ancient...I was expecting more about the whole "global warming" debate...didn't really find that here...and just an FYI...Global warming is a total scam created by politicians to keep the masses in fear mode...the Earth has actually only warmed 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000001 degree in the last 10,000 years, which is quite normal....but hey if the global warming scam gets people to recycle & treat mother Earth better, then it's all good! :)

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                              Beautiful lens that is full of great information. Always fond of when people stop and think about how fortunate we are to have this planet.

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                              What adeep and thought provoking lens this is. It is a debate that everyone should be contributing to.

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                              anonymous 6 years ago

                              I don't see these things as problems, immigration and warming. We don't have global warming, but a cooling trend for most parts of the world and warming in only a few. If we want to cool off the atmosphere, plant more trees. Immigration is a huge benefit to many societies and especially the US. If we rid the US of all immigrants, then only native americans and their casinos would be in this great land.

                              If we don't see a problem, then we can start to see these situations as opportunities to create the world we prefer.

                            • profile image

                              grannysage 6 years ago

                              There is so much to think about here I couldn't answer the questions on the polls. I am really disappointed when otherwise very intelligent people insist the world was made in 6 days, 6000-7000 years ago. I have had friends who believed that, yet they were well educated and intelligent. My own theories keep changing as more information is revealed through science. Quantum physics has discovered that order forms out of chaos. The Universe is so vast that it contains infinite possibilities. Is there intelligence behind it all? Perhaps, but the concepts go much deeper than who is right and who is wrong. We are simply not able to comprehend it at this time of our evolution (yes I believe in that) but I believe we are beginning to. But in order to truly understand, one has to have an open mind and not start a discussion with preconceived and tightly held belief systems.

                            • ChrisDay LM profile image

                              ChrisDay LM 6 years ago

                              Great lens - good food for thought. Sadly, some of the polls are too 'black and white', to allow accurate representation of my views. Also, I can't answer the 'big bang' poll, as, while I'm not completely happy with the big bang theory per se (what went bang, where was it, what was there before? If two particles collided, whence did they come and what happened to the others or were they the only two? Too many questions, too few answers), I'm not up for the alternative either.

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                              A truly wonderful thought provoking lens!

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                              Excellent lens, and constructive opinion from normal people without agendas to distort their credibility.

                              thoroughly enjoyed the content and the opinion sections.

                              Well Done

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                              squid-pinkchic18 6 years ago

                              Lots of conversation you got started here! I'm a big believer that we're not in control of the earth, but it doesn't hurt to try to help it while we're here!

                            • Lee Hansen profile image

                              Lee Hansen 6 years ago from Vermont

                              Thanks for featuring my lens about eco-friendly tiny houses. Although a 100-sq ft house is not for everyone, the green building and consumption principles and the philosophy of living in a smaller space with fewer things are basically good for everyone.

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                              This is a wonderful and thought provoking lens. I do think we need to take care of our world and have respect for everything in it as best we can. Thank you so much for featuring my Rescue chickens and nesting blackbirds lens. I have lensrolled ths lens to all my animal and nature based lenses. Thank you.

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                              Revisited this lens and was very moved and its 'crie de coeur' should be heard the world over. May be, enough people will listen to its vital message to make some important changes over the next couple of generations. BUT however careful we are in our 'modern' lives (at least in the 'developed' nations), however carefully we select where we spend our money and however much we recycle etc., we still drive around in cars and have wide ambitions of what we want or what we want to do - we're not walking the talk, by a wide margin, even those of us who are really trying. I'm guilty too. I don't see us going back to tepees and a semi-nomadic existence or going back to caves or going back even to a peasant subsistence existence unless forced. May be it is impossible for us to eschew this modern lifestyle, without a world-scale disaster to shake the survivors out of it.

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                              We all need to think twice before doing anything on the Earth in order not to make the situation worse...

                              Thank you so much for including my lens about Ukrainian native flowers.

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                              Your lenses are always well done and thought provoking. While people may not always agree on a correct course of action I think in this instance that goal of keeping the planet healthy is a common one.

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                              This is an amazing lens. I don't know how I missed seeing it. There is sooo much here, but this would be my favorite, "How Intelligent is Man? When he works against nature and creates chaos?" Good question! ~Blessed by the Green Living angel.

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                              It was amazing learning about evolution and responding to your thought-provoking questions.

                            • LaraineRoses profile image

                              Laraine Sims 5 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

                              There are many unanswered questions that puzzle those who dismiss the evidence of a Creator. Some scientists realize that the rejection of God is a path paved, not by hard evidence and careful logic, but by hopeful assumptions and conjectures.

                              After a lifetime of fruitful scientific research and work, astronomer Allan Sandage said: It was my science that drove me to the conclusion that the world is much more complicated than can be explained by science. It is only through the supernatural that I can understand the mystery of existence.

                              Congratulations on achieving the purple star. Well deserved. Also, thank you for featuring one of my lenses: The Wild Flowers of Ireland on this lens. Blessings.

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                              save planet earth is not an issue anymore. it is a survival truth. individuals, organizations and governments need to come together and join hands to care for what is left of our planet so that the future is not wiped out before its time for curtain call. very very important topic. well written article.

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                              There are so many things we can each individually do to help the planet survive us! I'm very pleased with my efforts at solar power, recycling, growing my own organic food, going vegetarian, and generally being a more considerate guest on planet earth.

                              Helene Malmsio aka SCSS

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                              Very demanding lens, thank you for all the challenges!

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                              The argument will continue as long as man walks the Earth. I'm a science teacher but I still believe. They don't have to be opposite concepts.

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                              Gloria Freeman 5 years ago from Alabama USA

                              Hi great lens,love reading it.Thanks for all the info.I hope someday man will wake up to what he is doing to our home.I do all I can to reuse recycle and reduce ,I try not to have such a big footprint on the earth.

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                              So much thought provoking information and questions.

                              Blessed by a Squidoo Angel

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                              I honestly don't have any problem believing in God and a certain amount of evolution. I personally think science proves Gods existence. I believe we are also supposed to care and take care of all that God has given us and that clearly means the earth we live on.

                            • Showpup LM profile image

                              Showpup LM 5 years ago

                              Quite a thought provoking article. I don't believe in evolution as to a reason for things to exist, I am a Christian, however, I do believe things and animals have evolved somewhat over time.

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                              Rosaquid 5 years ago

                              I believe that the loving Creator cares for his work, including our beautiful earth. He has the power and love to see that it is preserved, perhaps not through men's efforts, however. Thank you for this thoughtful lens.

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                              This is one of the most powerful lenses I've read in a while. I'm on board with saving the earth...Glad to see it's a team effort. Blessed by a SquidAngel...

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                              This is awesome stuff. Well, it is not awesome that you need to be creating it, but it certainly is great that you are putting the message out there and getting people to think about the current situations which are caused by their actions. I have strong views in this area and I have created a couple of Lenses which focus on turning around the mess we humans have created.

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                              Coming back to polish up my blessing and hopefully give this lens another boost.

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                              So, what good are points but for grins? I do wish you would go back over this lens and provide more options on most of these voting modules on here, instead of presenting just one side even though you provide two options.


                            • norma-holt profile image

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                              @tonybonura: I am adding some poll modules (not available when this lens was created) so people can express their opinion in a more detailed way, just for you Tony, but others will probably have a lot more to say as well. Hugs

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                              You clearly put a lot of work into this lens, and a lot of thought. We still have a lot of questions about our home but I believe the answers come down to each of us becoming responsible for its care.

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                              It is morning here and you made my day really! You have written such an important lens that's what we all need, thanks a lot :)

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                              I enjoyed this lens, although I must admit, it was pretty long. I especially liked you comment when discussing the lake in Australia. " Everything happens in unison because of the presence of everything else. Nothing happens on its own. Nothing happens by accident as this is a living, thriving and working planet." I do agree that thee is a master planned, but man also contributes to mess the plan up.

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                              I loved reading this thought-provoking lens.

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                              Interesting thoughts and opinions. I think the number one problem of the world today is overpopulation. The population growth at the present rate is quite simply unsustainable.

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