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Saving the Planet

Updated on December 24, 2014

Saving the Planet

The idea of saving the planet may be easier said than done when there are so many people determined to destroy it. There are actually people who think pollution is good. There are actually people who are pro-pollution. Not making this up. Do your own research if you doubt this.

Likewise, there are people who think overpopulation is a good thing. We call these people stupid. On a given acre, you can fit one person, ten people, one hundred people, a thousand people, a million people, a billion people or even a trillion in a very tall skyscraper. But it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that you have reduced human beings to the level of termites (a cannibalistic species) and roaches.

Think about it. Overpopulation drives every other problem: pollution, war, crime, you name it.

We are the children of this planet. Save our Mother Earth. Save our Father Land. Save Sister Sea and Brother Sky.

Or die not trying.


You. Do you like breathing air? Or do you prefer to suffocate? Do you like being thirsty? Do you like poison in your water and food? You are a citizen of Earth.


The air you breathe in your home and place of work is part of the atmosphere. The water you drink came from the rain, the rivers and the reservoirs. Even if you drink milk or juice or alcohol or soda, water is required to manufacture those liquids. The food you eat is grown in the earth of The Earth. Livestock (which are slaughtered for the meat you eat) also eat and their food is grown in the earth of The Earth. It is not a good idea to pollute and poison the soil (another name for earth) because that poison ends up in your body. And people actually wonder why there is so much cancer! Duh. Wherever you are standing or floating is part of The Earth.

Question: What do you mean by "saving the planet" ? - Answer:

Saving the planet, Earth in this case, means to rescue it. There are only two kinds of threats, exterior (outside) threats and interior (inside) threats.

You have seen the science fiction movies where a comet or asteroid slammed into Earth and a lot of people died. Some scientists say that's how the dinosaurs went extinct. Then there are things like the sun going nova or nasty neighbors (hostile aliens). As recently as a few years ago, the authorities would have laughed at you and perhaps had you committed to an insane asylum if you took these possible threats seriously. After a comet hit Jupiter on live TV*, the authorities are not laughing any more. The astronomers put together a system called Spaceguard that keeps a watch on asteroids that come too close to Earth and at least three mining companies want to use them as ore. This certainly beats having the military spend billions of the taxpayers' dollars on missiles to blow them to pieces that might fall anyway and cause the insurance industry to also shell out billions. Few doubt that the military has contingency plans for killing E.T. - if he shows up. As for the sun going nova, solar astronomers do nothing but study the sun and they are likely to notice warning signs. And NASA just launched two probes for studying space weather. While you may not accept the statement that the authorities have made reasonable preparations for civil defense, for the sake of this answer let us say that outer space threats have been dealt with for the moment.

That leaves threats from here and now. On detective and lawyer dramas, you have heard police and prosecutors say casually that something was "an inside job". What does that phrase mean? It means that people in positions of wealth or power engineered a crime. So-called crime in the suites or white collar crime. And what threatens Nature (Earth, the environment) and the human race that depends upon it for air, water and food? That question is easy. Bad or polluted air, bad or polluted water, and bad or polluted soil in which we grow our food. The solution or answer is equally simple. Just stop polluting. But you can look at the exhaust pipe of your own car, the dirty water going down your drain or commode, and look at the chemicals staining your driveway or on the side of roads or at the nearest garbage dump (from homes like your own); and you can see that it is truly an inside job. However, you can recycle. And you probably do already if you are reading this lens. You can trade in your infernal combustion car for an all electric.

So what about government polluters and industrial polluters? You already know. Congress actually stopped the Pentagon from going green. Congress would rather our boys and girls in uniform spill blood and die for oil. And companies like ExxonMobil have hired willing fools (fools because they breathe the air too and their children also live on this planet) to slow down any effort to reverse climate change. This is what is meant by "inside job". It refers to the systemic corruption of the United States by polluting companies and the consequences of that systemic corruption. Extinction of species, grains of plastic on our beaches instead of sand, seafood unfit to eat, air unfit to breathe (unless you enjoy asthma), water dangerous to swim or fish in, food that causes cancer, smog, climate change, violent weather happening more often, frost zones changing, polar ice melting, nations fighting over scarce resources, and scarcity caused by overpopulation and pollution.

To save the planet, citizens of all nations (around 200) must get judges off the bench who are easy on polluters and imprison politicians (legislative branch and national leaders) who allow pollution. With the corrupt politicians safely behind bars, then the police and prosecutors can go after the CEO's of polluting companies and give them the harshest sentences society can devise. It is a pity that the death penalty is disappearing because it is appropriate not only in the case of war crimes and genocide but also in the case of industrial pollution. Saddam Hussein descended to the level of environmental warfare and to this day, veterans of the first Gulf War claim to have been exposed to odd chemicals. He might be seen as the first national leader to face capital punishment for pollution and deliberate despoiling of Kuwait (among other charges at his trial).

The final maturing of our species will be when we recognize that just as Big Government leaders can be mass murderers, so too Big Business leaders can be mass murderers. This is not just in cases like Bhopal but in every instance of chemical factories (and refineries and oil rigs) being allowed to discharge poisons that kill hundreds and sometimes thousands. Achieving this maturity is how we will save the planet.

You want to save the planet? Recycle. Convert your car. Install an electric motor. Consider joining a green party. Become a political activist working to remove judges and politicians who are easy on polluters. Give local, county, state and federal police and prosecutors a hard time when they refuse to go after polluters and strictly enforce existing laws. Make heroes of green prosecutors and green cops. Cheer them every time you see them on the street or at the supermarket. Let them know that real people support them. Tell them to "Get the b-stards!!!" As long as we are saving the planet, we might as well have fun doing it. Buy solar panels and windmills for your home. Install a geothermal HVAC. Remember litter bags? Join a beautification program to urge people to use wastebaskets and to use the paper bags that their fast food came in and to properly dispose of plastic bags. Help the police to track people who toss litter out of car windows. Criticize people who criticize the EPA. Those men and women are heroes - not the monsters that the polluters claim them to be. Serve on a jury. Vote. Tell your Congressman and Senator to stop interfering with The Pentagon's efforts to go green or you'll campaign for their opponent.

Do you want to do something bigger? Then figure out a way to dredge the Pacific Gyre. Attend an international conference on reversing climate change. Get pro-polluters like Rush Limbaugh off the air. Run for president. Be more green than Al Gore. Go after the crooks who have defined being an environmentalist as the same as being a terrorist. Systematically rid the Department of Homeland Security of people who harass environmentalists instead of nuclear terrorists who actually plot to kill millions. Start a company that offers clean products and services instead of air/water/soil polluting chemicals. Become a judge. Become a prosecutor or US Attorney.


*Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 (formally designated D/1993 F2) was a comet that broke apart and collided with Jupiter in July 1994.


When will oxygen decline to a dangerously low percentage? When will water become expensive? When will even organic farms be poisoned by toxins and genetically modified organisms GMO's) ?



Where else can you live but this world? Where else can you live but this planet? Where else can you live but Earth?

- - this is the surface of Venus

It has a runaway Greenhouse Effect. The same one that climate change deniers want for Earth so that they can grow citrus fruit in Northern Canada and drill for oil without all that polar ice in the way. Never mind the Waterworld possibilities.

Sound like opposites? Yes, well not reversing climate change is a roll of the dice. It could trigger a major Ice Age too.


Why should you save this planet? It's the only habitable planet. Why should you save the world? Who else? Why should you save The Earth? It's your home.


How can you save the planet? Devote your life to it. How can you save this world? Do your part. Don't be like the hypocrites who want to save your soul while casting themselves and you into hell by neglecting the stewardship of The Earth that Jesus preached. They worship and idolize polluters while condemning you as "worshiping The Earth" -- simply because you don't want to die and you don't want your children and grandchildren to die. "Tree hugging" as they call it. Remind them that Jesus died on the rugged wood of a tree. Brag about being a tree hugger. And self-preservation is the most basic instinct. It is common sense. Do not apologize for not wanting to die like a fool. How can you save this Earth? Destroy the destroyers: expose them, boycott them, bankrupt them, outlaw them, prosecute them, and imprison them.

An alternative approach to saving the planet is working to remove bad leaders and arrest CEO's of polluting companies. And of these two tactics, arresting polluting CEO's will have the most impact with the least effort.

Do something BIG !!!

If you have the time, talent or treasure.

Start a worldwide environmental organization.


- - or Do Something Small

  1. work to increase the membership of an existing environmental organization -- perhaps start a chapter of a national organization
  2. start a local environmental organization
  3. recycle
  4. pick up one piece of litter each day
  5. walk to work or school
  6. buy green eco-friendly products instead of products that are part of the problem
  7. vote for candidates who act to reverse climate change and vote against candidates who act to destroy the world
  8. email Senator Jim Inhofe and ask him to stop causing climate change
  9. don't watch FOX, the climate change denial network
  10. don't listen to Glenn Beck (one of the top ten worst deniers)
  11. save your pennies to buy the cheapest electric car available (Tata Nano EV or Renault Twizy) or convert your existing car to an all-electric. [There are many local mechanics who can remove your internal combustion engine and gasoline tank and install an electric motor and battery rack.]
  12. learn everything you can about pollution and all the many types of pollution. Learning does not sound like much of a contribution, does it? But once word gets around that you are the local expert, you will be interviewed by the local newspaper and local radio station and TV station. Not so small.
  13. avoid X-rays {not only for health reasons but because fission products in the Radiology Department of a hospital or clinic or doctor's office contribute to the fission industry. And the fission industry is bad.
  14. eat a climate-friendly diet --

    -- real food (not processed), more vegetables (less red meat), organic (not junk "food" full of artificial chemicals -- preservatives, flavorings, colorings, insecticide, herbicide, hormones, drugs, genetically modified, etc.), and local (not shipped from another country or another state). Serve smaller servings. Eat less. Exercise more. Don't waste food. Bring your own bag to the green grocer's or farmer's market (instead of bringing home BPA plastic and other packaging at the supermarket). Grow some of your food in your garden. Cook instead of eating out at restaurants so much. Compost kitchen waste. Avoid corn and corn products.

  15. become a vegan or don't buy wool clothing because plant fibers are better for the environment than animal fibers or artificial fibers
  16. find a green bank and move your money out of banks that lend to or invest in polluting companies
  17. call your district attorney (D.A.) and ask them to prosecute polluters
  18. show up at public hearings and town hall meetings and be a voice for local action to reverse climate change. This may sound like nothing but it is cities not national governments that are leading the fight to reverse climate change. So your lone voice actually makes a difference.
  19. write the president of the United States a respectful letter ("Dear Mister President . . . ") and put a stamp on it and mail it.


Don't just read the Daily Planet. Save the planet daily.

Save The Planet

Save The Planet
Save The Planet

Saving the planet

Saving the planet
Saving the planet

You'd Hug a Tree Too If You Realized That They Make the Oxygen You Breathe

you'd hug a tree too if you realized that they make the oxygen you breathe
you'd hug a tree too if you realized that they make the oxygen you breathe

H3 - Saving the planet.

H3 - Saving the planet.

Saving the planet

H3 - Saving the planet.

Saving the Planet to a U2 Tune

Saving The Planet

let's save Mother Earth

Interview with Yvon Chouinard

Intro to Northwest Earth Institute

Saving the Planet

Fight the pro-pollution lobby and the polluters.



Slow Moving Farm Vehicle





Should we save the planet?


Should we save the planet?

Why Aren't We Saving the Planet?: A Psychologist's Perspective
Why Aren't We Saving the Planet?: A Psychologist's Perspective

Amazon misspelled psychologist. Another vote against e-books. Another vote for traditional books which do a lot more proofreading in galleys.



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