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Selestial Soap

Updated on February 3, 2013

Selestial Soap: Gets them clean while being green!

In my search for Products that are environmentally friendly and that are made in the USA I came across this line of Laundry products that I just had to try. I was not disappointed; in fact, these worked better than any other eco-friendly laundry soap I've ever used! I have featured it on my other lenses, but it is so great a product, it deserves it's very own dedicated lens.

Outdoor Extreme
Outdoor Extreme

A Complete Line of Green Laundry Products.

When I first ordered from Selestial Soap they only had the Laundry soaps available. Now, though, they have expanded their line to include all-fabric bleach, Stain spray, and fabric softener. I have tried these new products, and now I will never go back to the other brands I used to use. My clothes smell clean and feel clean. I used my old dryer sheet once when I ran out of Selestial Soaps Softening Rinse and I was overwelmed by the chemically smell and the residue it left on my clothes. I tried wearing the shirt that I washed and it was choking me. I washed the whole load again, using just the Selestial Soap. The citrus scented detergent is what we use everyday now; I enjoy the subtle scent. My husband uses the Outdoor Extreme for his Army ACUs; it gets them clean and odor free on the first wash! We used to have to wash them two or three times. There are no optical brighteners in Selestial Soaps products, which are big no-nos when it comes to military uniforms! We don't need glow-in-the-dark soldiers!

Selestial Soap is Made in Michigan!

Selestial Soap has humble beginnings! - A segment from 9&10 News.

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