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Unemployment In Serbia - Chance in Cheap Work Force

Updated on June 21, 2012

Serbian Workes Doing Their Best

"Daddy, daddy - please tell me a story..." - No problem sweetie, I will tell You an old story of a nation that had over a million people unemployed, actually - not working! What do You say, seems interesting? "

Serbia - The Land of Unused Potential

We all know that World Crisis hit us all. But, as I've said in some of my previous hubs, there is an (believe it or not) nation that is USED to being on edge of being poor and living decent.

Word "decent" - in Serbia has a meaning of living with 500euros per month, with family of 5 members. Is that normal? - No! Is it normal, for a country with highly educated people (for instance, every 2,50 man (of 10.000 sample) speaks English fluent. Everyone of them is ready to do anything, lately, just to get an ordinary job. Word "decent" vanquishes when it comes to the readiness of people - what are they ready to do to feed their families.
What I don't understand is, how come that one country, with it's huge potential as raw-iron, silver, magnesium, and many other , and with an absolutely enormous offer of hard-working,

New analysis from region, and around, say that Serbia's main factor for getting investors, as it started with an huge increase when it gained it "candidate for EU" status then again lowered with presidential election, main factor that can save and lower the unemployment rate in Serbia is the "offer" of Serbia with quality, hard-working, among all cheap work-force.

Hardest Jobs for 8 euro PER DAY!

These kind of jobs, jobs that require strenght, and jobs like digging and stuff like that.... The most hardest jobs, or one of the, is payed 8 euros PER DAY in Serbia.
These kind of jobs, jobs that require strenght, and jobs like digging and stuff like that.... The most hardest jobs, or one of the, is payed 8 euros PER DAY in Serbia. | Source


When it comes to Serbs, as workers - nobody can say that they are lame, or unmotivated. Serbs, generally, are friendly, communicative, charismatic, and good team players. Among all, they are really hard-working, in order to impress their superiors, where they can sometimes over do it.

Quality of work, measured by European Institutions is among top in whole European continent, and the price by hour of heavy work (building, working on fields, doing jobs that requires strength) are on the TOP OF LIST OF VERY LOW PAYED WORKERS. Hard-workers, on work-fields that require human hand to gather the goods from farm-fields, are underestimated like those in Somalia, Ghana, and Sierra Leone. Nine to ten working hours, on temperature of 40 degrees and more, on clear field, without any shadow, is payed ... 8 EUROS PER WHOLE DAY! Even tho, minimal wage per day - by law - can be 11euros.


Who To Complain To?

Think any of these workers, on "earth-digging" jobs are under any kind of contract? - NO! They aren't even under the list of "employed" people, for term of month, two, three... or seasonal.. Nothing. Usually, their families depend on how much and when will "the big boss" payout them. Picture is devastating... Smart, young people are going "abroad" - in order to find their "piece of pie" and live their decent lives, what they've deserved by years of studying, by not giving up when it was the hardest, when someone would jump out from roof - and get done with agony, they kept their heads straight and study, study, study. Some of them IT, some of them medicine, some of them engineering.

- These, highly educated, young, ambitious people have no where to work - at least to help their families to feed them, and pay for their scholarship. Some of them, usually females, grab a chance to work as a waitresses - but for minimal of minimal wage, like 140euros PER MONTH! Male, young and ambitious IT specialist, network administrators, system administrators - what "Europe is lacking of" and what "Europe" is paying the most, beside medical personnel - is not even close to hiring not to mention wages. To get a job in IT sector, as an Certificated System Network Administrator (as me), You have to "sit on the back of parents" and wait until something changes. Until then, I (us) are applying for jobs, all over the country and abroad - but there is no answer. I can't believe that there is NO PLACE for me, as some 22. year old guy, with International certificate of System Network Administrator and with diploma from English language - "English for Business - Upper Intermediate" ?! God! How is this possible ? And, every day, I pray to God - please, give me a chance to prove myself, to work, to have my own life.. And there is no answer. It's like, God said "Goodbye" to Serbia, and to people like me.

Serbia, the land of cheap work-force, Your time is ... coming? Passed? If so, when it's passed? What did we do when we were all happy and employed, so we could do the same - so the hard-workers on ground-field, IT specialists, surgeons, medical personnel at general GET A CHANCE! WHERE IS THE CHANCE, AND DO WE HAVE AN RIGHT FOR SECOND CHANCE?


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