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Serbia to start talks with EU?

Updated on April 11, 2013

Serbia closer to EU standards than recent members

How come?

Serbia has implemented a much more than last two countries that entered into EU. Organized crime, reorganization, implementation of Rule of Law, and many other demands which weren't asked from any other EU member state when joining.
Nobody can say that Romania, and Bulgaria, respectively, did something extra / more than Serbia has done, and currently doing, in order to access EU.

What's the problem?

Recognition of Kosovo* shouldn't be a problem, as Greece and other EU members haven't recognized it as independent country.

Serbia's recent efforts

Serbia has made huge efforts on reorganization, system efforts, and implementation the "Rule of Law" required. Serbia got few steps ahead, and done many things in a field of organized crime; whereby Serbia is now counted as a country with low rate of organized crime in Europe.

Serbia has shown a great willing to start and continue negotiations with Pristine (Kosovo*, not a country by UN Security Council resolution 12/44). On the other hand, "Western Major Forces" such as EU and USA, every single willing for compromise of Serbia; and declination of the same by Kosovo* - see it as a "fault" of Serbia.

It is quite odd, that GERMANY is "the one" that is questioned: whether or not we will start association talks with EU.

Germany's ruling party, was even visiting Serbia's state establishment, meeting with vice-premiere and president; as well as with other high-country representatives. Now, what German Parliamentary Party, which now rules in Germany did is that they gave Serbia their requirements in 8 sections, what should Serbia do in order to gain green light for opening accession talks with EU.

How come that one party, that makes majority in just one country of EU can make these steps; instead of high-representatives of whole Union? How can one major politic party make these decisions instead of the EC in Brussels, and how come that just one country of 28 countries in EU can tell other what to do and what not to...

East closer than west?

Recently, major investments of UAE came to Serbia. United Arabian Emirates have invested some 500.000.000 EUR to the different parts of Serbian industry, starting from: agriculture, IT, and military.

It is estimated that investment from East (UAE, China, Russia) that will implement money in next 2-3 years will go up to 5 billion euros; with major investment into IT sector, where sheik of UAE officially confirmed that 50 billion euros will be invested in next few years; excluding the direct profit of making: micro-chips, CPU's, print-boards...

With latest decisions, of the EU and Brussels, showing absolute no interest in giving Serbia "green light" to enter into EU - Serbia is turning more and more to its Eastern partners - which were a bit "forgotten" as Serbia totally dedicated its policy toward entering into EU.

-Seeing it now as some kind of dream, receiving strong negative signals from Brussels about all efforts made by Serbia from 2000-2013; and making citizens with most affinity toward EU association frustrated - citizens, more and more, are "giving up" from the EU and support the decision to put every negotiations with EU "on hold" as Serbia has potential to be totally independent and cooperate with the Eastern partners such as: UAE, China, Russia, Algeria, South African Republic, and many other.

General opinion of the 70% of Serbia population is: "if EU doesn't give green light for starting accession talks with EU, date for starting accessing negotiations with EU, Serbia should turn their policy toward East as majority of countries with constant economical growth are located exactly on East. That should be used, as Serbia has always been: "East to the West, and West to the East" ".

Justice? Brussels tell us, what is justice?

In Brussels, the center (or so called, as Germany took once again every major decision in their own hands, like whole EU is theirs) of EU. Up to nine rounds of negotiations, from technical type negotiations, to the negotiations on the highest level of both. Hashim Taqui and prime minister of Serbia Mr. Ivica Dačić have met almost six times, in order to make life on Kosovo better, and to make some kind of agreement which would guarantee the life of Serbs in Kosovo* safe and sound, just like any minority in Serbia has.

What makes Serbian people more frustrated, after giving freedom to two Croatian generals accused for some of the worst crimes against humanity in 20th century by International Court for War Crimes in Yugoslavia - in Hague - is the fact that Kosovo* is close to sign the S.A.P agreement (Stabilization and Association Protocol) with EU this year.From Serbia, as a country with history older than majority of nations on whole Earth, and with certainly better in-country organization than many Eastern European countries, respectively, was demanded to do a lot, lot more than Kosovo* just to sign the SAP with EU.

We all can understand that some past Government- Milosevic's regime, wasn't "by the will" of the major western forces; but why to punish whole nation because of what was in the past? - We are all witnesses, which can be very harmful for all on this region, of double-standards for some countries, instead of making same arsines for all.

Serbia has done and opened top-secret labeled files to the International Court for Wars in Hague, which no other country was required to in order to get into Union.
Serbia has made reforms on all levels already, and adopted 2/3 of all EU standards and laws in order to start assessment negotiations with the EU.
Serbia has strong and stable willing to enter into Union, but by recent top-research agencies reports, Serbian citizens - those with most affinity to the EU - are turning their backs to the EU realizing that "EU simply doesn't want to see Serbia in their "family"- which is legitimate.


EU and Serbia:

Do You think that EU, in June 2013, will start and give Serbia the date for starting negotiations for entering into EU ?

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    • lafamillia profile image

      lafamillia 4 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      Please, I would like to know the opinion of all about EU policy toward Balkans, as well as how many of us share the thought that Germany is the "eternal president, vice-premier, and "c.e.o" " of the EU ?