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SheilaSparkles Artisan Jewelry & Crochet Designs

Updated on August 9, 2013
SheilaSchnauzies profile image

SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

Welcome To SheilaSparkles, Helping Sheila's Schnauzies Miniature Schnauzer Rescue With My Jewelry & Crochet Creations!

Here on Squidoo and in most of the online world, I'm known as SheilaSchnauzies. I've had a Miniature Schnauzer rescue since 1998. Hence the "SheilaSchnauzies" name! You can get to know the schnauzie furkids at one of my links below.

I'm a jewelry artist and crochet pattern designer. I've published hundreds of free crochet patterns and other lenses here at Squidoo, including a few of my jewelry tutorials.

I've always liked the name SheilaSparkles because it means something to me personally. I've been through an amazing amount of painful medical things - four joint replacements, a back fusion, two strokes and a neuromuscular disease to name a few. Through all of that, it has always made me happy to look at sparkly objects! No matter what kind of day I was having, I'd always put on some bling to cheer myself up! The schnauzers took care of the rest of the cheering up!

So whether you run into my work as SheilaSparkles or SheilaSchnauzies, you'll know that you are dealing with the one and same person!

Now that the confusing part is over, let's move on to what you'll find here! This webpage is pretty much a series of "where to get my..." links. You'll find links to all of my original free and for-sale crochet patterns. You'll see some of my jewelry creations that are available to purchase. There's a link to my "Crochet Coffee Shoppe," which is a resource page for everything crochet!

Welcome to you, thanks for visiting my page, and remember to keep sparkling always! Here are two of my rescue girls, Ladybug and SueSue. Yep, they have their own pages here on Squidoo too!

If you're by chance in need of perennial plants, I'm having a Summer Plant Sale now through the first frost! All plants are on sale for $3 each or 7/$20 and baby trees are just $5.00. See more info below on the plant sale. I do have shipping available on the plants anywhere in the continental U.S. for actual shipping charges. Or make a field trip to Omaha, Nebraska and visit my gardens where you can point while I dig!

My Changeable Magnetic Gem & Crystal Necklace & Bracelet Available In My Etsy Shop In Choice Of Color Theme!

My Changeable Magnetic Gem & Crystal Necklace & Bracelet Available In My Etsy Shop In Choice Of Color Theme!
My Changeable Magnetic Gem & Crystal Necklace & Bracelet Available In My Etsy Shop In Choice Of Color Theme!

Great Crochet Accessories From Amazon - My Hand Picks!

Clover 3106  Yarn Cutter Pendant, Antique Silver
Clover 3106 Yarn Cutter Pendant, Antique Silver

I own and love this yarn cutting pendant! It's so handy when I'm working in stripes and have to cut yarn frequently! No more searching for where I laid the scissors!

Clover Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hooks ~Complete Set of All 8 Sizes!
Clover Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hooks ~Complete Set of All 8 Sizes!

I own and love every size of this crochet hook. They allow me to keep crocheting despite severe arthritis in my hands.

Boye Yarn Yardage Counter
Boye Yarn Yardage Counter

I recently purchased this for myself. It's handy to know how much yarn a given project requires when you're going to be making more than one!

Lacis LB62 Thread Ball Holder
Lacis LB62 Thread Ball Holder

This is so much more attractive than what I used for years, a 3 pound coffee can with a hole cut in the plastic lid! Anybody testify? Bonus... this won't snag your thread, either.


My Spiffer Refills For The Swiffer Mop & Duster - Available at my store!

Tired of throwing cash in the trash with those expensive Swiffer or generic refills? Why not crochet up several that will last you for years of use!

My Sterling Doggie Earrings - Just an example of what I can create for you!

I'll make custom earrings in any theme you wish! Just contact me through the link at the top right.

My Schnauzer Furkids In Action On YouTube! - All Sales Of My Creations Support Our Rescue's Vet Bills!

More of Whizzer's antics!

The day Monkey came down from the attic box of old toys, the dogs all went crazy!

My girls, all dressed up in the fancy sweaters I made them, having a wrestling match!

Harry is the tiny one with the long brushy tail, Monty is the other boy. They had so much fun together, constant friends for years.

Doggies love their toys!

Monty has his own page here on Squidoo at

Bailey is the black one, Scrappy is the white one, both Schnauzers; Macie is my German Shepherd Dog grandbaby.

Harry being Harry! He has his own page here at Squidoo at

Little rescue girl Ladybug Schnauzer plays with her new BFF, my sister's Yorkie Lucy.

Whizzer lived for Ball! Anything ball... rolling or tossing it in the air for himself, retrieving tosses, and probably dreaming about Ball. What a character!

I Work In Copper Too!

Hand coiled wire links join the special gemstone and copper beads in this necklace.

Just A Note About My Designs...

Hi, I'm SheilaSchnauzies, also published as SheilaSparkles, and my life's passion is designing in Crochet! I also love to share gifts with friends, and this pattern is my gift to you! I give away about 95% of my pattern designs free. The other 5% are sold on my pattern store at to benefit the vet expenses of my Miniature Schnauzer Rescue, Sheila's Schnauzies.

I use a system I call the "Official Schnauzer Difficulty Rating" just for fun, to rate the difficulty of my patterns. If it's a 3/5 or more, I'll explain why I consider it more difficult. A few of my designs use techniques that are a bit unconventional! If it's one of those patterns, I'll warn you ahead of time. I do a lot of custom-fit patterns, for example. They are made to fit YOU, not a measurement from a chart. They're surprisingly easy to do and actually end up fitting. That's a good thing, yes?

So glad you found my patterns! I hope you really enjoy making whatever it is you're making! Crochet hugs, -Sheila

Honored To Be An Associate Professional Member of Crochet Guild of America!

Honored To Be An Associate Professional Member of Crochet Guild of America!
Honored To Be An Associate Professional Member of Crochet Guild of America!

"Crochet thread is the ink with which I will sign my life." –SheilaSchnauzies

All photos and content SheilaSchnauzies 2013.

Please Crochet Your Name In My Guestbook! - Kidding, Just Signing Is Fine!

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