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Do we really want the Bible in our childrens schools

Updated on December 7, 2011

Is the Bible really that big of a deal?

Today we’re all very concerned about the negative turn of our country. All we hear about on the news is theft, drugs, violence, suicide, rape, murder, etc. Many are wondering why have we become this way; what happened to the golden years? Back in the day it was rare to hear of such things. So what is the difference; what changed?

Well everything seems to stem from one pivotal date, 1963. For example, before ‘63, according to USA Today, top public school problems consisted of things such as talking, chewing gum, and making noise but since then the major problems are rape, robbery, assault, burglary, arson, bombings, and the list goes on. Quite a dramatic change don’t you think? “Well that’s just one of many problems in our country”, you might say. Well you’re right, we do have many other problems, such as diseases and more specifically STDs. According to the basic data from the center for disease control and department of health and human resources in 1963 the rate of STDs per 100,000 total population amongst those age 10 to 14 was 14.0 but in 1994 it was 54.0. That’s a big difference and it’s shameful, but wait there’s more. Lots of things have had dramatic increases since 1963 such as violent behavior. In ‘63 the number of offences was 100,000 but in 1995 it was 1,900,000. It went from one tenth of a million to almost 20 times that! There has also been increases in the number of single moms and the birth rate for unwed girls under the age of 20. But some things have decreased since ‘63. SAT scores were recorded at being 980 in 1963, in ‘70 they were 950, in ‘80 890, and in 1995 they managed to creep back up to 910. Surely by now you can see that something significant must have happened in ‘63. Well as a matter of fact something did.

On June 17, 1963 in the case of Abington vs. Schempp the Supreme Court Ruled to remove the reading of the Bible in public schools. Now look what has happened to our country, we are ashamed of the very book that teaches against all the terrible things that are happening in our world today. Since when did it become a crime to read and teach out of the book that says thou shalt NOT kill, NOT commit adultery, and NOT steal? I’ll tell you when, June 17, 1963, and look what has become of us. People are more quick to murder in broad daylight than read the Bible. No, they’re too afraid to offend someone or even get arrested than read the Bible out in the open. Well I find rape, murder, suicide, and theft much more offensive than the Bible. I think it is clear that we desperately need the Bible back in our schools and back in our lives lest we come to the place where we totally destroy ourselves. The statistics are clear the Bible does have a significant impact on humanity.


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    • Aunt Jimi profile image

      Aunt Jimi 6 years ago from The reddest of the Red states!

      The answer to your title of this hub is a resounding NO. Not everyone in this huge country of 310 million people, last count, are Christian. They might be offended if you try to force feed the Bible to their children, just as you might be offended if someone forced the Quran or the Tipitaka onto your children.

      Our government shall not promote any particular religion over any other, which means that government entities (public schools, etc.) shall not teach any particular religion. Teaching Christianity instead of other religions would show favoritism. The Bill of Rights forbids that, and with good reason. Lots of people came to this country to enjoy freedom of religion. Where is that freedom if they are being indoctrinated with Christianity in our public schools?

      Perhaps you would not object to rotating the teaching of the different world religions in your child's school? Keep in mind that might include atheism and satanism.

      Parents can and should teach religion in the home. Personally, I wouldn't want anyone else teaching my child religion. Even if only Christians were permitted to teach in public schools (can you spell discrimination?) there are a lot of Christians who do not espouse my values. Do you think all Christians share your values? If religion were being taught in the classroom, that would just be one more reason to home school. If you want religion in the classroom, there are plenty of parochial schools available.

      Appreciate your desire to make the world a better place and to end the many violent events happening in our country, but forcing religion onto people tends to create more violence. Many of the wars over the centuries were instigated as a result of different religious beliefs and intolerance for anything different.

      Agree that Christians need to take the Bible more seriously and include God in everything they do. Never hurts to set a good example by the way one lives. Often that example has more power than the spoken or printed word.