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Should We Raise our Voice against social evils or should keep mum?

Updated on July 17, 2008

Raise your Voice.

If you don't speak up who will? I don't personally like the term social evils, I believe our society demonizes people and ideas enough so, for the purposes of this hub I will use the term societal problem. It's a bit of a clunker I know. I think we should start there before moving on to whether or not you should speak up.

For my purposes here I won't give you what is often the standard litany of societal problems. Depending on what your personal beliefs are, a societal problem can be just about anything. No matter what your beliefs are however, at some point you may be faced with the decision of whether or not to stand up for those beliefs. Should you or shouldn't you?

To my mind there are a few things to consider. Are your beliefs about a particular social issue based on religious ideals? If so, I'd rather you not lobby for your beliefs to become law. Mainly because in America we have the exquisite freedom to choose our own religions and I'd prefer not to have yours shoved down my throat.

Are your beliefs based on prejudice and fear? I know that is a hard pill to swallow and sometimes admitting that in fact your belief is based on a stereotype is difficult. In that case, I'd also prefer for you not to lobby for your prejudices and fears to become law.

That said, I would stand up for and lobby for your right to express those opinions and beliefs, I believe it's vitally important for all of us to keep and use freedom of speech.

What about the society problems that impact all of us? Crime, the environment, healthcare, the politicians we elect etc. I say yes, make a stink, write a letter, start a blog. Become an activist if you'd like or just talk to your friends and family about the things you care about.

The truth is that change cannot even begin to be effected until you (that's you in the sense of everyone) do something. Sometimes it takes just a single voice, sometimes it takes a whole nation but change cannot happen if we all don't do our part. If you really care about an issue go for it.

There is room for everyone when it comes to activism. It doesn't matter if you're terrified of speaking in public, shy, loud or busy. If you don't have money donate your time, if you don't have time to head out of the house, spread the word. There are so many things you can do and so many ways to reach people in this day and age there is nothing that should stop you from raising your voice.

Never let anyone tell you that your voice is unimportant. Never let anyone tell you that your voice is ineffective. Do whatever is within your capability. Are you ready? If so please feel free to browse my hub group on activism for beginners. No special skills required.

I might not agree with what you have to say, but I fully support you in saying it. Thank you for stopping by.


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