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Shut up and take your medicine

Updated on August 15, 2009

As the debate heats up throughout the land, the Obamaites resort to the tactics that have served them so well over the past few years: subterfuge and obfuscation. They don’t want to let the American people see who’s behind the curtain pulling the levers. They must create another “straw man” upon which to blame the healthcare debacle and, by their own admittance; the new straw man is the insurance companies.

Obama rose to power through class warfare by channeling the anger he created towards Big Business. Demonizing insurance companies is merely an extension of that tried and true diversion. Unwilling to identify the real source of out of control health care cost in this country (runaway trial lawyers coupled with a desperate need for tort reform) he resorted once again to focusing the anger in America towards big business. Just as Hitler successfully channeled the anger of the German people and focused it towards the Jews, Obama utilizes this tactic, supplanting big business and perceived wealth for ethnicity.

Instead of availing themselves of the opportunity to listen to their constituents’ opposition to their proposed plan to socialize the health care system of this country, they have planned yet another attack on the very people who drank the “Yes We Can” kool aid. They, along with their state-controlled media friends, are berating and maligning honest Americans who have finally awakened from their stupor and are voicing their opposition to this plan they are attempting to ram down our throats. Now they refer to these Americans exercising their right to free speech as “the mob” or “AstroTurfers:” grass roots movement without any roots.

Once again their hypocrisy shines through as we comp[are what Obama told his supporters during the campaign on October 11, 2008: “I want you to argue with them and get in their faces.” Now, when there is legitimate opposition to the federal government’s attempted takeover of the health care system of this country, he and his stooges spring into action and revert to what they do best - belittle, besmirch and demean their opposition.


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