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Dealing with the Child Support System

Updated on March 16, 2012

(Names are changed to protect the dumb and innocent.)

Lois has just received a decision on whether Byron's payments to child support should be increased or reduced. Let us tell the story and you give your decision.

Both Lois and Byron were employed at the same company until six months or a year after the birth of their child. Byron however was on limited duty at work, and was on the verge of being terminated or transferred to another department in the same company. No, Lois and Byron were never married. Byron was in and out of a relationship with his first child's mother. The son of Lois and Byron was born in January 1990, two years after the birth of his first child. Lois went on leave one month before the baby was born. She stayed on paid leave (earned family leave from years of service) for five months. When Lois returned to work, her colleagues informed her that Byron was transferred to administration section of the company. Unfortunately, the management had the same fate in mind for Lois also. Lois was transferred to the technical section of the company.

Byron never inquire about the birth date of their child before Lois left on maturity leave. Byron did not contact Lois until he found out what section she was working in. After six months had past and Lois settled in with motherhood, she filed for child support. The courts notified Byron that he had to submit to a blood test. Only then did Byron seek Lois out. Byron asked Lois to come to the cafeteria, so they could talk. They both talked and Lois did show him a picture of their child. Byron hinted at coming to see the baby, but to Lois's knowledge he never showed.

Byron ended up leaving. When? Lois did not know. Was he fired? Did he get disability? The results of the blood test did prove he was the father. Two years past away, no Byron and no child support. After four years, finally Byron was found, the courts docked his income with the past due support. Byron wrote a letter asking why Lois is having the courts mess with his money and creativity?? Lois's response was my child needs to know who's the father, and I am being a responsible parent and Byron should too.

Byron petition the order and the judgment was changed for Byron to pay $300.00 per month. Well, Byron still complained, especially after he lost his case against the company and did not return to work. The court found that Byron should have provided the company with proper documentation of his injury on the job and he did not. If Byron had, he would still be working for the company.

So the courts reduced the child support by $200.00, based on Byron no longer worked for the company and Lois was still earning an income with the same company. Time past and still no contact until ten years later. Lois felt it was her fault because she fell on hard times, so Lois requested an adjustment in the child support. The court said that Lois made too much, even though she also had rent, light, gas, car note, car insurance, health insurance from the job, extra medical expenses due to dentist, sports injuries (our child participated in school sports) and other suprises not counting her issues, the support was reduce to $100.00 a month.

Lois had no problem with the decision. Lois had a problem with how the court arrive at their decision. When Lois finally got support from Byron, he was still $25,000 past due in support. The court said Lois was getting $350.00 in the beginning...which is untrue. The caseworker stated that Lois never sent anything to substantiate income or expenses. But Lois did send a statement which indicated what she took home, what bills she paid, and what activities their child was involved in.

Byron was not destituted, he received 401K and other benefits from the job. He chose not to dip into them....not even to support his child. Lois had read the judgment and the caseworker and the person in charge of the judgment made her feel as though she was the bad guy. Lois sympathizes with Byron on how the company treated him. Lois said she can only imagine the road for Byron has been hard. But you have to be true to yourself, and be careful how you treat people.

Lois did not hunt Byron down for money, she said she made due. Lois set back and let the persons in charge make their judgment. We worked in the same department all during her nine months, and she never spoke ill of Byron, even after he let Lois know he was not going to participate and started to ignore her .

What is she going to do now? How do Lois feel about this? Lois will make due. Lois is going to continue to take care of her child as always....because of love and not obligation. Children know who are in there corner. Lois was watching TV the other day, a program where a man killed the ex-girlfriend and baby (5 or 6 months old). He murdered them because he did not want a connection nor did he want to pay child support.

So, Lord forgive me but Byron did Lois a favor. Lois had their child to herself all these years. They are enjoying each other more and more each day. Lois looks forward to seeing her child graduate grade school, middle school, high school and college. Lois cherish the day when she can talk to her grandchildren and tell them about one of their parents. What each one have in common with Lois and one of their grandparents. God be with you and God's will be done, Byron.


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