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Why Smriti Irani is Hell-bent on "Hindutva" in Education?

Updated on June 3, 2014
Smriti Irani, HRD Minister, India.
Smriti Irani, HRD Minister, India.

Ms. Smriti Irani, Human Resources Development Minister of newly elected BJP Government, has declared to bring changes in the Indian education system. It is not that India does not need reforms in education system. It indeed needs complete overhauling of the present system. It needs to be reformed in a way to make the education a real source of enriching students in knowledge while making them self sufficient. It should not be a “mark based” system where mere reciting and ability to memorizing without understanding the subject in depth makes one so-called intelligent. It does not help neither a student nor society as he is not in a position to contribute to the existing knowledge.

Education must be given to enable the students to master the subject of only their liking and choice, unlike the present system where the students has to pass all the subjects of their curriculum, no matter whether they has natural inclination towards them or not. Marks obtained in the examination cannot be a sole criterion to measure intellect of the student. Present education system is a kind of factory where educated unemployed are ceaselessly manufactured. They neither possess any knowledge nor any expertise to help them even earn livelihood. Backlog of the knowledge is ever growing in India which has become a serious problem. Present exploding rate of unemployment is the sad result of our present rotten and aimless education system which deserves to be abandoned. The efforts should be made to introduce an entirely new process of educating the students to achieve the true goals of the education.

Yes, had Ms. Irani been determined to take such revolutionary steps, the students and parents would have welcome it!

But it seems that Ms. Irani have RSS’ education agenda on her priority list. Her own education recently had become a matter of great controversy. Whether she is as educated as she had claimed earlier or not actually should not be a matter of our concern. This is because she has not been expected to do anything precious using her own intellect but just execute RSS’ education plan to the minute detail.

The news started flashing as soon she assumed the charge of HRD Minister that there will be changes in the curriculum. Deccan Chronicle dated 30th May published news on this subject stating, “The new BJP government has taken initial steps towards introducing the Hindu perspective in the education system. It is learnt that human resources development minister Smriti Irani has asked HRD officials to develop educational material that encapsulates the contribution of ancient Indians in different fields like science, mathematics, social sciences, philosophy, grammar and language.”

One must understand the hidden threat behind superficially pleasing move to the Hindu’s. This is not the Hindu agenda as most of the Hindu’s might like to think. This also is not a move to bolster confidence in Hindu’s by correcting the history for those who generally think their history being full of ignorance, defeats and slavery. The move is rather being made to establish Vedic supremacy over the Indian masses, which has been RSS agenda since long!

One must remember that Vedic religion is distinct from Non-Vedic idol worshiper’s religion. Had both the religions one and the same there was no need to attempt to give credit of Indus civilization to the Vedic people when there is no proof. Non-Vedic masses are worshiping almost the same Gods those were being worshipped by the Indus people. Without any satisfactory proof they have been embarked on a mission to establish founders of the Indus culture were Vedic people.

Also they would not have tried to link the Ghaggar River with the Lost mythical Vedic River Sarasvati! Whatever is the geological history of the Ghaggar River, it is not the Vedic Sarasvati on any count. The geological evidences and Vedic descriptions of Sarasvati River no way match with the present and past of the River Ghaggar. Then why they should try to find Vedic elements in everything that is excavated from the past? They have been using pseudo-science to spread false information under disguise of the research when actually no Vedic element has been so far traced in the excavations of Indus civilization. Had they too been Hindu, there was no need to all the time propagate Vedic origin of everything that was glory of India. Had they been Hindu they would have accepted the true ethos of the Indus culture that has been unraveled with the material proofs which certainly are not Vedic! They are the Vedic's who has been trying to impress upon others that they are different from rest of others, then how they can be Hindu?

This is one example how Vedic people try to distort the cultural history. RSS has been doing this from the day it was established. The education given in RSS run schools and colleges is tainted with many cultural lies, thus imposing Vedic supremacy by corrupting young innocent minds!

For example, as Venkitesh Ramakrishnan aptly writes in his essay “Hindutva Institutions in Education:The spreading network of RSS. IN the schools in the Vidya Bharati network, apart from the academic content of the instruction there is a "core curriculum", which is drawn up by the Vidya Bharati and comprises six subjects: physical education, yoga, music, Sanskrit, moral and spiritual education and sanskriti gyan (knowledge of culture).

“It is through this core curriculum that the Hindutva agenda is sought to be advanced. The core curriculum seeks to pass off as historical truth the scientifically unverified claim that the site where the Babri Masjid stood at Ayodhya is the birthplace of Ram. And arguing in favour of a ban on cow slaughter, one of the campaign platforms of Hindutva forces, it states that protecting the cow is important as "it is the mother of all beings and the abode of gods."

Vidya Bharati is an education wing of RSS that runs over 14,000 schools in India. The various types of literature, directly or indirectly published by RSS, contain every aspect of the culture in Vedic favor, no matter whether it is scientifically or historically proven or not.

Many false researches have been floating in the market since many decades claiming that Veda’s contain all the modern sciences. Even some claim Big Bang Theory has been originally proposed in Rig Veda. Although there is no Vedic Mathematics existing as such, which is a recent development has been named after Veda’s to give it a kind of divinity and ancientness. Frequently made ridiculous claims, such as, planes- missiles etc. were invented by the ancient Vedic seers and were in use. Such false “inventions” are about to land in the textbooks under pretext of ancient Indian Science! (One such blatant effort can be read hear-

RSS’ main thrust is promoting the glorious traditions of India. And what are they? Chaturvarna (Birth based social inequality divided in four classes), they claim to be most scientific classification of the society. Outdated Gurukula system always has been praised. The science (?) behind performing Yadnya’s (Fire sacrifice) that purifies environment is also being widely claimed and propagated, leaving illiterate masses in awe!

This all and more Ms. Irani may want to incorporate in the curriculum under superficially pleasing disguise of teaching “contribution of ancient Indians in different fields like science, mathematics…” to the students!

Mr. P. G. Sahastrabuddhe, a noted scholar from Maharashtra had stated that “RSS is a tomb where heaps of mummies of outdated traditional thoughts are stored!”

The tomb is being opened!

Truth must be faced. Lies no way can assist any society to maintain its respect forever. RSS superficially calls itself an organization that protects interests of the Hindu’s, but unfortunately that is not the case! It is not Hindu agenda; it is rather Vedic agenda which people of India must understand! Had it been the case they would not have tried to snatch the past glory of the Non-Vedic Hindu people to glorify their own history. They have skillfully taken disadvantage of the ignorance of Non-Vedic Hindu's. If Vedic and non-Vedic Hindu were one and the same religion there was no need to commit such blunders. From religious history of India one can easily detect the clear demarcation between both the religions. As happened in ancient times, this too is a move to establish Vedic supremacy over others and corrupt their minds through education, In reality there hardly is anything in the Indian culture that can be linked to the Vedic civilization.Days or bygone when the cultural corruption was possible.

Whatever good has been done by the Vedic people, due credit must be given to them. There cannot be any attempt to deny their real contribution to the society. But taking credit of everything good that took place in the remote or recent past makes rest of the non-Vedic society imbecile and as such they want to establish the same with the distorted and corrupted history!

One must understand that the Indian's have been heavily depended on the Vedic scholars of the past as Non-Vedic people had no choice but to fathom the Indian history from Vedic perspective. But now the situation has changed. People are awakening and are in the quest to find their roots on their own. They are now aware that the Vedic path had always been alien to them. They are now in the process of reckoning their own independent roots those are evident from their ancient past and the present.

What we the Indian’s want is the correct and unbiased educational system! We do not want to create another cultural Taliban here. We cannot allow our kids be taught corrupt history to nourish boastful but false sentiments of Vedic people. In fact we do not want any religion to be taught to our children. Children, when grown up and if interested, may study any religion of their like and form their own opinion. We don’t want to enforce any of our concepts upon them. Let them learn how to learn. Let them master the subject of their own choice! We just need to support and free them from the clutches of the crooked minds. We need a free society where thoughts and actions are original, not burdened with the Vedic of for that matter any cultural supremacy that is full of lies!

I am sure this hardly will be listened by the present pompous government. The RSS’ educational scholars hailing from Vidya Bharati already have charted out proposed curriculum and what Ms. Irani is expected to do is just implement it.

We the Indians must raise our voice to condemn this move and try our best to stop it!


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    • sanjay-sonawani profile imageAUTHOR

      Sanjay Sonawani 

      4 years ago from Pune, India.

      Madhusudan Cherekar ji, unfortunately as far culture is concerned, only Vedic culture always has been preached by RSS. They want to credit everything with Vedic and that is totally unscientific and unhistorical. Objection is to such moves which are distorting history of the country.

    • profile image

      madhusudan cherekar 

      4 years ago

      RSS culture is mixture of all indian traditions. It's not pure vedic. It teaches dedication to the nation and equality. RSS is not for divisiveness and unequality. ALL SECTIONS OF SOCIETY ARE HAPPY IN GUJARAT. AND VERY SOON IN INDIA ALSO,THAT WILL HAPPEN.MODI WILL RULE TILL DEATH.

    • parwatisingari profile image


      4 years ago from India

      Not just that Sanjay but also a demarcation between the vedic thought and the later I do not know the term for it, but later fight flight kind of thinking.

    • sanjay-sonawani profile imageAUTHOR

      Sanjay Sonawani 

      4 years ago from Pune, India.

      Parvatisingari, Indeed in would be a good idea. Your observation is right. But even if looked at the religious history from academic point of view there is clear demarcation between Vedic and non-vedic religions.

    • parwatisingari profile image


      4 years ago from India

      I could be wrong, but what is perceived as Hinduism is actually an anthology of ethnic beliefs.

      To me the the brand of Hindutva peddled by RSS or any nationalist movement is very focused and reactionary to what the British called hinduism and the cultural norms adopted are again reactionary to the Muslim culture.-- this has no academic backing but just a conclusion observing the cultural clues.

      Having said that it might be a good idea to source vernacular historian and oral traditions to track history so far our history focuses only on Islamic invasion, British Raj and south is totally forgotten.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      It is always interesting to learn about other cultures. That is one of the reasons I love HubPages so much. .Thank you my new friend.


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