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Society Has Changed, Hollywood Has Not...

Updated on June 10, 2016

Who are they?

Racism, prejudice, harassment…and one major movie studio are looking to revive the has-been group, The Janoskians, back to the big screens.

That can't happen.

So what’s the big deal anyway? Ok, to catch up to speed…

Ever heard of the Janoskians?


Don’t sweat it, neither did most of the world; probably because they weren’t around big enough to do any significant damage, although during their brief time in the spotlight they had already done a lot of damage.

Starting in 2012 with a video titled ‘Awkward Train Situation’, they filmed themselves in random awkward situations such as reading their newspapers, singing loudly, and accidently falling asleep on the people next to them. All this and many other cringing situations alongside commuters while on a busy train in Melbourne, Australia.

Since then, they’ve been busy doing what most young kids these days would do, and film videos on YouTube. Harmless fun is harmless fun, but in recent years they have taken their newfound success a little too far.

In May 2013, The 5 pranksters took to the streets of Denmark where they made a video called ‘Public Wanking.’ The video has since been removed, but you can get an idea from the title of the video what it’s about, and if the idea of it wasn’t disturbing enough, in one section of the video one of the members is seen masturbating to a 6 week old baby in a pram in front of her mother and horrified onlookers (and yes they were fully aware.)

A simple compliment would've suffice.
A simple compliment would've suffice.

Since then, the Janoskians have taken to twitter to issue a public apology.

We're sorry....sort of.
We're sorry....sort of.

Earlier in 2015, the world watched as Bruce Jenner appeared on 20/20 announcing he is a woman, and thus began his transformation to Caitlyn Jenner. This public act not only took millions of people around the world by surprise, but it took a hell of a lot of courage, strength and vulnerability to do.

In June, 2015. Beau Brooks, the oldest member of the Janoskians responds to the situation:

Remind me not to ask for your opinion on same sex marriage.
Remind me not to ask for your opinion on same sex marriage.

With behavior such as this, (combined with the fact that they don’t really have any talent other than making fools of themselves on YouTube) it’s no wonder they didn’t last very long in the public eye.

In April 2015, one of the Janoskians, Luke Brooks, stirred up some feathers when he mentioned the ‘N’ word:

I'm sure Madonna regrets her actions.
I'm sure Madonna regrets her actions.

This however was not the first time he had been in the headlines for the same incident. In January, 2013:

Lip piercings...ouch.
Lip piercings...ouch.

and again back in October, 2012:

That's one way to give someone a welcome reception...
That's one way to give someone a welcome reception...

The majority of their fanbase are young teenage girls, aging from 12- early 20’s, and many of them look up to Janoskians to be role models, the problem with this is the behavior they are exhaling, and thus what the young fans are inhaling.

Now that they have blown out of the spotlight, it’s a relief that their disgusting mannerism is taken with them.

However, Lionsgate Films (Divergent, Hunger Games) are looking to revive their careers, taking it not just to YouTube but also beyond. This will not only re-surface the bad behaviors for our youth, but spread it even further than ebola.

Movies take an incredible amount of time, effort and money from hundreds of people to produce. It involves long periods of heartache and tears to bring visions to life, and I say let’s leave that money and effort to be spent on quality films, not waste it on a bunch of 5 prankers from YouTube who spray the word ‘c*nt’ like it’s pesticide.

This sort of trade profit for morals is where Hollywood is getting it wrong, or worse, KNOWS it's wrong but does it anyway.

How do you guys feel about it? Let me know your thoughts below. Should we leave the time and effort better spent on quality movies instead?


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