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Some probable cause of increasing poberty rate in city area

Updated on July 17, 2014
The rate of poberty in city area is increasing day by day due to several causes. Different factors plays an important role in that term. For the development of roads and highway communication villagers are gathering into city for more income opportunity because they think strongly it is possible in city than their traditional agriculture. That have started a burden on agricultural productivity. Hence increasing the price of food uncontrollable rate. Most of the people in city runs for service. They spends their valuable time in running for managing a suitable work or job. Now amazingly it is becoming easier to find a job but becoming hard to stable in job due to several complexity in the job which is not acceptable for employees. The dissatisfaction between the cooperation and coordination employee and employer is increasing day by day. It may be only cause of decreasing the implementation of labour law, gaps between " what employee should do and what employer makes bound to do them. Hence ultimate result is leaving the job. Again searching a job and spending time with unproductivity and without income.


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