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Solar Christmas Lights and Decorations

Updated on July 21, 2013

Solar Powered Christmas Lights and Decorations

If you want to go green for Christmas, consider using solar Christmas lights in place of traditional lights. Solar lights can be used for outdoor decorations and don't require any electricity. Simply let the sun charge them up and then enjoy the show! Light up your yard with these solar decorations and lights, and get some ideas for lower-energy indoor Christmas lights

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No outlet needed for these solar-powered Christmas lights! Decorate anywhere with this string of 60 lights. They'll charge during the day and automatically turn on at dusk and run for eight hours, so your outdoor lighting can be green, easy, and efficient - with no energy cost or carbon footprint! The set shown here comes in white, but multicolor lights are also available.

The tradition of illuminating the home during the holidays dates back to the dark ages when yule logs and winter solstice candles would be lit to summon back a fading sun. These LED Solar Holiday Lights turn that custom on its head by using the sun itself to provide their power! A solar cell charges them during daylight hours and a photo cell turns them automatically on and off at dusk and dawn to help you sustainably celebrate the season. Includes 6' wire leads.

Solar Powered Rudolph - A fun solar Christmas yard decoration

Rudolph Solar Powered Statue with Light Up Red Nose, 18 by 15.13-Inch
Rudolph Solar Powered Statue with Light Up Red Nose, 18 by 15.13-Inch
Rudolph can help you go green! This cute little figure has a solar-powered red nose, so you don't have to worry about plugging him in every night to make him glow. The Roman design stone resign Rudolph statue measures 18" high and will help guide Santa straight to your house.

Who Invented Electric Christmas Tree Lights?

Edison's assistant is the Father of Electric Christmas Tree Lights

Until the invention of LED and solar Christmas lights, holiday lighting hasn't changed dramatically since the late 1800s. The first known electrically illuminated Christmas tree was the creation of Edward Hibberd Johnson. While he was Vice-President of the Edison Electric Light Company, he had Christmas tree bulbs especially made for him. He proudly displayed his Christmas tree - hand-wired with 80 red, white, and blue electric light bulbs the size of walnuts - on December 22, 1882, at his home in New York City. The story was reported in the Detroit Post and Tribune, and Johnson became known as the Father of Electric Christmas Tree Lights.

From that point on, electrically illuminated Christmas trees gained rapid popularity. In 1895, U.S. President Grover Cleveland proudly sponsored the first electrically lit Christmas tree in the White House.

Electric Christmas tree lights were invented in 1882.

Since solar lights aren't practical for indoor tree lighting, LED (or Light Emitting Diode) lights may be the next best thing. These lights don't have filaments or bulbs like traditional lights, they use up to 80 percent less energy, and they can last 20 times longer than traditional lights.

According to an article from the website for CBS 11 TV in Dallas, "If we replaced all those large Christmas bulbs with LED lights we would save 2 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. That's enough to power 200,000 homes for one year."

You can buy LED lights online at a variety of stores, from Christmas specialty sites such as Christmas Lights Etc to mega retailers such as Amazon.

Solar Snowman

Westinghouse Poly Snowman Solar Light Set - 3 Pc.
Westinghouse Poly Snowman Solar Light Set - 3 Pc.
Use this 3-piece set anywhere outside. The solar panel charges even on cloudy days, so you can be sure your Christmas will be bright!

Recycle Your Incandescent Tree Lights sells energy-sipping LED Christmas lights and wants to help recycle your old incandescent lights. Simply put the lights strings and nothing else (especially not peanuts!) in a box and send to the following address:


11235 West Bernardo Court, Suite 102

San Diego, CA 92127

They'll do the rest!

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