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Solar Warden Update: Alternate space program confirmed?

Updated on May 28, 2011

Darren Perks of the UK’s A.P.F.U. Animal Pathology Field Unit, may have confirmed the parallel alternate space program known to the public as Solar Warden; a program beneath the surface of NASA’s public consumption program. This may define a distinct break in the nearly 70 years of mandated secrecy in which insiders attempt to raise the sunken opinion of global and national governance by correcting this multi-generational mistake in which corporations were handed stewardship of the greatest development in human history and then promptly ran off with it (see Eisenhower’s warning about the military-industrial complex). The public and military ever since have been chasing a teeth-pulling fight to change the policy (not a law) in which high ranking public & military officials are informed that they ‘have no need to know’ and then are barred from further fact finding.

The story was broke to the public by author Michael Cohen who tells us Darren Perks is either an impromptu mediator or caught NASA & DoD in a huge Oops! According to Mr. Perks the DoD confirmed with a NASA rep that Solar Warden 'was their program.' If as the article says, the Prez terminated it, you don't just mothball an active fleet of star ships so it was a name change most likely that occurred to keep mandated secrecy in place. Apparently DoD didn't like being locked out of the biggest piece of history this planet has ever produced and is finally learning how to twist a few arms to get to truth. Good for them. Everybody hoist 'em a thumbs up flag.

Mood Music: The Gods Are Not Crazy By Leslie Fish

Project Camelot: An Interview with Janis Sharp

Numerous researchers after discerning discrepancies in the public consumption shield have dug deeply into the history of the secrecy in order to understand how it originated, why it exists, and who created it and currently runs it. Joseph P Farrell's work Nazi International poses some very interesting questions backed by a literal mountain of documents dating from WWII and running clear up to present where more recent researchers have contributed. He compares his contexting of postwar Nazi activities against Richard C Hoagland & Mike Bara's book Dark Mission and says "the implications are stunning, and chilling."

Farrell reiterates words by his colleagues that essentially says that NASA is a "co-opted organization" and that "it is not and was never intended to be at its innermost core and highest levels, a civilian agency."

"Sec. 305....(i) The (National Aeronautics and Space) Administration shall be considered a defense agency of the United States for the purpose of Chapter 17, Title 35 of the United States Code..." ~ research quote from Hoagland & Bara, Dark Mission, p.ii.

Farrell goes on to explore and talk about the real goal and purpose for the Nazi International's presence in both NASA & the CIA being an archeological reconnaissance mission to recover exotic artifacts and potential technology left by a prior interplanetary civilization on the Moon. That the hunt stopped with Apollo 17 when the Apollo Program was abruptly terminated due to 'mission accomplished' . That this explains the curious German technology transfers that occurred shortly after WWII as part of their continuing pursuit of "all aspects of the wartime agenda." ~ see page 376 about the 2-track space program - one for public consumption with rockets & the other secret with exotic technologies courtesy of one 'very mad [nazi] genius' which the Air Force took seriously per presented documentation.

The nazi’s after WWII were operating in South America under Martin Borman, according to a reprint of a Office Memorandum in the USG from a DM Ladd in which it is noted the findings of an SA (special agent) S. W. Reynolds that he was still alive and the US Navy discovered it when an Army officer handling “eyes only” traffic was away….and that the British knew more about Borman than anyone. Pg 306 - 307 Farrell's book Nazi International

Most interestingly is the research that says this Nazi International and thru them NASA have the technology to be able to build and operate such a fleet. Pg 342 states that in 1951 they had it. Quote: “As if all this were not enough, Dr. Richter spells it all out very plainly, by stating that his work is really about an “experimental approach to zero point energy…deriving from the analysis of exponential fusion experiments in 1951.”80

In Richters words: “it seems to be possible to ‘extract’ a compression-proportional amount of zero-point energy by means of a magnetic-field contolled exchange fluctuation between the compressed electron gas and sort of cell structure in space….,”

In exopolitical mediation we are familiar with the correlations between this old german exotic tech research and the treatment of independent researchers into the same. Many of us are very familiar with how Nicola Tesla lost his science funding from J.P. Morgan when Morgan discovered he was working on free energy to be distributed freely to the public.

See the biography of Tesla including how he’s related to the HAARP project technology, and to early NWO (new world order) builders such as J.P. Morgan, Lord Rothschild, and John Jacob Astor. Teslas’s research was confiscated upon his death in 1943 and still has not been released. In 1943 the technology transfers between the Germany, the Nazis, and the US would have been in the early stages and would have put US interests in Richter’s work rather high on the list to begin with.

Today’s researchers into exotic technologies are often forced to endure harassment designed to discourage them from continuing in the field of zero point energy if corporations fail to get in and buy it out from underneath them. They’ve even been subjected to less savory treatment too as the quote implies from Hal Ade, Gatineau, QC, speaking about the strange death of our hugely successful, mutual acquaintance Mark Tomion: “When one dies unexpectedly, as did my father in 1958 at age 46, it's nearly always due to a heart attack. Some members of the New Energy community, interested in the effects of quantum energy on the human body - either for good or evil - have stated this could be executed at-a-distance by means of scalar electromagnetic waves, as through a quantum magnetic or quantum potential weapon. Conventional forensic science could never discover this, if Mark's death was an assassination rather than a natural cardio-vascular event.”

I first spoke with Mark in 2007 and he indeed was having a discouraging year in which he expressed his frustration about the public not caring about those who delved into this type of work which has the capacity to one day take us safely into the stars. Vlad published a small series of letters from Tomion here. In the following letter he talks about the science necessary to address a common problem well known to Contact Paradigm insiders (see third paragraph of letter, first sentence):

(Vlad): and his good point wrt space travel in a saucer type AG craft:

(Tomion): ...It really doesn't matter one bit the exact nature of ANYONE's proposed interstellar craft design, without such a vessel having one thing FIRST: the heavy EM 'force field' shielding that only the EDF Generator has, so far!

As a "logical intellectual", I realized thirty years ago that I had to actually start with this all-important aspect of ultra-fast sub-light space travel FIRST, and then reason backwards to the actual 'mechanics' of the thing. Why Bill and everyone else doesn't see this is beyond me.

No known life form can survive travel even in deepest space at more the 1/6 the speed of light because of the intense radiation from incident hydrogen particle bombardment - without a shielding force field of some kind which has a power and intensity similar to that which the EDF Generator's driving field-envelope current inherently does!

Therefore, to my mind, spending a lot of time and effort designing ANY form of interstellar craft which does not take this into account at the very outset is Utterly Futile!

Makes you wonder how smart the human race really is, hmm?

Mark T.
Archer Enterprises

Numerous accounts of ETs refer to them saying that humans of Earth are fragile. That there is difficulty involved with transporting Earth life elsewhere. Tomion was working on solving that problem and….

(Ade): “Mark was working on a capacitive-type device, the StarDrive Electrodynamic Field Generator (EDF), and was, in a step-by-step manner of sequential development, coming very, very close to what most New Energy types have termed a working "overunity" electrical generator. Some of us also refer to this as a "Zero Point" or "Anti-Stokes" device. He had some funding, but it was a bit spurious.

….so Tomion either had an ‘exotic’ illness causing his death at age 51 or someone didn’t like the idea of humanity having the capacity to leave Planet Earth for the next great adventure in the stars; to rival history’s Age of Exploration. I have heard from more than one source saying that the so called PTB (powers that be) will go to the ultimate population wiping extent possible to prevent that from happening, like the jolly good souls they are.

Now couple this with a growing number of governmental and non-governmental elites like Holden and his Ecoscience document who profess eugenics as a philosophy and a policy in which we as a planet must acknowledge the world as overpopulated and proceed with depopulation agenda…well we can then get wildly concerned.

So let’s see:

  • WWII – nazi international (postwar Nazis),
  • NASA – nazi (operation paper clip), (nazi international), solar warden
  • CIA – secrecy enforcers (nazi’s operation paperclip/), (nazi international)
  • DoD – Army, Navy, Air Force, etc (you have no need to know) have been learning bits & pieces since WWII and have been putting 2&2 together.
  • Elected Government – elected officials (you have no need to know)
  • NWO – infiltrates government with eugenics philosophy in tow, Constitution suffers various forms of devaluation.
  • Exotic Technologies – independent researchers suffer atrocities
  • Patriot Groups: rise across America based on research and the creation of surveillance & population control systems being put in place; claiming the Emperor Wears No Clothes. Half calling for a second American Revolution, the other half trying to find the proverbial better third option which does not include all out war and practices a grass-roots co-opt the system back effort from the ground up.
  • Exopolitics & Ufology: combine efforts to understand exactly what has been taking place and come to the conclusion that contact and technology transfers with some but not all groups of ET may have occurred as early as WWII Germany with references to Sirius.
  • Extraterrestrial & Ultraterrestrial: intervention and gradual disclosure process in progress through increased sightings and various forms of communication and interaction in order to prevent the worst case scenario – implosion of human society due to our own social entrapments upon ourselves.
  • Why Is All this Important?: Because humanity’s potential does now and will continue to impact the Greater Community in profound ways which Earth has yet to fully understand.

I feel so warm and fuzzy about all this….you know that small brown furry lemming feeling awash on a shore where rush hour traffic has all the giant trucks, jumbo jets, ships, and freight trains all trying to use the same concourse at ballistic speeds. And some how I’ve found the center line in the road; trying not to sway four inches too far into either lane. Grin. It’s a transnational sport. Rock N. Roll!


Article Dedication

This article on Solar Warden is dedicated to Mark Tomion of Archer Enterprises, Ferguson Corners, Earth.

He was my favorite spaceship propulsion engineer; a pioneer in the field of overunity zero point energy device.

It's not true, some of us were interested and still are. RIP.

Born 1957. Died June 19 2009.

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