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Updated on November 30, 2013

South African Children Doomed

Is There a Reason for the Increase of Infant Rapes?

The Aids epidemic in South Africa is high, and many of the affected persons, especially males seek alternative cures from the deathly disease. Once diagnosed with the incurable illness, young males try to find ways to rid their bodies of the disease. There is a myth circulating around the townships in South Africa, that intercourse with a virgin can cure the Aids disease, and the younger the virgin the more effective the cure can be. This misconception has lead to the increase in the criminal act of rape which has left innocent babies and children maimed for life and often resulting in the death of the young victims.

There is a real possibility that the offenders of such horrid rape incidents are men who come out of an abusive childhood. Abused children often have difficulty in showing empathy, and as they progress toward adulthood, can show a more progressive anger, which can produce a need for revenge.

Innocent Victems

Some of the Reported Cases of Child Rapes

A two-year-old baby girl was abducted from a nursery school and raped. The child survived the horrific ordeal and was found by an elderly person who alerted the police.

A massive outcry from the residents of Diepsloot, a township near Johannesburg was raised when two young girls aged two and three years old disappeared from their home on a Saturday. There bloodied bodies were found in a communal toilet, by a resident in the early hours on the following Monday.

That same week, another two-year-old child was raped and brutally murdered. The media emphasized the importance of government intervention in these horrific crimes.

A little three year old who survived a brutal beating and rape is recovering from her ordeal and cared for by loving family members. Her perpetrator was arrested, and the courts granted a bail application, leaving the man to roam the streets freely.

The shocking story of a nine-month-old baby girl raped by not one man but by six men. This is particularly shameful and certainly outraged the public.

More astonishing is the story of a six-week-old baby raped this week by her uncle. The baby survived the cruel ordeal and is in ICU in a serious condition l after undergoing extensive an emergency surgery to repair the extensive injuries sustained in the terrible ordeal.

Protect Children

Horrid Ordeals and Painful Reminders

The countless stories continue to grip the nation, yet little is done to protect the innocent children. It is not just the rape of these babies that shock the public; it is the molestation and brutal beatings these children and babies have to endure. We can only imagine how horrible the pain and suffering must be for such a young child. The endless suffering for the few survivors and the agony of counseling they have to endure. Can their lives ever be a normal happy encounter and do they fully recover from a rape incident.

The family members of the young victims surely suffer constant trauma and humiliating encounters of reliving the nightmare of a molestation or rape. We cannot understand the anguish a parent must endure when having to deal with the loss a child in such a gruesome way. How can parents accept that their child had to endure the pain and humiliation of rape?

Is There any Hope of Reducing the High Crime Statistics

We often wonder what the authorities doing about the high statistics of rape and child murders in South Africa. When the media report these ordeals, the public tend to express a strong opinion of horror and call for drastic steps to be taken.

Nothing is happening, the offenders, who are arrested in some instances, are granted bail by the courts. One of the reasons they qualify for release on bail is due to the severe overcrowding of prison facilities.

17 Year Old Students asked to Simulate a Baby Rape Scene

The current furor doing its rounds through the media is that of the final year of high school students undertaking their closing exam in Drama. The students were asked to describe a rape scene of a baby by using a loaf of bread and broom to illustrate their answer.

This caused an outcry from the students and the media. Teachers, parents and pupils were'' upset, and a senior department of education official said the issue will be raised at a meeting. The official was angry and said there was nothing creative about the question and called it outright insensitive.

How do you ask a 17 year old to describe such a violent act of crime, it is cruel, especially in a country where the statistics are extremely high? This thoughtless inappropriate question caused tears to flow as this caused some of the pupils to remember the memories of sexual abuse within their own families.

South Africa Look After The Young Ones

Cape Town South Africa
Cape Town South Africa | Source

Conclusion and a Way Forward

Rape is a wickedness that no human being should suffer. It is a despicable act of vicious behavior. This must be stopped! Countries like South Africa should impose stricter laws and deal with rape perpetrators in an extremely serious approach. No excuses at all, perhaps the death penalty should be reinforced for such heinous crimes.

The education departments should not focus on outrageous questions and force tormenting answers to a sensitive issue such as rape. They should focus on teaching the children the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, and then maybe we will have a society that has a conscience!

Baby Rapes in South Africa


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