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The Development Transition of the Space Age in the 20th Century to the 30th Century

Updated on December 9, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

A Social Scientist Timeline of the Future

In a far remote area of Asia, a local social scientist driven by its natural instinct in the spirits of heaven beyond by the sixth sense of human intelligence decoded the social and technological predictions of the 30th century. The timeline of the space age discusses the stages of its technological, social and economic development in the 20th century to the 30th century along : (a) Age of Modern Culture; (b) Age of the Novice Space Exploration; (c) Age of Commercial Space Aviation Development.; (d) Age of Peripheral Space Exploration.(e) Age of Outside Peripheral Space Exploration ; and (f) Matured Space Age. These are the six (6) development stages of Space Age in a span of ten (10) centuries and proposes certain conditions as to the delay or in the advancement of the timeline in relation to the: (1) biological life structure on gravitation, oxygen and food support system; (2) historical incidence created by human conflicts; and (3) revelation on the end of the world.

A. Age of Modern Culture.

This stage presents the societal modern life with the sustained commercial development of electronics , information technologies and applications of other technological gadgets. The presence of evolving commercial technology-packaged of computers, laptops, Ipad, cellphones, with the combination of a satellite powered enterprise of the internet , cable and communication lines. It has active form of social interaction in the sustained development of the modern .culture as a result of the technological development of the 21st century.

Generally, the impact of the modern culture will continue to flourish even the entrant of the Age of the Novice Space Exploration as cultural adaptation imposes upon the certain technological trend in the 21st century. The hologram and technological satellite communications will continue to dominate in the commercial packaging of desktop computers, laptops, Ipads, cellphones and other technological gadgets.

The next transition after the Age of the Novice Space Exploration is a continuation of the Age of Modern Culture as part of the information and data generated from the five decades of space exploration from the Apollo ( 1960s) to Shuttle discovery exploration of NASA in the year 2012. In this stage, the NASA information system and data management provides the knowledge of the earth atmospheric system for the commercial aviation development as to experience and feel the weightlessness and adventure in the space.

B. Age of the Novice Space Exploration

This stage generates an integrated support of the five decades of space exploration from Apollo spacecraft in the 1960s to the shuttle exploration of the 2012. It utilizes electronic and nuclear technology to benchmark the future spacecraft in a highly dangerous solar habitat. This will take off in the development commercial aviation to live and experience outer weightlessness in space and levels of the earth atmosphere. It will begin the lucrative business of the early commercialization of space experience by the wealthy class of the society. The “Age of Modern Culture” will continuously flourish in a wide range commercial information technology as converged its matured integration in the “Age of Novice Exploration.”

The prelude of the space age has been generated from the exploration of the early 1960s of the Apollo explorer to 2012 Shuttle discovery as the important data and information system to continue the flight of space exploration. The historical perspectives of space exploration for five (5) decades provided important technological documents as to the development NASA Space Data System to complete the peripheral earth data and information system. This will be used for the next five decades to validate and evaluate the peripheral earth conditions of the solar system to enhance the protection of space passengers in 2O20 to the timeline of 2100.

It is important to include the Age of the Novice Space Exploration for the space forecast on whatever changes that will happen until 2100 within the range of the Age of Commercial Space Aviation Development. It must be noted that the next stage in the prelude of the Space Age will still utilize whatever technological inventions and discoveries in the Age of Modern Culture and Age of Novice Space Exploration. The baseline of value-life experience has still in the Age of Modern Culture, however, the cultural adjustment and adaptation will still follow the innovative transition of the technological gadgets such as utilization of internet and satellite technologies for the commercial innovation of Ipad, celllphones, laptop, cable TV and etc.

C. Age of Commercial Space Aviation Development

This stage will continuously explore a better quality assurance for space aviation industry in addressing the concern no longer an excitement of the weightlessness but a hindrance to further provide better experience and life support in the space travel. The timeline will take centuries to survive as the transition phase of modern culture and commercial aviation remained matured and dormant to solve the gravitational weightlessness and life sustenance of food and oxygen in the space.

The innovative technologies of the Age of Modern Cultures will still carry on until the Age of Commercial Space Aviation Development. As the exploratory process of the next 3 decades ( 2020-2050) will provide the quality assurance to entertain the space passengers of the actual experience of the weightlessness in space and beyond the atmosphere looking at the blue planet. This will be affordable only to the wealthy class and other high income bracket in the world to feel, live and experience in the space.

This will be highly profitable business as it will transform the Age of Commercial Space Aviation Development for the multi-national corporations not NASA to produce the commercial spacecraft with high value space air fare exclusively for those at the high income bracket. After five years (5) of exploratory space flight, the technological feasibility as to its universal commercial space flight will attract more space passengers as commercial space aviation compete with each other to get the global share of its demand. Likewise, the commercial space aviation will have favorable Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) and the Return of Investment (ROI).

In year 2200 to 2300, the global competition will remain high for the commercial space aviation as the Age of Modern Cultures will transform the cultural adaptation as it will diffuse, amalgamate and integrate space consciousness for the next generation on the gradual development of space age. It is interesting to note that the developed and industrialized countries will compete in the global spacecraft development. The quality assurance mechanism with strategic advantage will be given more on its preferential features of technologically-based space aviation to handle the comfort of the evolving space experiences as to the interest of biological gravitation system, sustained natural oxygen and food support in the space habitat and capsule.

At the 2300-2400, the commercial space aviation industry will redefine its quality space service in the promotion of the space habitat within the periphery of the earth surface after the boundaries of satellite flight within the range of earth and moon. This will spell the difference of the corporate world in the dominance of its powerhouse in the spacecraft and space capsule. The reinvention of space hotels, space capsule, spacecraft mall and other space facilities will be habitable to the human society.

D. Age of Peripheral Space Exploration

The result of commercial aviation of the space will transform to introduce the peripheral space life within the earth distance on outer moon . The introduction of the space capsule and spacecraft as the main habitat support in highly hazard solar system will be developed for this stage. The earth surface will redefine the “modern cultures” to “space cultures” as extracted to the phenomenal support of the space age after five (5) centuries of development. The social and technological prediction will come on the advent of the invention and discovery into the development of simulated biological gravitation and life sustenance oxygen and food support of space capsule and spacecraft habitat forming. The commercialization will shift no longer in aviation development but also the inter-planetary exploration of international space corporation. The earth surface will also redefine new sources of technological materials taken from the inter-planetary exploration as the depletion of earth resources in the Middle East and Asia.

In year 2500, the commercial space aviation industry will mature as the space habitat as it will conduct the commercial space exploration. The international commercial enterprise and state enterprise will explore the solar system on its mineral and chemical resources to produce space facilities and equipment. The turn of the centuries on peripheral solar exploitation as space bases and habitat sustained the life structures in highly dangerous inter-planetary system will continue to strive in this development stage. On the other hand, the human culture no longer be the same of its cultural adaptation as it will be highly different and defined by its consciousness in sustaining space age period.

E. Age of Outside Peripheral Space Exploration

The next centuries after the “Age of Commercial Aviation Development of the Space” will boost the inter-planetary exploration as the main gate of planetary life will continuously exist in the outside the solar system.

By the end of the 2500, the space exploration will continuously expand to the outside the solar system as the earthly humans will be able to conduct an advance tangible search beyond the galaxy and milky way of the universe. The timeline of the outside peripheral exploration outside the solar system will consumed in the next three (3) centuries of development as human habitat will learn to live deep in space outside the solar system.

F. The Matured Space Age

The matured space age will be the prelude of Age of Peripheral and Outside Peripheral Exploration as the humanity will be able to perfect the hazardous life in space and its inter-planetary challenges in the solar system. It will be the 30th century when perfected the genuine space age.

At the end of the 30th century, the peripheral life of the solar system and within the space realm of the galaxy and milky way of the universe will mature by the boundaries of interplanetary system. The human beings will be the space wanderers of the universe searching life system of the universe.

However, the social and technological prediction of the space age proposes certain conditions as to the delay or in the advancement of the classified ages of space development on the following : (1) the biological life structure on gravitation, oxygen and food support system; (2) historical incidence created by human conflicts; and (3) revelation on the end of the world.

Primarily, the advent of the space age should have to solve the primal development of biological life structure on gravitation, oxygen and food support system in a spacecraft and space capsule as the first step in the long centuries of space exploration to the 30th century. The NASA and other space administration agencies in Europe, America and Asia should find way to begin the basic development of space age for the centuries of generation will survive and find the right path of space exploration in the universe.

In the second condition, the space age will never be successful on the historical incidence created by human conflicts as the nuclear destruction of societal habitat transgresses the domino effect of the most powerful nations in the world . The religious beliefs in conflict of human ideologies remained a strong force of human diversity of the east and the west. A simple illustration on the danger of nuclear threat from the midst of holocaust of Hitler time of race superiority to contemporary religious fragmentation and political strife remained to be threat by the allies of the most powerful nations that even a single strike of nuclear terrorism the world will never be the same again as it will pour the nuclear vengeance to the usurper of human conflict.

Finally, the space age will never prosper beyond 25th century or at to this moment in contemporary as the ”Revelation” of the Christian bible of the afterlife will come unexpectedly by solar diffusion and the end of the solar system as predicted by the scientists. The human thought of the supernatural beings had been engraved even the before the birth of civilization. We live by the ethical and moral conduct not only to preserve the society but by the belief of afterlife as human revelations and evidences showed the human idealism in the spirits of heaven beyond the infinite love and wisdom of the lord almighty. You may not believe it, but do not wait for the time of your death as your souls will be burned by your stupidity of human reasoning of its empirical investigation of afterlife. Even , the human ideals of suicide ( whether terrorism or not) to destroy the enemy for certain religious beliefs have been grounded by the heavenly souls in afterlife.

The timeline of the space age will be affected by many internal and external factors whether human activities or natural events that will happen in the coming centuries. The transition of space ages will surely come as the social and technological predictions are within the objective bounds of human intelligence and the sixth sense of human life structures and processes. There will be changes of space age transitions but the basics of its philosophical, social and technological development will also be there. The world will never be the same again as we grow old by the wonders of information technologies and space development from 2010 – 2050.However, this stages of transition on space age depends so much about our faith in god and the generational correctional of human species attitude of the adoration of material wealth. Let the world grasps the inner thought of this social and technological prediction in the past be the guiding post the development of sustained religion on its ethical and moral value to transcend the word wisdom of the savior. I say “ Amen”. May God be with you forever as we live the exciting future of the space age…


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