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spirit of Fear Pt.1

Updated on March 5, 2015

spirit of fear

Fear is a spirit that affects,

  1. Your character
  2. Your personality
  3. Your reputation
  4. Your position
  5. Your possession

It stands between you and your defined destiny. We see the Apostle Paul in his epistle to the young man Timothy saying that the Lord has not given him a spirit of fear. Therefore if the Lord God is not the one breathing spirits of fear into his people then who should be blamed? Now before you go into the act of finger pointing, just remember that, whenever you point in a direction, three of your fingers points back at you.

Let me say this that God does not expect his presence to intimidate his people because God is love and perfect love casteth out all fear.

If there is a perfect love then there must be an imperfect love. But God is faithful and with all our imperfections he continues day after day, to bring us closer to him, which is maturing us into perfection. In that way, the born again believer appropriates a mental and a spiritual awareness that he in fact has the kingdom of heaven within him with all the authority and power that pertaineth to the kingdom.

Now from the title, "the spirit of Intimidation", the word "spirit" is translated from the Greek word phoneme and is the same word used for Holy Spirit/ spirit of man/ wind/ demon/angel.

The word in Hebrew is, ruach, which means breath, as God breathe into man and he became a living soul.

Now God does not want us to be intimidated by nothing that he has made, angels, demons, animals or man.

But Satan using man, with the help of demonized animals and demons have tried to instill fear through deception for the purpose of manipulation and control which God hates for it imposes upon man’s free will and purposes honor for man and not God.

The spirit of intimidation is not an

a. Attitude: approach, outlook, manner, position, feelings, thoughts, mindset, opinion, point of view, standpoint or the way of behaving

b. Disposition or an innate personality trait


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