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His Spiritual link Saved Man from Death Sentence

Updated on December 26, 2014

Execution of Prisoners

It doesn't matter the reason why someone is on death row awaiting their execution but what happens to them as a result is the fault of the community. Most who are there, in the United States prisons, have murdered someone and there is the belief in that community that to take a life justifies taking the life of the one found guilty. But the problem is this is not right. It is the same thinking behind the atrocious keeping of weapons for protection that has recently seen numerous mass murders by crazed gunmen, the last being two weeks before Christmas with the death of twenty children and 6 of their carers and teachers.

One day a few years ago when occupied with my work the Spirit lifted me into a place like a prison cell. This is an experience that has happened to me many times and it was over in seconds while never leaving my chair. There was a man in that cell and he was in a terrible state as he waited for his execution. He was on death row in an American jail. Taking his hand and praying with him for a brief moment the scene has never left my mind. A couple of days later it was announced that a man waiting on death row was to be freed as another man confessed to the crime.

On another occasion in a similar way the spirit sent me to the Gap in Sydney where a man was contemplating suicide. This was a favorite suicide spot as it was a steep cliff with pounding waves at the bottom of it. It took only a brief second but the Spirit saved his life. There was another famous case in Australia going on at around that time when the Spirit told me to pray for Lindy Chamberlain. She was convicted of the murder of her three months old baby and was doing it tough in Darwin maximum security jail where she had also given birth to another baby following her release when an appeal was pending.

That afternoon it was announced on the radio that a man had fallen from Ayers Rock, the site of the baby's disappearance and in retrieving his body the matinee coat of baby Azaria Chamberlain was found, It proved that the baby had been taken by a dingo and that Lindy was innocent. Two days later she walked free from jail.

Freeing the Innocent

The Spirit looks after Its own and many who are spiritual get into strife more often than others because of their link to the Creator. We are more gentle, more bending and certainly not violent and these are traits that bullies, criminals and many in society cannot tolerate. When it comes to the law there is an attitude that getting a conviction is more important than catching the right criminal. This encourages some police to manipulate evidence and to put forward witnesses that might have another agenda to fill.

A brief search through the Internet demonstrates how many people are wrongly convicted and how many innocent victims are put to death in United States Jails. But that is only one country. When one considers the awful records of some Asian and European jails then the problems increase dramatically.

It appears likely that the man in whose cell the Spirit led me to was one who was convicted of killing his parents on a farm. The details are sketchy now as that was around 20 years ago. What is vivid is the report a few days later that this man was freed when someone else either owned up or was found guilty of the crime. He was released and exonerated. That is how the Spirit frees the innocent.

Since my work with the Spirit drives me to examine people's backgrounds I am astounded at just how many on death row are Catholics. They turn to their priests for salvation and have no knowledge of the Spirit or the spiritual power that could free them. The religiously dead in spirit do not know about the forces to free the innocent. The constant brainwashing that someone can be forgiven so-called sins through priests, often pedophiles and criminals themselves, spoils them from hearing the facts. Their ears have been closed to reality and their eyes blinded to the truth.

Lonely and Crying May Not Help

Finding God

Since working in the Spirit and leading many to find their spiritual links there is one particular thing that stands out about how and why one receives help and healing. You have to be broken of the world and that often means being in a place where help seems impossible. You also have to be searching for truth while denying the things taught to you from a young age. Especially you have to give up religious links.

That might not seem feasible but when you are broken you will reach out with your heart and grab at reality with both hands. You will ask questions like "f there is a God then where is he?"or "why is this happening to me?" In the midst of the despair you can fade away into another world where the truth lies waiting. What better place is there to break someone than on Death Row or in a jail cell staring at blank walls and bars? What more immediate way is there to take someone from the world they know and cause them to listen to something they may never have heard before?

How do you make someone call out to you when they don't even know you? But they do know of you. They know in their hearts their Creator and their God. It is not the same as that taught of in churches, temples or mosques. It is not Allah, or Jesus Christ or Buddha or David. It is the Spirit that is pleading with you in a way you might have trouble coming to grips with. It's a war within that one day will prove to be your door to power and love beyond understanding.

The Spirit promised this:

Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.

And ye shall seek me and find me, when ye search for me with all your heart.

And I will be found of you . . . and I will turn away your captivity, and I will gather you from all nations, and from all the places whither I have driven you . . . Jeremiah 29:12-14

Emotions Used by God

Innocent Man Executed

According to Wikipedia Wayne Felker was an innocent man executed in 1996. The evidence against him was vague, unsubstantiated and corrupt. He was a convicted rapist who had been paroled. He was found by police in a drunken state lying under a truck outside a service station where a woman had been killed in Georgia in 1981. The crime scene was covered in blood but he had not a drop of blood on him or his clothes. Forensic evidence was tampered with to show the body predated police surveillance of him that had been going on for 2 weeks prior to his arrest. If the police were watching him then it was impossible for him to commit a crime without them knowing about and stopping it.

". . . his lawyers presented testimony by forensics experts that the body could not have been dead more than three days when found. A stack of evidence was found hidden by the prosecution that hadn't been shared with the defense or presented in court, including DNA evidence that might have exonerated Felker or cast doubt on his guilt." Wikipedia also notes: "There was also a signed confession by another suspect in the paperwork, but despite all this, Felker was executed in 1996. In 2000,"

Murdered Her Child

Armero - aftermath
Armero - aftermath

Saving Maria

One day a friend rang me in a very excited state. She said she had been asked by the Spirit to pray for a lady named Maria. She knew nothing of her except that she was in South America somewhere. We prayed together and asked the spirit to free her as we saw she was trapped somehow. Two night later a television news report showed an 83 years old lady being pulled up through the mud in a town called Armero, in Columbia. Her name was Maria. She had been trapped in the rubble of her home for 3 weeks.

On November 13th, 1985, the volcano Novada del Ruiz erupted and the pyroclastic flows produced melted the glaciers on the summit and the event sent "four enormous lahars (volcanically induced mudslides, landslides, and debris flows) down its slopes at 60 kilometers per hour (40 miles per hour). The lahars picked up speed in gullies and coursed into the six major rivers at the base of the volcano; they engulfed the town of Armero".(Wikipedia.)

The photo from Wikipedia commons shows the town completely buried by the flow. Without hope of rescue or of even being seen or known about underneath it two friends on the other side of the world were called together by the Spirit to free her. She lived on because she was favored. No one else was rescued at that time,

Since then there have been similar slides and eruptions in El Salvador, Equador, Peru, and several other places in South America where the Catholic Church is hyper active. Hundreds of thousands have now lost their lives in these events but we have not been asked to free anyone else.

Angel or Spirit

Many people credit angels or such with helping them escape major catastrophes or for leading them away from danger, even saving their lives. Others credit long dead people, called saints by the Catholic Church, for miracles and things when healing suddenly occurs. This is how religion has hijacked God.

The Spirit is the only supernatural force and it is looking out for its own, that is the people whom it protects.Those not of the spirit will never know this type of protection and so they condemn those who talk about it or who, like me, have powers given by God to help others. The cases mentioned here demonstrate these facts.

The Spirit left this in the prophecies to correct the mistakes people make in following religious lies.

"I am God and beside me there is none else. There is no God beside me . . . I form the light and create darkness. I make peace and create evil. I God do all these things". Isaiah 45:5-7

Those who believe in statues and pictures of things that have no existence but are used as tricks to fool them oppose the Spirit and will never find help when they need it. This is what the Spirit says:

And the residue thereof he maketh a god, even his graven image: he falleth down unto it. and worshppeth it, and prayeth unto it, and saith, Deliver me:for thou art my god.

They hath not known nor understood: for he hath shut their eyes, that they cannot see; and their hearts that they cannot understand. Isaiah 44:17-18

So what do Catholics do? What of their icons, idols and other things? All Christians follow in their wake for they read the same food and feed on the same corrupt food. That's why they get into trouble and why God is not there for them. That's why they make up stories of angels, devils, saints and make believe heaven and hell. That's why the Catholic Church is the richest organisation in the world. People pay it to see the tricks and feel the magic of their lies.

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      @Beth Buckley: Thank you Beth, glad you liked it.

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      What a fantastic lens on a very unique subject!


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