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Spiritually Healed

Updated on January 1, 2015

The Spirit Heals Its Own

Have you ever seen a cripple leap from his chair praising the Spirit for healing him? Ot have you witnessed a broken bone healed in seconds or a cancer fade before your eyes? Have you seen an alcoholic suddenly quit drinking or a man walk to the garbage bin and toss away his packet of cigarettes never to smoke again.

Have you ever been told to go to someone's aid who was about to commit suicide or to meet up with a perfect stranger in the street who had asked the Spirit to send them someone? Have you ever been in the presence of a mighty force that stikes you to the ground and talks to you?

These are all supernatural events and only a small percentage of people get to experience the real power of God compared to all those who ask for it. So why do I know so much abouit it? Because this is my life's work and the Spirit works through me to heal and teach. Here you can discover if you are spiritual and whether or not healing is meant for you. This is my area of expertise. But before you go on this is not for everyone.

Asking for a miracle
Asking for a miracle

What Does Spirituality Mean?

Many are under the misapprehensive that they are spiritual beings simply because they attend a church or lead a good life. Others think it's because they follow their religious teaching to the letter of the law. Still other believe it is something to do with their religious convictions.

Let me tell you that it is none of those things. If you are spiritual there is something inside you that leads and guides without any outside influence or knowledge from others. In fact, you will most likely flee away from suggestions that would have you act like a sheep to some leader or tradition. In other words you have a secret agenda that tells you where to go and what to do.

Confused! No one can tell you that you are spiritual. It is something you will know automatically. Firstly you will be searching for answers. You will know that religion is not of God and that the lies told under the heading of religion is wrecking creation. Lies like heaven and hell and devil, angels and saints.

How is it possible to prove that heaven and hell don't exist. aside from the fact that no one has ever found them? The main thing is that they are promoted as being places where one feels, either joy if in heaven or paradie or pain if in hell. But the dead have no living nerves so how can they feel anything? When tales of the after-life and these fanciful notions were bandied around nerves had not yet been discovered.

When Leonardo da Vinci dissected bodies to unravel its secrets he worked out that the heart was not the soul but a pump to push blood through the arteries and veins. He also identified nerves and established that pain was somehow associated with them. The church was furious and he escaped from Italy to France where he lived out his life protected by the French King for whom he did some paintings.

When Darwin put forward his Selection of Species and Theory of Evolution he crossed a major barrier that saw his books banned by religious leaders, namely those of the Catholic Church. Why? Because it conflicts with the 7 days of creation spoken of in Genesis. So religion is false and the things it teaches oppose God and hides the truth.

Where do your Stand?

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Genuine spirituality

It's easy to mix spirituality with companionship or to confuse a lack of genuine spirituality with teaching that claims that everyone is of God. That is not true. You can tell those who ae of God by their actions,.words, deeds and attitudes. They have peace inside them, they never cross the line of decency, or they rarely drink alcohol or take to other vices. They are also not always the best of companions because they tend to be in their own little world while avoiding the activities that others engage in.

When you are engaged with the Spirit it works on you in such a way that one tends to enjoy their own company while the noise of the outside world is irritating. Things that are repetitious like music, movies, man made prayers and such drive the Spirit away. When one turns away from the world and engages in spiritual thoughts then they shine a light for others to follow.

The noise of the world is deep and dark. It plays over and again in one's mind while robbing one of the power to hear the little voice within. When one obeys that voice then miracles and peace beyond understanding follow.

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