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Squidoo Environmental Charities

Updated on August 30, 2017

Environmental and conservation charities that you can donate to through Squidoo

This is a guide to the Environmental and Conservation charities on Squidoo. There are a good number of charities benefiting various environmental and conservation causes, and as many again that are dedicated to rescuing various species.

The environmental charities range from 'save the planet' organisations to local nature reserve preservation societies. These charities tend not to show immediate results, but are the big muscle in rescuing wilderness and wetlands from corporations, raising awareness and pushing for wider changes.

I cannot tell you which ones are best, as I don't know them well enough and haven't seen all the works of each firsthand - but I can provide a guide, and if you have an opinion, I hope you'll share it here for the benefit of others.

Note: Give Well doesn't currently include any environmental charities

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Protecting the environment in the USA

Earthjustice is helping save national forests, reduce pollution, and protect wildlife habitats. in the USA. It fights mining, Genetic Engineering legislation, oil drilling, pesticide use, logging and anything else that impacts on the environment.

Their official website is at

Charity Navigator RatingOverall Rating 4/4 Stars ( 62.36/70)Top-rated charity on Charity Watch under ''Environment"AIP Grade B+

Original lens was at but there is no current official charity lens


Standing up for the Environment all over the world

They're the major environmental rights activists of the world and they're awesome. They're the people who go out and tie themselves to trees and hang banners on coal power stations and blockade whaling ships with boats (or just peacefully observe so that they know someone is watching, as they're avowed non-violent).

Greenpeace isn't on the Squidoo list, but I donate every month directly to the NZ branch. (and they ring me up once a year and try and explain 'climate change' and 'crayfish migration' and I cackle and have to jump in and explain that it's okay, I have a degree in that stuff. And then they get to talk about more interesting things).

US Website:

Because Greenpeace donations are a 501(c)(4) organization (allowed to spend part of their donations on lobbying, and not all donations to them are tax deductible), they aren't evaluated by the Charity watch groups. Greenpeace Fund, however, is.

Greenpeace Fund details

Charity Navigator RatingOverall Rating 3/4 Stars ( 56.40/70)Top-rated charity on Charity Watch under 'Environment'AIP Grade A- Listed on Check A Charity

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