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Stand Up and Put Your Foot Down

Updated on July 25, 2015
In America, we dont have to stand against tanks and totalitarian dictators. But we do have to stand up to the kids. Its time for the adults to take charge and put them in their place.
In America, we dont have to stand against tanks and totalitarian dictators. But we do have to stand up to the kids. Its time for the adults to take charge and put them in their place.

Let’s straighten our backs and face it: the children are running the store from the top to the bottom and we’re in trouble. At the top, our government has no restraint on what it spends. Congress has less control than a baby in a candy store. They’re spending roughly a million dollars every 20 seconds, with a debt of $14,000,000,000,000 and rising. They’ve squandered the prosperity of the future to subsidize laziness in the present.

And it’s not just financial irresponsibility; the moral IQ of America is headed to the basement. We just had a judge in California strike down Proposition Eight, a law aimed at curbing moral irresponsibility. We practically escort illegal aliens across our border so that they can bankrupt our healthcare system and overtax our criminal justice system. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County and the people of Arizona are portrayed as a pack of yahoos and meanies because they’ve said “enough” to criminal behavior. They’ve put their foot down, but our federal government is trying to chop it off. The facilitators of this farce attack the law-abiding, calling them “intolerant” and “racists.”

Then, at the bottom we have the poor, those that should receive our help. However, the lazy and unproductive have latched onto the truly needy and have dragged them down further, draining the resources that the needy should receive. These leeches attach themselves to the poor so they don’t have to work. The extent of their work is to throw tantrums by organizing rallies and making signs demanding that they receive more welfare benefits. Some of our politicians aid these sloths, becoming the self-anointed patricians for the lazy and unproductive.

Well, it’s time for all the adults to stand and be counted because our country needs the grownups to move to the front of the class and take responsibility. So, I’m asking “will the real adults in America please stand up”!

It's time for the adults to stand and be counted.
It's time for the adults to stand and be counted.

The Grownups and the Kiddies

Of course, when I speak of “adults” and “children” I’m not speaking of physical age, but emotional. If you’re an adult, you know it: you know that you have to earn a living so that you can pay the bills on time, live within your means, take care of your own, and avoid excess. If you have a family, you know you need to work hard, save, invest, go to your kid’s sports games, and be aware of who their friends are and what kind of grades they’re making. You need to teach them right from wrong and how to be good citizens. And you know that you can forget about that in-home entertainment studio because your son needs braces and your daughter starts college next month.

No society can survive if the characteristically irresponsible are placed in positions of responsibility. Now, if what I've said makes sense to you, then you know that our country is in serious trouble and the adults in this country have to step to the front, put the kiddies in their place, and tell them that the adults are running the store.

Spotting L'enfant

The adults have to identify the children because the kids think they’re adults and look like adults, but for whatever reason, they have abandoned the path of duty and responsibility. They are usually not hard to identify:

  • Children use name calling to intimidate others: “You stupid, dumb fat jerk” has given way to “you homophobic , specicistic, xenophobic, insensitive, intolerant, bigoted, racist whack job.” Their vocabulary grew, but mentally and emotionally, they never left high school.
  • Childen love to spend money, especially money they didn’t earn—Sometimes kids think that you owe them money; that they deserve the money you earned working double shifts at the job that has given you a bad back for which you’ve been to three chiropractors trying to get adjusted.

Our government embraces the behavior of the adolescent: they ask for a lot of money and yield nothing. The last time that you gave your kid $20, what happened to that money? Did he begin his investment portfolio with it? Will you see any return on that twenty at all? The only “return” you’ll get will be your teenager asking you for more money that you’ll never see again.

The old joke about socialists still holds true: they love to spend money, especially if it’s not theirs.

  • Children are misunderstood—The lament of Teendom is “Nobody understands me. That’s why I drink, do drugs, wrecked the car, got that girl pregnant, and turned my room into a shrine for the freakazoid.” As an adult, you try to tell them that you do understand, that you’ve been where they’ve been.” What’s the response?

You couldn’t possibly understand; you’re an adult. Nobody understands me.

We get the similar treatment from our government. We’d get motion sickness if we could see their eyes roll every time we’ve suggested common-sense solutions to our fiscal problems. We’re told that our solutions are “too simplistic” and the problems of society “too complicated.” Ronald Reagan knew better. He said,

They say the world has become too complex for simple answers. They are wrong. There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.”

Edmund Burke said, All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
Edmund Burke said, All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.


But, you might be thinking, “the problems our nation faces are so pervasive, we'll never be able to solve them.” I think this conclusion is premature for at least two reasons:

First, have you ever heard of the 80/20 principle? Twenty percent of the people spend 80 percent of the money. At any potluck, 20 percent of the people eat 80 percent of the food. One application of it is to say that 80 percent of our problems come from 20 percent of the people. If we apply that to our country, most of our nation’s problems come from a few sources, like groups that can financially intimidate responsible citizens with the threat of lawsuits. The American Criminal Line Up (also known as the ACLU) is a good example. This Marxist troupe supports the untethered right of doctors to kill unborn children, the right of lawbreakers to invade our borders, kill our citizens, bankrupt our healthcare system with the American taxpayer footing the bill. Their America is one without religion, where “free speech” amounts to the right to posts swastikas and say the most offensive things whenever it suits them.

A second reason why I don’t believe that our problems are insurmountable is that, usually, the kiddies will back down when the adults show up and put a stop to the irresponsible behavior. Most people that are doing wrong still have a conscience (but you will run across a few that don’t) so when you confront them about their wrong behavior, they might become defensive, but they’ll usually back down.

It’s time for the adults to oppose these out-of-control misfits like the ACLU. Take down a few of them and the others will get the idea and back down. If they throw a tantrum and continue to make a mess of this country, sue them blind. These misfits have been biting good Americans for years; it’s time to bite them back.

Another group that promotes much of the nation’s irresponsibility is that pack of the gender-confused that identify themselves as LBGT. Are there any adults fed up with the shrill and incessant whining that goes on at these sad parades, euphemistically referred to as the “Gay Rights Rallies”? These events are choreographed temper tantrums. Isn’t it time for the adults to stop coddling these sad sacs and tell them,

No, John you can’t marry Steve. I know some whacked-out judge in California said it’s OK but it’s not. It’s a rule: boys don’t marry boys; it isn’t natural. Besides, your mascara is running, so dry your eyes, go find a nice girl, marry her and give your parents lots of grandkids.


No, you can’t go hang out with that guy that looks like ‘Davie, the Village People cowboy.’ ” Now, take all that leather and that Statue of Liberty costume and put it on E-Bay. It won’t even pay your registration fee for college, but it’s a start…

Ronald Reagan said, "They say the world has become too complex for simple answers. They are wrong.  There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers.  We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right."
Ronald Reagan said, "They say the world has become too complex for simple answers. They are wrong. There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right."

Up and Down

Mr. and Mrs. Adult: it's time to stand up and put your foot down. You know what I mean by that don’t you? Do you remember those expressions you heard adults make when they were going to get serious…
“I’m not going to stand for this anymore”

Over my dead body

You'll be home at 10:00 and if you’re not…

You’re not going out with any guy whose nickname is “Slash."

This isn’t complicated, but I think adults spend too much time trying to figure out how to be cool and still be an adult. I could be wrong on this, but I don’t think it’s possible. If you’re an adult and try to act cool, your kids give you that look that says “You’re not really going to embarrass me, are you”?

Adults don’t look for approval from the kiddies; they just do the right thing while being as fair and just as possible.

Let’s tell our elected officials that we’re going to stop the flood of illegals coming into our country, with or without them. If they don’t obey the laws, they get ejected. The law is on our side on this one. Groups that try to intimate the decent, the orderly, and the law-abiding are going to be confronted and possibly shut down, not by the government, but by the adults that organize and stand up to them. Several years ago, some of the good citizens of Chattanooga, TN effectively shut down the abortion industry in that city. Americans can do the same elsewhere, organizing to reduce the amount of nonsense that is being subsidized by your taxes.

Second, let’s find the people that should be in public office, and convince them that they serve their nation for a time. Let’s stop giving government offices to the first guy that shows up at our doorstep. What we have in our government are the people that want the job, but maybe not the people who should be there.

Any good CEO knows that he can’t just hire the first person with a winning smile that walks through the door that wants the position. Often, you have to go out and find the people you want and you might have to coax them to come work for you. They may have to put their personal goals and career on hold for a time because their country needs them.

So, stop the hand-wringing over the fact you’re not perfect. Don’t be intimidated by the name-calling. Right now, our nation is in trouble, big trouble. We don’t need the “best and the brightest”; we need adults who will take control of the nonsense in their area. It may be that the solution to our problems isn’t complicated, but simple. In fact, it might be as simple as up and down: standing up and putting your foot down.


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    • Bibowen profile image

      Bibowen 7 years ago

      Thanks James. You're a kindred spirit.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

      I had no idea your writing had grown this strong. Your Hub is fabulous! Likening the social liberals to whining, sniveling children is something I hadn't thought of before but it truly fits like a glove. Thank you for this treasure. It deserves to be widely read.

    • weholdthesetruths profile image

      weholdthesetruths 7 years ago from Western Flyover Country

      I guess you've explained why the response from the "mainstream" of liberal politics is "racist, homophobe, stupid, ignorant, unsophisticated, knuckle dragging teabagger.." when we tell the government it's time to get back on track. I'm with ya on this.

    • Bibowen profile image

      Bibowen 7 years ago

      Thanks Tina and thanks for stopping by.

    • profile image

      Tina Truelove 7 years ago

      Awesome! I wish I could vote this hub WAY up. Thank you for writing this!!